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Harmonic Revelations



I, Harmonic Revelations, am leaving the forums. Whether this will be permanent or not depends on how things go. Anyways, I really wanted to tell you guys in a way that expresses how much the forums mean to me and why I decided to leave.


When I signed up for the forums, I had no idea what I was getting in to. I thought I'd spend a week or so on here, tops. Oh how wrong I actually was. I very much enjoyed my time here, but things have changed, perhaps for the worse.

The main reason is that I feel under appreciated. If people don't care what I say I shouldn't waste my time saying things, no? That is the main driving force behind my leaving. I don't have the same driving force behind the things I say that I used to. Nothing I say matters, because nobody really cares what Harmonic has to say. They cackle and roll their eyes, ignoring anything I actually do for and with the community.


Then there's the fact that certain people from the forums that I will leave unnamed have been sending me death threats through my E-mail, this is something I don't appreciate, and it's definitely something that has a bit to do with my decision to leave. It's uncalled for and when you attack me everyday, it's not something I take lightly.


It boils down to the fact that nobody here really cares about the things I say or do anymore so it doesn't feel like it's worth it to do or say these things anymore. I sit here for long periods of time running in circles and doing nothing meaningful. The way I spend my time helps nobody so I don't think I should bother.


This may or may not be permanent, I may have a change of heart, but as it stands, that is my decision.


Goodbye, my friends.




EDIT: I'm not leaving, due to the assistance and kindness of no less than everybody. I had several long and thorough talks with various people (Especially @SCS) who have convinced me to stay on the forums. I would like to thank them for their continued support through this situation of a quite complicated nature. I'd like to thank everybody who commented and everybody who personally went out of their way to help me.


On the subject of the death threats, it is being taken care of, and for that, I am grateful. Things were incredibly stressful last night and I honestly had no idea what I was doing, I appreciate all those who went out of their way to talk some sense into me.


Thank you.

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We're going to miss you, Harmy. As for the death threats, they have no right to send them to you. But as it is, you will be missed because you were one of my closest friends.

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Oh, Ashley, I'm sorry you feel this way. I personally always enjoy reading everything you have to say, because it's always something interesting or meaningful. I really wish you could stay to state your opinions on things, because I'm always willing to hear them. I wish that person would stop sending you those horrible messages, it makes me feel bad you put up with that.


In any case, I would like to do anything I can to help you, but otherwise, I won't let myself get in the way of your own personal decisions. It's been amazing reading everything you had to say. <3

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We will miss you harmony the death threats that were sent is so wrong, but i know i for one listened to you and enjoyed having you here i am sure you will be dearly missed .

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But...Harmy. I barely gotten to know you. D:


I knew I should've chatted with you sooner! xO


I'm gonna miss you and your wonderful writing! D:

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I hope issues with said person stops, Harm. Anyways, bye (Even though I'll still probably talk to you on skype and stuffs)

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who the fuck is sending death threats >=(




It's sad to see you leaving, and you are wrong when you say that nobody cares about what you have to say. I've read many of your posts and liked many of the thoughts you've had. Oh well I hope a little break will motivate you to come back.. Hopefully. Goodbye :c take care :3

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Death threats? How low can they be? >X(


I'm really sorry harmonic, and they can go suck it as they have nothing to do but send emails for no reason. I for one like you and find you great, a friend is a friend, and your great don't worry.


I am saddened this has happened to you, but I hope you feel your best over time, until then, take care harmonic.


Take care friend. - DXSilverX :)

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That's fucked up on so many levels. I wish those scum the punishment they richly deserve.


Anyway, I hope you'll reconsider leaving, though I can understand why you are. Feeling unappreciated is a bitch enough without feeling unsafe to boot. If you don't decide to stick around though, I'd like to keep in touch through Skype, though we've never really talked there before. Regardless of anything, I've always enjoyed having you around and hearing what you have to say.

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Whaaaattt??? Death threats? That's cray cray. I remember seeing you around the forums, it's a shame I didn't know you too well. You shall be missed, fellow forum user

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You my friend were one of the best. I always loved to see what you had to say, because you were a funny, kind brony. I'm gonna really miss you, and hope for the best.


You were one of my best friend on here, gonna be sad. :(

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Please don't leave, you don't deserve this!
Death threats....?
That's freakin' sick...why in the hell would someone go through the trouble of sending you that pathetic, cowardly bullshiz? Especially if they don't know you at all! I hope those members get what they freaking deserve, I'm not kidding.
You should block them.
Anyways...I hope you return :(

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I haven't spoken with you much, but I enjoy reading your thoughtful and outspoken entries wherever I find them. Passionate posts like yours encourage me to improve my writing and share my thoughts with others.


Just from what you've described, it's harrowing to imagine your situation. Getting away from it all sounds like a good call. Once you have the chance to clear your mind, I'm sure you'll find your answer.


Stay well.

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I care about you and your opinions, you're one of my favorite people here...

Anyway, I'm really sorry that happened to you, threats like that can be hard to deal with, that is just really terrible. Take as much time as you need, but I do hope you come back here to those of us who love you. :(

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We rarely end up in the same discussions, probably because we're interested in different topics in general, but the few times we've interacted I've always felt you were an interesting person who thought things through. Different conclusions sometimes, but that's life. If you come back, and see this message, I would like to listen more to what you have to say.


It annoys me that death threats are so common in this fandom. I know better than to think there would be less of that kind of thing here, but it's that there appears to be *more* of that here.

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certain people from the forums that I will leave unnamed have been sending me death threats through my E-mail








EDIT: Harmy's staying. Yay!

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That awkward moment when you're unsure if brohoofing this would be a mean or a nice thing...


Also, I find it terrible that anyone would send you death threats. Pardon my French, but I've done some fucked up things in my time, but nothing as fucked up as that. It's just awful. I hope you do what is best for you, Harmonic.

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What the fucking hell is wrong with those people? Cowards who send death threats really disgust me. If you have a problem, speak it out like a man.


It's sad that you leave, though. I enjoy reading your posts, even though I rarely reply to them, because I'm a terrible responder and stuff, but I understand the part about spending time in the forums. This place isn't as interesting as it used to, and because of your leaving, it will be even worse.

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For f**** sake, Harmy...

Not you, too :c.


It is terrible to hear that you are being threatened like that, and that´s more than enough reason to leave (believing you that even makes me think that my own hours on here are counted...).

What isn`t true is that you are not appreciated.

Your topics, no matter what they are about are always interesting, funny or constructive helpful and you are a nice person to talk to.


I´ll miss you, along with the other good people that recently left/ got kicked/ faded away.

It hurts to see you go, but I bid you farewell my friend, hopefully we`ll meet again sometime.

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