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  1. Could I get some more brohoofs? Please? :D

  2. *Human Twilight singing* I know there's more thats out there! I just haven't found it yet. I know there's more that out there, another me I haven't met. -_-

  3. All I can think of, from the 80s, is rock. Van Halen, Journey, Rush, Styx, etc. Even though I wasn't born in the 80s, my dad plays music from the 80s all the time. Its kind of like living in the 80s, but in 2016! I'm gonna miss my dad's iPod when he's gone.
  4. Would anyone care to do an action RP with me?

  5. Do you think Hasbro should've gotten the real VAs of their characters to voice for their commercials? The current commercial VAs just don't sound "alive"

  6. Reply, I dare you!

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    2. Princess of Bananas

      Princess of Bananas

      Well, those are the consequences of gaming, but they're totally worth it! :D

    3. Mobius-99/305
    4. Princess of Bananas

      Princess of Bananas

      Nice, I think? I've never played SWtOR before

  7. Princess of Bananas

    General How Cute are you?

    I would say that I'm decent.
  8. Princess of Bananas

    A Choice

    This reminds me of the game called Insert Title Here. Anyways, I'd probably go with the blue pill simply because I don't want to be evil. I mean sure being evil would be cool, but I need a reason for being evil.
  9. Princess of Bananas

    Pony OC's

    You should totally do commissions! Your art is amazing! Nice job!
  10. In the words of Ms. Cheerilee, "No! Just no!" Although it would be cool, I just don't think that its needed.
  11. What better human names than their VA's names?! Sunset: Rebbecca Twilight: Tara Rarity: Tabitha Applejack: Amy (other was taken) Pinkie Pie: Andrea Fluttershy: Audrah (other was taken) Rainbow Dash: Ashleigh
  12. Nice work of best pony! Would you mind if I used this for my wallpaper?
  13. The lyrics "friendship carries on through the ages" just doesn't seem to be totally legit. Sure little girls make friendships starting in kindergarten and such, but when you get up into the high school ages, their friendships may not always stay the same. Its a nice song and it has a catchy beat, but the lyrics just don't seem to match up with reality to me. I've had some childhood friends that I don't talk to anymore and I'm sure you have some as well. Its just a thought I had in my head, nothing more. Don't take it too seriously!
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