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  1. Sounds like the intro to an Equestrian version of an Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman joke...
  2. I'd just like to add my support for those who have said that we shouldn't be attacking anypony over this, whether within the community or elsewhere. We can take a fair guess at why this has happened (and personally I suspect Apple had a hand in it) but we don't know for sure and getting aggressive is totally counterproductive. I'd like to think the community can come out of this stronger rather than imploding and burning our bridges with those who gave us the show in the first place. I too am very disappointed by the situation but not entirely surprised. What I find really bizarre is that by editing Derpy's appearance, it sends a much more negative message than even the most fanatically politically correct complainer could ever have taken from the unedited scene. Here we a have a pony who is "different", who has become a beloved fan favourite not in spite of being different, but because she is different. I think this is a wonderful thing and to try and airbrush her out because she is not stereotypically "normal" is arguably far more offensive than the original scene. It's also a little odd seeing as no-one kicked up a fuss about Snips and Snails, or indeed the crazy barking pony from Read it and Weep... Anyway, Derpy is still Derpy to me, and long may she remain so.
  3. Happy birthday! If anyone tells you otherwise, buck 'em.

  4. Too Long;Didn't Read. Apparently RaccoonBL didn't appreciate my wall o' text...
  5. The characterisation of Luna was a masterstroke in my opinion. They were dead right to stay away from the fandom version, as this Luna really fits the whole Nightmare Moon story. She's got the authority and up-front confidence which you would expect of a royal figure. However, in the background there is an insecurity and a genuine desire to be accepted, and her aggressive reaction when this does not happen links perfectly with her past transition to Nightmare Moon. Her difficulty in adjusting to a world she has returned to after a thousand years is completely believable. Her archaic language and adherance to traditions that have no doubt evolved beyond her recognition was a great way of demonstrating this (though you'd have thought Celestia would have given her a few pointers as to modern protocol - the Trollestia fans will have fun with this... ). Anyway, before I totally over-think this, the episode had some really great moments. Chicken Pinkie was crazily awesome (though I think they missed a trick in not giving that costume to Scootaloo...indeed I'm surprised they didn't make use of the CMC in this episode). Yes, Pinkie didn't exactly help things, but then again she did provide the solution in the end. Zecora was pretty badass as a Children's entertainer... Spike going for a dragon costume was a thing of genius Pipsqueak the Brit(?) pony was quite cute, I'm assuming he'll be a permanent addition to the cast as he had a fairly significant speaking role in this ep. And I'm sure that was Dinky in the firefighter costume...yay! Great episode all in all. After the (admittedly very enjoyable) craziness of the last one it was nice to get a more character driven episode.
  6. I preferred the original mix but I don't dislike this one so I gave it a eeyup The train will be in there because Hasbro will have asked them to include it...so expect it to appear on toy shop shelves shortly folks...
  7. Heh! Yep, that pretty much summed the episode up for me, it was hilarious!
  8. I play guitar reasonably competently, mostly rock/indie/folk type stuff. I'm not much of a solo player, more rhythm/crosspicking/arpeggiated chord type stuff (like Roger McGuinn or Peter Buck...not that I'm anywhere near as good as them...). I also mess around on mandolin and Irish bouzouki (yes it does exist...), I can get a tune out of them but probably more by luck than judgement...
  9. Neights Templar for me! I'm tempted by the Freeneighsons but I'd never be able to master the secret hoofshake...
  10. I'd pretty much agree with that. Obviously it's not always apparent with instrumental tracks but if the inspiration was ponies then it's pony music IMHO. I suppose by using sound clips you can "ponify" a track but I quite like the idea of something a little more subtle such as using similar instrumentation to that used on the show. For example, the mandolin is fairly prominent in a number of songs from the show (this is a good thing! ).
  11. I'm 33... :em The EQD link was just a mention in a nightly roundup here