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Sad Blank Flank


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The following story is part of a dying series called "Memories". I wrote it on FiMFiction, and shall bring it... to thee!


"Blank flank!"

I remember that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon used to call us Cutie Mark Crusaders that on a daily basis. Hearing those two words still send a shiver down my spine. See, I never actually got my Cutie Mark. Both Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle died in an accident when we were all in are second year of high school, on a trip to Neighagra Falls. Even though they had their Cutie Marks by then, we were still the Cutie Mark Crusaders until the very end. But I... never got my Cutie Mark. I never found the one thing that made me special, that made me different from everypony else.

I hated myself for it. Why was I so... boring?

"Your order is ready. Thank you for coming to McPony's and have a good day."

Yes, I work at McPony's. I hate my job, but who else is going to take care of my foal? I needed a job as soon as I got out of high school. I guess I should have made that stallion use protection, but I was in love with him. I thought he cared about me- and I was wrong. So now I have a foal who will probably never know his father, because even if I brought Lightning Flash to court claiming that the foal was his child, I'd either lose the case or be laughed out of court. With the connections he has now, being married to that darn Diamond Tiara (Why couldn't have she died in the accident? Why Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle?), it'd probably be the latter. At least working at McPony's I get free food for myself so that I can spend my bits on my son. It's horrible food and it's probably killing me slowly, but it leaves me with bits to pay rent and care for my son. I'm even saving up bits here and there to get us a real home, not one that we're sharing with another family.

I've thought about just ending my own life. It's going to end anyway so why not just put myself out of my misery? I tried once, actually. On the day I told Lightning Flash that I was pregnant...

I was curled up in a ball, bruised after the attack from Lightning.

"Why would you do this to me?!? The foal is yours!"

"You stupid mare, don't you get it? I don't love you. You're just a pathetic blank flank. You have no place in this world."

The cold voice and eyes... the words blank flank... it pierced my soul. He... tricked me...


I trudged home through the snow, dropping by the community foalsitter to pick up Cloud Flicker. As I cuddled him, the foalsitter walked up to me with a thick blanket.

"That blanket you have there isn't really enough for Cloud Flicker, Scootaloo. Here, take this one."

"Are you sure, Sky Skimmer? I mean... that blanket looks mighty expensive and I don't have the bits to pay you for it."

"Scootaloo, your foal needs it. I'm not about to charge a friend for something like this."

I took the thick, voluminous, and clearly luxurious and wrapped Cloud Flicker in it, causing him to nuzzle the fabric. He's a cute little foal. As I picked him up again, I gave Sky Skimmer a weary smile.

"Thanks, Sky Skimmer. I... owe you one."

"It's no problem, Scootaloo. We all need help getting on our hooves sometimes."

"Yeah... have a good night.

"You too."

With Cloud Flicker wrapped up in two blankets and held close to me in my wings, I walked the rest of the way home, unable to fly in this accursed snow.

After a while- I couldn't tell how long it took- we finally made it home, a small dingy area with half of a room. Hey, it isn't much, but it's a roof over our heads. It's better than the alternative- because the alternative would leave my foal in the orphanage. I spent part of my childhood in that orphanage- I'm not putting Cloud Flicker through that. Celestia knows I'd rather die than ever see my little Cloud Flicker put into that hell hole. I call it the Tartarus of Ponyville to this day.

I still can hear the cries...

"Please let me eat... I promise to be a good filly..."

"Shut up and get back to work, lazy!! You don't eat until you finish working!!"

Day after day we work and work. We go to school, we come back, we work. It's a never ending rut. Why did you have to die, Mommy? Daddy?

I won't let Cloud Flicker go there. No matter what it takes.

I held my little foal to my chest and sing to him a song that my mom sang to me before she died.

Hush-a-bye, don't you cry,

Go to sleepy little baby.

When you wake, you'll have cake,

And all the pretty little horses.


To this day, I had no idea what the song was talking about. I don't know, and probably never will.

It was a nice song though. Cloud Flicker liked it. That's all that mattered.

CHAPTER 3 (Please, Celestia, let them like this)

"I guess you're just not special, Scootaloo. "

"I am too special!"
"Scootaloo is special and you know it!"
"Oh yeah? Then why is she the only one left that's a...
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon laughed. Of course, they weren't laughing at Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. They had their cutie marks. The only pony in school without their Cutie Mark... is me. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle stand up for me.
"What's wrong about having no Cutie Mark?"
"Scootaloo is our friend. Leave her alone."
Diamond Tiara scoffed.
"Whatever. If you want to be friends with the only loser Blank Flank left at Ponyville Elementary that's your choice."
"Later losers!"
I looked at my friends with a weak smile.
"Thanks... Apple Bloom. Sweetie Belle."
"You're welcome, Scootaloo!"
"We'll always be the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Until all of our Cutie Marks are here."
"Cutie Mark Crusaders..."
The next morning I woke up to Cloud Flicker crying. I held him close to me, rocking him.
"It's alright, Cloudy... Oh... my baby."
When I felt his forehead I realized that Cloud Flicker had a fever. A very bad fever... I'm no doctor but I know when my foal is sick.
"We need to get you to Nurse Pinkheart. Hold on Cloudy..."
I quickly wrapped Cloud Flicker in a blanket and rushed out the door with him in my wings, rushing to Nurse Pinkheart.
The moment I got to the office, Nurse Pinkheart went about caring for my sick little foal.
"... He has pneumonia."
"What can be done to help him?"
"Scootaloo, you may want to sit down."
"What can be done to save Cloud Flicker? Please tell me, Nurse Pinkheart."
"... nothing."
My jaw dropped as I started to tremble. I fell backwards and landed in a conveniently placed chair.
"What... what do you mean nothing? Nothing can be done to save my son?!?"
"I hate to tell you... there is nothing we can do... for Cloud Flicker. Pneumonia is such a rare illness in Equestria. We have no treatment... I'm sorry."
I fought a battle to keep from bursting into tears. After all, Cloud Flicker was still right there and if he saw his mother crying he'd cry as well.
I lost said battle quickly.
"I'm sorry, Scootaloo. I wish I could do something to treat him."
"... How much longer?"
"At best, a week. He's a pretty strong foal... considering the situation. At the sane time, he is still just a foal."
"... Take care of him for a bit. Please."
"I'll do that. You go... do what you need to do, Scootaloo."
I planted a quick kiss on Cloud Flicker's burning forehead and spoke to him in a singsong voice.
"Mommy will be back for her favorite foal in Equestria soon, precious. I love you."
With that, I turned and left the clinic, leaving Cloud Flicker in Nurse Pinkheart's caring hooves.


I galloped through town, too big for my old scooter. As I moved through the snow, thoughts were racing through my mind.

"Nothing we can do..."

"Rare in Equestria.."

"At best, a week..."

Without a set destination, I found myself at the Ponyville Cemetery where Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle were buried. I walked along the rows of tombstones, running a wing along the top of each to brush off the snow. Pretty soon, I found myself in front of the side-by-side tombstones for Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle. I have the next plot over reserved for myself, for when my day is. As I usually do when I come to visit Apple Bloom's and Sweetie Belle's tombs, I sat down and started talking to my friends.

"Cloud Flicker is sick girls... Nurse Pinkheart says he only has 1 week to live... My baby... Girls what in Celestia's name am I going to do?"

After sitting there for a while in the snow, I got up and brushed the snow off of each tombstone one last time.

"I'll see you soon, girls. I miss you."

As I walked back to Nurse Pinkheart's clinic, I took a moment to spend a few bits and get Cloud Flicker's favorite treat- carrot cake from Sugarcube Corner. She remembers when Pinkie Pie used to run it... But that's another story. Continuing on, she chose a new large blanket and a book for Cloud Flicker.

"Thanks for shopping, Scootaloo!"

"Yeah... see you later..."

Continuing on to the clinic, I picked up a few more things for Cloud Flicker. I still had enough money left to survive, but I used up some of my savings. Whatever. The house can wait- but my baby? He's always most important to me.

Slowly, I entered the clinic. Nurse Pinkheart had Cloud Flicker who was sleeping quietly in her hooves. I smiled at the two of them.

"Nurse Pinkheart?"

"Yes, Scootaloo?"

"... I want to do something special for Cloud Flicker. Can you help me?"

"Of course I can, Scootaloo. What did you have in mind?"

"Maybe... I was thinking about taking him to Canterlot. It's a bright city..." I brushed back some of his mane. "He loves bright things."

"That sounds like an excellent idea. Would you like to take him tomorrow?"

"That would be nice."

I took Cloud Flicker and rocked him gently, a maternal smile playing across my face. I only smile around him these days.

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You know what? Y'all are the best. I've been receiving a lot of flak (is that a word? It is now) on FiMfiction for my writing- I think my writing isn't really what they like. However, now I shall even go back into my story (it was 8 chapters- it was just too sad to keep going) and continue!!! So thank y'all for being so accepting.

Chapter 5 (the chapter that makes ponies d'aww)

The next morning, I grabbed my travel bag and packed it with food, clothes, and blankets, bringing along almost everything I owned- which, of course, isn't actually saying all that much. I quickly emptied my savings jar into a violet coin purse, hanging it around my neck. It weighed quite a bit, seeing as I was saving for a house and was about halfway to my goal. It didn't matter to me of course- I didn't care as much about the house as I cared about having good memories with my precious foal.

After cooing at Cloud Flicker- who hadn't gotten better in the slightest- I wrapped him in three blankets to keep him as warm as possible. After all, I heard it was cold in Canterlot these days. For every snowstorm we had, the temperature over there had just been dropping. Not even Celestia was able to control the weather, which was odd since Princess Celestia was supposed to be a goddess and all.

As soon as I was ready to go, I raced out of our home, resolving to make this this last week of Cloud Flicker's life full of happiness. Holding him close to me, I sang to him, his face red with fever.

"My baby... my sweet Cloudy... Mommy loves you so much Cloudy..."


I stopped in my tracks, skidding a bit on the snow. My baby just said his first word... he called me Mama... I sniffled and smiled at him, planting a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Mama loves her little Cloud Flicker... you're the cutest foal in the whole wide world!!"

Dropping my bag momentarily, I swept Cloud Flicker up in the air- he loves when I make him "fly". Watching him giggle brought a smile to my face as I slowly moved him around.

Suddenly, he started to cough. I took this as a cue to bring him down out of the air, wrapping him in my wings and rocking him slowly as we made our way to Nurse Pinkheart's office. I knocked on the door, managing to stand on three hooves whilst carrying my foal and my bag. I almost fell over waiting for her to open the door.

"Good morning Scootaloo, are you going to Canterlot today?"

"Not yet. Cloud Flicker is coughing again- you don't by chance have anything to help, do you?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. ****** came by last night with a cough relief potion. I have it around here somewhere..."

Nurse Pinkheart searched in her Chest Of Potions until she found a vial filled with a glowing purple potion. She held it up and let me look at it.

"Here it is. Give a drop to Cloud Flicker every four hours when needed."

"You're sure this is going to work?"

"It's one of ******s."

"Point taken. Thanks, Nurse Pinkheart."

I took the potion from her, giving a drop to Cloud Flicker immediately. Within moments, Cloud Flicker's cough was calmed and he was cuddling the large blanket swaddling him, falling back asleep.

"You're welcome, Scootaloo. Have a good trip. Be seeing you."

"Sure thing, Nurse Pinkheart. Sure thing."

I walked out into the snow, trotting to the train station.

Chapter 6

"One mare, one foal. To Canterlot."
"That'll be 1 bit."
I gave the stallion at the ticket booth a bit, receiving two tickets and... a letter. Shooting the gray- or was he white?- stallion a smile, I cuddled Cloud Flicker close to me.
"Thank you."
"You're welcome, cutie. Maybe I'll see you another time?"
"I... wouldn't count on it."
I walked away from the booth towards the train, making sure I had everything before we got on. Once I made sure everything was secured, I got on to the train, securing Cloud Flicker in a foal seat. Once I took a seat, I opened the letter that came along with my ticket. It was from that stallion at the ticket booth proclaiming his undying love for me.
Really? Seriously? You don't know me, bub.
Shaking my head in disgust, I threw his love letter into the nearest trash bin.
"I'm fine on my own, thank you very much."
Leaning back, I watched out the window as the train- it had a name, I just don't remember it- raced by forests. I slowly... fell asleep... curled up against the window.
Little did I know what was coming ahead of us.

Chapter 7

"Apple Bloom! It's time for a Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting! Sweetie Belle already has her Cutie Mark- we have to get ours!!"

"Scootaloo... I..."

Apple Bloom walked out of the barn, a tablecloth covering her flank. She looked so nervous, not looking me in the eye.

"Why do you have that on, Apple Bloom?"

"What are you talking about, Scootaloo?"

I pull off the table cloth and gasp.

"You... you have..."

"Scootaloo, I was gonna tell y'all today! I just got it this morning!"


Apple Bloom's Cutie Mark was a heart shaped apple, the exact shape as Sweetie Belle's Cutie Mark, a microphone on top of a heart. Apparently, I'm the only member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders without her Cutie Mark. Even **** got hers... I disguise my frustration under a supportive smile.

"Good job, Bloomy!"

"I told you not to call me that!!"

I gave her a teasing smile that changed her scowl into a grin.

"We're still the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo."

"Always friends."

"The best of friends!"

"Cutie Mark Crusaders meeting- let's go!"

I woke up slowly, my body cramped from being curled up in that same position for I don't even know how long. I turned to look at Cloud Flicker, who was sleeping peacefully still. I smiled and was about to pick him up when suddenly I heard a loud noise.



I then felt the train lurch to the side. Instinctively I moved to protect Cloud Flicker, trying to keep him asleep. Little did I know... how tightly I was holding the little foal. Without realizing it, my little Cloudy... died in his sleep. My protective grasp unknowingly killed the one reason I had to live.  

I didn't even realize it... until the train crashed. Suddenly I found myself injured, but I wasn't all too worried about myself. I was more worried... about a foal's cries. Or in this case, the lack thereof. I knew something was very wrong since I couldn't hear Cloud Flicker crying. When I looked down I found myself unable to open my wings. I stayed like that until the paramedics came.

"Ma'am, are you okay?"

"Help me... my foal..."

The paramedics opened my wings, releasing my now dead foal. I screamed when I saw him.

"Cloud Flicker? Wake up sweet heart... Mama's here... wake up... Cloudy... Cloudy wake up!!! Cloudy... CLOUDY!!!!"

The next thing I remember, I was... here...

Cloud Flicker...

Chapter 8 (The final chapter NUUUUUU- also known as where everything gets screwier than Discord)

"... That's what happened, Doctor. That's how my Cloud Flicker died... I didn't mean for it to happen... It was an accident..."

It's been two months since the train that was supposed to take Scootaloo and her foal Cloud Flicker  to Canterlot crashed. Ever since that day, Scootaloo has been my patient here at Canterlot Psychiatric Institution. During my meetings with her, I attempt to help her bring back memories so that we can work through them together. She's quite the cooperative patient.

One month ago, Scootaloo came to a meeting with some news- she had gotten her Cutie Mark. She is now the oldest pony to ever get her Cutie Mark- unfortunately the Cutie Mark gave her nurse a fright. Scootaloo's Cutie Mark is a puddle of blood- in the shape of a heart. I don't know if Scootaloo was very pleased about her Cutie Mark- when I asked her she changed the subject.

"I know it was an accident, Scootaloo. I don't blame you for simply trying to protect your foal. I am hopeful that you will come to forgive yourself."

"Forgive... myself..."

I nod encouragingly, hoping that this is the break I've been working for. I smile at her as she stares at me blankly.

"Yes, Scootaloo. I hope you forgive yourself. It would be a shame if you couldn't forgive yourself for what we both know was an accident."

Scootaloo nods and smiles softly, the first smile I've ever seen from something happening in the moment. I silently cheer inside, having finally helped Scootaloo to reach peace.

"Thank you... Doctor Myth..."

"You're welcome, Scootaloo. I'll see you in two days, okay?"

"Yes, Doctor. I'll see you in two days."

As she leaves, I lean back and smile. Finally... progress! I grin before sitting up.

I love my job.

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That was a good read! I could feel my eyes watering as i kept scrolling down the page haha. 

I like your style of writing too, it captures emotion quite well. 


and don't worry about the "flak" (yep it's a word) on FimFiction. Some people there worship their storytelling guidelines so much that anything different will be perceived negatively

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