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  1. Like some others here — I was already worried, once I learned that it does to G4 what The Force Awakens did to Return Of The Jedi. I also don't want Sombra to return. After S9 ruined him for a lot of fans (including yours truly), a popular saving-grace has been the headcanon of "He was a fake, and the real Sombra's story ended in Siege Of The Crystal Empire"; him returning would rob us of even that.
  2. The most-recent for me was Gilbert Gottfried.
  3. Is this The Krusty Krab?

    1. Millennium Shadow
    2. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      @Even Evil Has Standards I even thought of saying, "No! This is MLPForums!" :yay:

  4. Last night, I dreamed that Britney Spears X Blathers became a thing.




  5. When "Stone Cold" Steve Austin trains Pikachu and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson trains Charizard:


  6. Less impressive than you think: I just went to a Treasure Island in one of those Twitch streams.
  7. @HereComesTom Made it this time (), and even left you a tip (look what's "sitting" beside you on that Bench).
  8. Like General Grievous… Clone Wars 2003 was told he'd be a thing in Revenge Of The Sith, and was given permission to introduce him, but wasn't told about his personality. That's why he debuted as an efficient edgelord — then, when ROTS came out, was suddenly a cyborg Snidely Whiplash. Or Snoke… J.J. Abrams introduced him as a polite, pragmatic enigma (similar to Thrawn and Revan). Then Rian Johnson "subverted" him into a smug, sadistic Hugh Hefner–impersonator. Then Abrams retconned him into a prototype of Dark Empire 2.0.
  9. He didn't start vanishing, until he made too many changes to himself and his dimension. You're right. One has to do much more than negate it.
  10. ♪These beans

    ♪Go on, when I close my eyes!

    ♪Every second of the night,

    ♪I live another life!

    ♪These beans

    ♪That sleep when it's cold outside!♪


    1. ZiggWheelsManning


      Heartbreaker of remembrance in the rock world:sunny:  Though his body would not be found by police in his apartment condo until April 19th, 2002:worry:  Today is the 20th anniversary:awed: that on this day, we lost the most phenomenal:( music legend in Seattle’s history, original vocalist and co-founder Layne Staley of Alice in Chains:(  Rock loud to the band’s memorable tracks of “We Die Young”, “Man in the Box”, “Sea of Sorrow”, “Sunshine”, “Brother”, “Got Me Wrong”, “Would?”, “Them Bones”, “Angry Chair”, “Rooster”, “Down in a Hole”, “Nutshell”, “I Stay Away”, “No Excuses”, “Don’t Follow”, “Grind”, “Heaven Beside You”, “Over Now” and “Get Born Again” to honor LayneB):fiery::secret:  

  12. Before S9, I would've been stoked to see him return. But ever since he got the "Jake" Skywalker treatment, I just want them to leave him alone.
  13. Encanto: "We don't talk about Bruno. And to explain why, we're going to talk about Bruno."

  14. @HereComesTom Sorry for missing it today. Hopefully, I'll be on here when you post the next one.
  15. I've decided to get involved with the Turnips during my new run, if only to get all 5 slots in Cornering The Stalk Market.
  16. Due to a few factors, I've decided to do a complete reset. In the meantime, I'd like to thank everyone who's traded with me during my old Island.
  17. Discordant Harmony implied, and Comic #57 confirmed, that his dimension is the source of his magic. So an Alicorn would presumably have to learn how to draw from it, then build a tolerance to it.
  18. Finally found the name of this song, after years of wondering:

    Until then, I'd been thinking of it as "Disco Forest Temple.":ButtercupLaugh:

  19. Siege Of The Crystal Empire > The Beginning Of The End (Sombra), Legends > Disney (Star Wars), and GT > Super (Dragon Ball).
  20. Zipp: *Has second-highest Creativity and highest Sneakiness.* Markiplier:
  21. For me — the writing, not the casting, tends to be what makes or breaks a show.
  22. Tell me this wasn't inspired by Synchronicity II (The Police):


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