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Official Call of Duty Thread Discussion

Discuss the latest news, updates, and events on the series installment, Call of Duty. Post any media you have found on any Call of Duty installment, including:
  • gameplay videos
  • screenshots
  • trailers
  • custom conent
To start the discussion off, here is the latest, if you have not seen it already, trailer for Modern Warfare 3- "The Vet & The n00b".


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I just saw that Trailer on TV about an hour ago. It's a pretty awesome one. XD


I'm pretty anxious to play MW3, but I probably won't be picking it up on launch day as I just do not have the funds to do so.

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I was about to make this thread :P

MW3 is looking snazzy (if that's a word ;))


Gameplay looks much better though I heard a few things I don't like.

  • As of now, dashboarding completely resets your stats. While I don't dashboard myself, occasionally someone will trip over my 20 ft. long ethernet cable and cause me to disconnect. If I lose my stats once, I'm selling the game. :P
  • Apparently some maps are direct remakes of older COD maps. Old maps are...bleh.
Everything else looks nice.


Though the TV commercials make it look like Counter Strike -.-

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ICD which 2 of this 3 games should i get now & Wait till december to get last

1. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

2. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary


Plus my friends are asking me 2 get these.


2.Saints row the Third

3.Assassins Creed Revelations

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I've been playing it all day and absolutely love it, I havn't gotten to touch the multiplayer but I'll give my review so far.

Campaign (Very Minor Spoilers)

The campaign is absolutely brilliant and is filled with all the action you expect from a COD game. The story has some nice twists and turns and does a nice job of connecting the stories of MW and MW2 with MW3.


That said, many parts were overdone in my opinion. I found that helicoptor that was shot down inconveniently landing next to me too many times. There were so many moments in which you had to man that MG and spray down a platoon, and as beautiful as a building collapsing is, I was racking up the tallies of how many times I went "OMG IM FALLING"

It almost became mind numbing and far through the story it wasn't clear what the goal of saving this and shooting that was...


The ending satisfied me, though it left nothing (small spoiler) to make me believe there will be an MW4.



On to Spec Ops

The mode is amazing and puts Blops bots and zombies to shame. The unlock system is reminiscent of multiplayer and has me hooked.


The maps shocked me, the Spec Ops maps ARE the mp maps. Even though I havn't played MP yet I can see that it definitely won't be like past CODs. The maps I got on were completely neutral, no stupid corners or random towers to aid in camping, the only downside I noticed is some of them are clearly copied, pasted and tweaked maps from older CODs


It's silly I must make mention of this but just about everything is MW2 reskinned and tweaked. Reload animations are identical and even building encountered in campaign were obviously taken from old mp maps.


None the less You should be playing MW3 right now :)

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We need to play together.


MW3 already feels repetitive .____.

Only 5 or so hours into the multiplayer and I already see all the issues.

It's a shame, BF3 and MW3 both died out quickly for me. Don't misunderstand, it's a great game but I already see the endless cycle.


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I don't know why but I actually like the repetitiveness of Call of Duty games. The only thing that annoyed me is that they once again let you get camos for your guns too easily. I remember the COD4 days, when you had to get 100 or 150 headshots for each gun in a class to get gold, but you only got it for one gun in the class. Even MW2 had 300 headshots for Fall camo.

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