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46 minutes ago, ZiggWheelsManning said:


You have another favorite on that album?  

There's one more single out right now, called "Saoirse", which is also good, but I like the one I posted better :derp:. The rest of the album doesn't come out until May :(

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Welp. This is tragic.

Neseblod, a record shop and museum in Oslo, Norway dedicated to the preservation of Black Metal's musical history has just been badly damaged by a fire. Many first pressings, demos, bootlegs, fanzines, letters and tapes traded in the underground are now gone. A heart wrenching loss of metal history. But also rather poetic that relics of a scene firmly rooted in the left hand path, were all set ablaze. 

Here's  the article and a Go Fund Me to help the shop.



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