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Request Can somepony please draw my Pony OCs in Equestria Girls form?


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Can anypony please draw my Ponysona and her boyfriend and ex boyfriend in Equestria Girls form? I would greatly appreciate it. 


The girl pony has gray wings and wears clothing like the girl in the picture i posted below, except that her belt buckle is her cutie mark and her shirt says forbidden. I would like her to be wearing the Wonder Colts ears and tail from the movie. And her eyes are vivid green. 


Crimson Flame wears the same jacket as below but open, and with a black tshirt underneath with his cutie mark on it. The jacket should have a blue body with yellow sleeves and accents and the Wonder Colts emblem on it.Otherwise Crimsons clothing is dark jeans with a black belt and silver horse shoe belt buckle, and like below his jacket shows his wrists, which his left should be wrapped in a bandage.  Also Night Shades skin tone should match the girls in the picture below and Crimsons should match Flash Sentrys human skin tone. His eyes are baby blue.


Tear Drop has messyish emo hair and wears a black and white striped long sleeved tshirt with a black tshirt over it and a black leather punk style vest with pins all over it. His shirt has his cutie mark on it. He wears black and white converse shoes, a red lightning bolt bwlt buckle on a black belt, light gray jeans ripped knees splattered with black paint and a belt chain, he has black and maroon steaked skater-mop type hair and gray toned skin, gray wings, one should be have bandages loosely wrapped around it. 




Whoever does this for me I will LOVE you!!!!!!






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