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  1. Want to make yourself hate Mario Maker 2?

    Then play this evil, evil Course I found: 7P9-7T2-CSF :Cozy:

  2. Actually, they don't look any worse than "decent"/"above-average." But hey, that's just my 2 Bits.
  3. Changed my TV Tropes name.

    Now I'm "Teleport_Ted" there. :laugh:

  4. TFW a video-game character (i.e., Mercy from Overwatch) looks just like a younger version of your mom.

    1. Deerie


      Then your mom looks nice? :P 

  5. Quote

    You have been awarded by Buffy: box of Cupcakes


  6. @Emerald Heart Will do nicely. Much appreciated.
  7. If it's no trouble, could someone make me a signature from this? Thanks.
  8. @Goat-kun Speaking of those particular New Warriors, I do like Screentime's design; he looks like a black-and-green Godot (Ace Attorney). But everything else about them? ...This ain't it, chief.
  9. Just having said elements isn't automatically "woke garbage." But if it's used to dismiss critics as "bigots," overshadows the actual storytelling, etc., then it is.
  10. @Denim&Venöm @TheRockARooster I'm trying to bear with you, but you're making it hard.
  11. DuckTales-related:

    I hope Toad Liu Hai (that omnipotent casino-guy who absorbs luck) returns.

  12. R.I.P., Fred Willard. :(

    1. Megas


      Damn, I remember him most for his role as Transformers Animated's Swindle, probably one of the best takes for the character


  13. Methinks that somepony's been watching too much Return Of The Jedi:
  14. IMO, just begin in release order: 64, TTYD, SPM, and maybe even Paper Jam (the closest to a true fourth entry, crossover or not). And yeah, skip Sticker Star; but maybe rent Color Splash.
  15. 912hIybspEL._AC_SL1500_.jpg

    "...Rolf has never been so confused":


    1. Woohoo


      Don't confuse the son of a shepherd... :yeahno:

    2. An Antagonist

      An Antagonist


      Nor deny his eels:



  16. Ironically, despite IDW Sombra's redemption, his villain traits (pragmatic, serious, etc.) struck me as more consistent than S9 Sombra's (reckless, showy, etc.). And it helped that the former actually did something redemption-worthy (self-sacrifice) first, a step that certain other characters got flak for skipping.
  17. The real Demolition Man:


    1. Koncova


      The real demolition man, true intellectual 

  18. Lip-bite + bedroom-eyes + Unkempt Beauty (TV Tropes) hair.
  19. Case in point: the Special Challenge (where you had to beat The Great Khali with Mickie James).
  20. Offline - exercised with my dog, took the trash, and washed my face. Online - changed my password and my signature, and currently watching DashieGames's latest video in another tab.
  21. Went here: And found the image from Count Bleck's Catch Card.
  22. According to San Francisco Rush, my name is now "Cgzhijklmnop."

  23. You're right; I wouldn't. But when I say "more personality," I mean -- e.g. -- Flanderization that backfires badly.