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  1. I had a revelation, so I just want to update this post. Twilight is only shown sleeping once. And the next day upon being told that because of Snips and Snails trashing the gym the Fall Formal would be moved to the next day Twilight freaks because there isn't enough time. So the main plot of the movie takes place during the SECOND and THIRD days the portal is open, which means Sunset Shimmer had a whole day to visit Equestria and learn the relevant information, like the new princess and the Elements, news that Twilight was coming to visit, etc. So I got the answer to my own question.
  2. Well, I did a quick look here and on TVtropes headscratchers, but I haven't seen something like this. I'm doing a AU Sunset Shimmer fic where she comes through the portal when it next opens after 30 moons (this fic has been on the backburner for a long time, before season 4 started) and she goes to Twilight, wanting her to be the liason to get a meeting with Celestia and make amends with her for the past. When I was writing her backstory and what made her split from Celestia I came upon a little snag. When I watched the movie for reference that only made it more confusing. We see Suns
  3. I'm doing a fanfic where there's a scene in Twilight's house, and I'm trying to figure out how the thing is structured. Flipping through a few episodes I think I have the general outline, but I was wondering if anyone had something more detailed, the kind done by someone with way too much time on their hands. From what I saw after going through the front door there's half the library. Spike's greed episode had her lock Spike in another room with more books on the ground floor. From the same episode and Twilight's first sleepover episode we see that there's a second floor when you
  4. And yet he's visibly straining, sweating, and his voice is rasping with a 10-15 pound cake on his back.
  5. So I was rewatching the episode "Over a barrel" and I suddenly had a thought: Why are ponies pulling the train? I know it was a later season episode but "MMMMstery on the friendship express" shows them using a coal power source to move the train. Even in a magical world of ponies the thought of even 4 strong stallions being able to pull a train seemingly ALL NIGHT and into the morning without even appearing winded just feels ridiculous and out of place, and it bugs me. A pony being a taxi I can accept, because it's like the concept of a rickshaw in Asian countries, but 4 ponies pulling an
  6. I'm sure there is, but I was talking about other ponies, like the mane 6 or even the other 2 crusaders. I just don't know why it never made the fanart rounds considering that basically everything else gets tons of love in the fandom.
  7. Given what I've seen of this fandom there is a huge amount of fanart for basically EVERYTHING! Twilicane. background ponies, you name it, there is probably at least 100 pictures of it. However, despite 5 year old Sweetie Belle being a big deal in "For whom the Sweetie Belle toils" there is barely any fan art of what was finally the 5th stage of pony development show in the show apart from baby, foal, adult, and elderly. Nearly all the pictures shown for it come directly from the show. So what was it about this that made it pick up no interest or attention?
  8. Doesn't stop the fans. Remember "Broken quill" pony from Trade ya? The fan name for this one is Chirpy Hooves, and most of the fan art is with Derpy and/or Dinky, just because they look a lot alike. Well, there's no way of breaking that connection at this point. The fanart is too strong with this ship. Is there a reason Dinky CAN'T be Derpy's kid? We've seen that Amethyst is Dinky's sister from Sisterhooves Social, which makes Derpy seem too young, but pony bodies only go from baby, child, adult,and elderly, so we have no idea what the ages are. Derpy could be in her forties w
  9. Everyone likes to say Dinky is Derpy's daughter. Despite their race difference of pegasus and unicorn they look very similar. When Sisterhooves Social came along Amethyst Star/Sparkler was added to the Hooves family as Dinky's older sister. Makes sense. But wait! In the Mysyterious Mare Do Well episode we see Amethyst having a picnic with Tootsie Flute Granted, it doesn't HAVE to mean they're related,(she could be foalsitting, after all) but given the way the fandom hitched onto Derpy/Dinky/Doctor Hooves and then added on Amethyst it's a shame poor Tootsie doesn't get
  10. Never2muchpinkie

    Slice of Life How a Pie became a Cake

    http://www.fimfiction.net/story/189993/how-a-pie-became-a-cake A cute story of how Pinkie Pie came to live with the Cakes. Pinkie uses all her charm to help save Sugarcube Corner from shutting down. May your heart's explode with adorableness.
  11. This really saddens me. In writing my very first fanfiction he took a great interest in my Scootaloo/Rainbow Dash fic, anxiously waiting and pushing me to keep going. I kept updating him and there were times when I wanted to quit because it was coming out so long but his support helped me to keep going until I finished. May he rest in peace. =(
  12. From what we've seen there are only three categories of morality: good ponies who have their character flaws, jerks who look down on others, and super-villians. There doesn't reallty appear to be any other types, so we don't get to see minor villiany. Looking at episodes which seem to show small-scale villiany like the ones with the Flim-Flam brothers, Lightning Dust, Gila, Trixie, and probably more the worst that happens is that that they either lose what they were going for, and/or have to leave town. So, what...it's either Tarturus/the moon/sealed in stone or you get off scot-free
  13. I wouldn't because i'd have to erase my knowledge of the fanfics I've written. Writing all of them has taken a large amount of time. If we're talking solely about the show I still don't know if I would do it because it would take a lot of time to get back into full brony mode.
  14. So this was something that confused me about the series 4 finale. Tirek Om nom nom's everyone's magic, taking away their cutie mark too in the process, leaving them blank flanks. As of yet not one pony has had a different colored flank than the rest of their body, so it has to be part of the cutie mark. But if it's part of the cutie mark it should have disappeared with the moon part of the cutie mark. If for whatever reason she didn't give Twilight ALL her magic, than Tirek would have taken whatever was left and that part should have disappeared then. SOOOOO....which is it? Can someone ex
  15. A theory on that can be not that he kept it for sentimental reasons, but as a reminder of not to trust anyone. Every time he looked at the amulet he would be reminded of his brothers "betrayal" and thus keep his resolve that everyone else besides himself is an enemy.
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