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My Decision Has Been Reversed

Harmonic Revelations



Well, you might have heard, you might not have heard that I was planning on leaving the forums. These plans however, have changed. At the urging of several friends I have decided to stay on the forums for the time being. Their kindness and understanding was the driving force behind my decision to remain here, and I owe them my gratitude.


Why did I say I was leaving? At the time of writing that blog post I did in fact legitimately want to and had been in the process of doing so, however, once I had actually stopped using the forums, it took no more than the support of our fellow users for me to see how much I would be losing by leaving.


Coming back was no easy decision, I had to spend plenty of time thinking about it. But I was hard pressed to leave with so many users who legitimately cared about me and the things I do and say.


This of course means I've reversed my prior decision to cancel all my current writing projects, and I shall resume working on them immediately, so that's good news, is it not? That should be wonderful news for those who are waiting for me to finish Harmonic's Equestrian Adventures 2, this should come as a sigh of relief for you to know that this project has not been abandoned.


I'm going to go ahead and give a shout-out here to some of the awesome people who helped me out, although this by no means encompasses everybody who helped:



-Dawn Rider




-Those who commented on my status about leaving, your kind words really helped.

-Anybody else who contacted me by Skype


There were many more who's kind words have swayed me, but overall I'd just like to thank everybody on the forums for being there for me. You've all been very kind.


On the subject of the death threats, I have for the most part taken care of this issue, which I couldn't have done alone, so I'd like to thank everybody for their assistance on this personal matter. I don't think I would have decided to come back were the issue not solved in a professional and reasonable manner. For those who helped me resolve this issue, you know who you are, and you have my thanks.


Resolving this issue largely put away a lot of the stress that was compelling me to leave, and that has definitely helped me


This forum's community is strong and overwhelmingly I felt like I am truly cared about by it's members, and I don't think that's a bond that should be broken. I love you guys. We're like a family, there are bonds in this community that simply cannot be broken, by way of disinterest, death threats, or otherwise, I have decided that standing my ground and staying here is both the right thing to do and the ultimate way to spite those who have been threatening and demeaning me.


While many people have called me out for having flaws, I would like to say that many have opened my eyes to the fact that we all do, and that not letting these flaws define us or hold us back is the right way to go about things.


Just know that if you legitimately cared about me leaving, you are part of the reason I decided to stay.



Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. /)

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We love you too much to let you go Harmy.
And anyone who dares threaten you may aswell threaten your friends to, because thats what it felt like when I woke up this morning to hearing about this...felt like someone held a knife to my throat..and I was NOT happy.

Anyways, luv u Harmy <3
I'll always be here for you..no matter what ^-^

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Oh my gosh, Harmonic, I had no idea you were even considering leaving!  I'm so sorry that I wasn't there to encourage you to stay, but I'm grateful that you've decided to stay and very thankful that others were there to support you!  Just know that I would've been very saddened if you had left, and once again I regret that I was not there to give you support in your hour of need.  Thankfully, the magic of friendship encompasses far more than just one friend (gosh I hope that didn't sound too corny), and there were others there for you when you needed them!  Glad to see you're staying for the time being, and here's hoping we all share in plenty of fun, shenanigans, and good times on the forums in the future!  God's Blessings Harmonic!!! :)

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Yay! :)


I'm glad everything worked out for you in the end. Although I may not have been that much of a contributor, I'm glad you were able to get the support and encouragement to stay with us!

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It's good to know. I did not manage to talk to You (as I told on skype I was afk at the moment, You were logged in), but I'm happy, that You've changed Your mind :)

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Yay! We haven't even talked but I'm still happy :P

For some reason your name was just the first name that got stuck in my head.

Made me kinda sad to see that you'd decided to leave. (I totally didn't walk away crying. I'm way to manly for that. *cough cough*)

But, well. Umm.... Yay!

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Harmony, I know I haven't met you for long, but your a pretty great person and one of my favorite moderators around here!


I'm glad to see your doing better, and I'm glad the words I left had some influence.


Those haters can suck it for all I know, but as long as I see people never back down like you, I'll never officially lose hope for this world.


Glad to have you back Harmony! 

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I'm really glad that you're staying, and that I was one of the people who was able to help you decide to stay. You are an amazing person, and it makes me really happy that you're going to stay here.


Also, I apologize for my late reply to this blog post.

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