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Be creative, win a request (Memento Mori Edition)

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It's that time again my friends

To those of you who are new to my threads, here is how it goes:

I give you a creative task and those of you you come up with something I like get a draing request (to give you an idea of my stuff, link to my art thread is in my signature).Now, let's get started:


 I'm currently writing a fanfic centering on Twilight as the ruler of Equestria some hundred years after the events of the show. Now, an important part of the story are the graves of the other Mane Six. What I'd like you to do is come up with some fitting inscriptions for said graves, something fitting for the entombed. For example, I'm pretty set for "Beauty within, Beauty without" for Rarity.



Attention: To keep the thread tidy, I will only reply to posts that I deem worthy of a request.

Da Rulez:

-nothing too naughty/violent for the forum

-no shipping of OCs with established show characters

-no alicorn OCs (unless there's a really good backstory behind the alicorn bit)

-if you don't like what I got, feel free to ask me to  correct/redo it (applies only when specific instructions were given)



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The hardest worker laid to rest - Applejack

Apples never fall far from the tree - Applejack (if she's buried under an apple tree)

In life's race she crossed the finish line - Rainbow Dash

All good parties come to an end - Pinkie Pie

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Here are my ideas


Pinkie: Hosting The Never Ending Party

AJ: This Apple Is Ready For A Heavenly Pie

Rainbow: Best Flier Receives A New Pair Of Wings

Flutters: Nothing Can Scare Her Anymore

Rarity: Designer Of Dresses Meets Designer Of Life

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And we're off to a good start. Gonna use the apple tree idea too.

What can I get you?

Thanks :) glad I could help! Um... What do you think you could do with JellyBean?


Could you perhaps draw her frolicking in a meadow with a bumblebee or something? If you have a better idea then feel free to do that!

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Forever without fear -Fluttershy


A competition she never lost -Rainbow Dash


Honest in life, strong in the end -Applejack


A party worth its own celebration -Pinkie Pie

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RD: Per vim patiens

Fluttershy: benignitas, per sapientiam,

Apple jack: de honestate virtutum

Rarity: liberalitate ex animo

Tl:DR I got bored and its all in latin. 


Rainbow dash: this tombstone is now 20% cooler

Applejack : M'aiq says she tasted like apples, apple flavored horse. 

Rarity :she was so generous she gave away everything, even her life. Kinda dumb that way

Pinkie pie : the party never stops! unless you are dead of course, dead people can't party. 

Flutterycryshy: So scared of her own shadow, she never saw the shadow of death. 

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Yes and yes. Let me know what I can do for you.

Oh, woah, that thing won?  I didn't really expect to win, but let's see, here.


If it's not too much trouble, I'd really like a visual reference of my character, Scientific Sense (Physical description enclosed below); with the lab coat would be preferred, but if you can't show his cutie mark with it on, removing it would be fine.


Scientific Sense has a skinny build, bordering emaciation—surprisingly for an earth pony, he has no physical strength to speak of.  He has a very dark orange coat, and a deep forest-green mane. Since he often keeps focused otherwise, he rarely focuses on maintaining his mane or tail. Cut often enough, but often very messy, The Professor's mane definitely shows his disposition. His eyes, a deep bluish purple, show a very deep anger.  His cutie mark, showing his love for all things scientific, is the generic symbol for science—an atom, with a forest-green nucleus, and red, blue, and purple electrons frozen mid-orbit around it.  He is often seen with a lab coat and a pair of safety goggles, for whatever experiment he was conducting.



If you can't work without a visual reference, though, I would like an action drawing for Lightning Dust, fighting against strong winds in the midst of a thunderstorm while—of course—lightning flashes in the background.  In specific, she should be grimacing; I want to see the determination in her eyes.

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Pinkie: Here lies Pinkie Pie, she laughed her way thru it. The joke was on her, but at least she knew it.


Rainbow Dash: Flying high, now in the sky, doing cooler things, on angel's wings.


Rarity: Of life this pony made a success, now she's wearing a heavenly dress.


Fluttershy: Afraid in life but now it's funny, Fluttershy is reunited with Angel Bunny!


Applejack: Plant a tree and think of me, I may not be here but my apples you'll see.

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Here you go; let me know if I got anything wrong.



What a perfectly good excuse to use a pony reaction video.

"No, I don't like it...I love it!"

I really like how you decided to make his cutie mark an emblem on his coat.  And I don't recall going out of my way to describe the sort of pony that Scientific Sense is, so either you did your homework or you got a lucky guess.  Either way, the drawing is surprisingly nuanced, and I really, really like it.  Thank you~!

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