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Join a Forum 'cause you Saw a Cool PMV and Started Writing Lyrics? ...That's me


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I think you can understand me thoroughly from the topic title alone. More specifically, I've rewritten the lyrics of four songs (rewrote the lyrics of one into two versions for a total of five), because I saw a cool PMV of Hellfire to an awesome female cover of the song (it took me about five days to write the songs). I'm also working on extended version for two songs I wrote and am writing a sixth one.


Here's the kicker: I've never previously written lyrics, nor done any music-related work before...


Does it sound like I'm bragging? I hope not. I consider this a rather flawed aspect of my personality: My obsessive streaks.



More about me rather than why I joined?... Humm... uh... I loathe long walks on the beach, hate travelling (but do a lot of it anyway), and may or may not be a pony.


My interests are writing, games, game design, history, coding, violence (ala previous five), and apparently writing pony lyrics....



I've only watched four episodes of Season 4, so I'm going to be careful what I read.



Also, of the available smilies, I love this one best: :comeatus:



If you want to see my songs, here are two I posted: http://mlpforums.com/topic/85970-under-discorddeliver-us-lyrics/


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Welcome to the site ^_^

Interesting you should say you like game design, Im starting a 2 year Game Design course early Feb :3
Should be fun. Anyways, welcome ^_^
Im sure you will enjoy it here :3

If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask.

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Whenever someone mentioned a game school without specifics, I get a little nervous. This episode is a pretty good rundown of it:


Anyway, it's really neat you're learning game design :D ! Thank you for the offer of help as well, I may need to cash in on it.




For some reason, my spellcherkcer doesn't work in this forum :blink: ... Eerrrgh :okiedokielokie: .

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