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  1. Nol


    I say okay I'll stay and play in your giveaway until I win someday :okiedokielokie:
  2. Back home after a six-hour drive from visiting the one and only Detective Butler (aka the coolest dude ever) and Enigma (although our meet was very brief, it was awesome meeting you) with Morager and Jessica (whom of which I have yet to figure out her forum name if she's on here lol). Thanks for the awesome time and letting me borrow The Hitchhiker's Guide, Butler! And thanks for the gift, Enigma! It's really too nice of you to make anything for me when you hardly know me...

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    2. #1 Flutterfan

      #1 Flutterfan

      XD; I hate when that happens.

    3. Nol


      Yeah it didn't even seem that long of a status until I posted it haha. A character counter would be nice but then again I could learn to shorten everything I type lol

    4. Enigma Stitch

      Enigma Stitch

      I should have something for jessica the next time you guys come down.

  3. I'm pretty excited for this! I'm so curious to see how the writers have the ponies solve crimes with powers (hopefully) instead of magic and friendship. I'm sure some of that will be involved but in a super hero setting, that's not the only thing needed to flourish in the fight against crime. It'll also be interesting seeing how this will affect/inspire the community (because you and I both know that it will).
  4. Nol

    Music Drawing Music

    Whenever I do anything productive I usually throw on my playlist which contains mostly techno/dubstep because it gets me motivated to get things done. Here's a track I was listening to last night while drawing: http://youtu.be/BCqu7ESN_RsSeeing that the music you've listed is more calm, you may enjoy this track: http://youtu.be/Reu1srm8SL8(If I knew how to make these links instead of embedded videos I'd change it to save space.)
  5. What scares me the most is: Spiders: For some reason they strike fear into my heart when their presence is discovered. Maybe it's all of those legs or some hard-coded instinct we've aquired over the course of human life. Burglars: The thought of someone forcing their way into your personal living space for whatever reason scares me to the point that I think if I were to encounter a burglar in my home I'd probably faint from pure fear. Not being in control of my own actions: I have this fear of getting drunk (never have before) and the thought of my drunk self texting or interacting with ot
  6. Lyyyra, that kills people!

  7. Fans have speculated that Lyra and Bon Bon are a lesbian couple but that speculation is about as close as we'll ever get to any homosexual ponies.
  8. Maybe the writers were hinting that she was only a great teacher in the eyes of her students. I mean, given that the human world ponies are the equivalent in personality to their Equestrian doubles, this shot really shows off Cheerilee's true nature when nobody is looking. The Equestrian equivalent of Grumpy Cat My theory is that she's tired of dealing with student's problems (such is the life of a teacher) but acts like a caring and friendly teacher to keep her reputation clean to fulfill her role as a teacher figure (potentially for the sole sake of earning bits). Or, she still car
  9. Rewatched "Sleepless in Ponyville" and got a little teary-eyed when Scootaloo had tears pouring out towards the end TT^TT

    1. NavelColt


      But she got hugs from the pony she wanted them from most, and now has a big sister :'D So everything is gewd.

    2. Nol


      That makes me even more teary-eyed because it's so beautiful! TTuTT

  10. How about instead of having less Cadence screen time, we get more Cadence screen time and better character development? Eh? Eh? Aw who am I trying to kid? At this point, that probably couldn't happen even if the writers wanted it to.
  11. your should remember to logout Nol specially on my comp :P -morager

  12. Weapon of choice: A magical staff (made out of some fancy material) with a powerful and magically charged gem at the top. I'm a lover of magic users in most RPGs. Extra detail: The gem and the staff's material would be purposely chosen to go hand in hand with the type of magic I wished to cast. The base would be the channeler that transferred the mana from my hands into it into a willed spell and translate it up to the gem which would be the firing point and the whole process would supercharge my spells. Backup: A wand because it's lighter and easier to use in a dangerous situation alt
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