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Blog Comments posted by Jokuc

  1. So being selfish automatically equals being a jerk? It seems pretty logical to me why people would care about themselves more than others, at least from my point of view. I do so too. Why judge all people that way though? It's not like everyone is selfish and greedy just because the people you know apparently are. I say accept it. It is just how the world looks like. If you literally mean that people around you never do things for you, it might be time for a change of company.



    I have a similar ish view.  I am sick of seeing all the damage that is being done to this planet and seeing  all the greed.  It is just awful seeing what people will do for money sometimes or what they will do to get ahead.  I am also fed up with seeing idiotic hate for certain people.  


    I too am sick of the damage done to the planet in favor of big companies, etc. However, it is not their reasons for doing it that annoys me. They do it for money and their own desires, of course they do, and I don't really care. What I do care about on the other hand is that these people are going against my will and my desires. Say, if you had a big red button that instantly would kill ten thousand people from a country far away in exchange for assurance that you and everyone you hold dear will live long and healthy lives, would you press it? Actually, you don't need to tell me but just think about it. I know what I would do. I'd slam that button without hesitation. Does that make me selfish? Yes, of course. Does it make me a jerk? I don't know.

  2. Thanks, Jokuc-San! ^-^ Yes, you are correct. し(Shi) and a small よ(Yo) -- like this ょ-- makes しょ(Sho). If, however, you write しよ, it will be pronounced as "Shiyo." This will change the word completely -- So, be careful!


    If you want to learn hiragana and katakana, there are plenty of free resources online. Just type in "Hiragana and katakana learning sheets" and that should suffice! Then print them out and practice on a sheet of paper. Hope this helped! ^-^


    Yeah I know all the characters in hiragana and katakana, I just don't know the different pronunciations when you combine them.

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