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  1. applejack has a dog dogs need food. equestria has a deity/dictator the sheep and cattle are rounded up like animals. we need to go deeper
  2. watching monty python's life of brian It's not as good I expected
  3. I've seen it a few times TV, but never watched a full episode. I have youtube for that
  4. way too many can't you just click on the deviant art link in my signiture?
  5. I'm too tired to think now. I''ll be back in about 12 hours after I sleep for the night.
  6. at what GMT is the episode airing? the UK clock change royally screwed up my mind.
  7. This doesn't do the texan image any good. I really feel sorry for the kid. n one should be kicked out of thier house for that. unless it was R34 I blame fox news for making us seem evil
  8. zebras originate from when buck norris invented the car and ran over a herd of white ponies
  9. Ikr, most of them are tiny things like limbs going missing/appearing during walk cycles. the video represents what bronies do best... over analyse everything
  10. how many spartans does it take to change a lightbulb? and how many spartans does it take for this joke to become old? the simple answer to every question in this thread is either OVER 9000 or 42!!
  11. you have way too much time on your hands. This is a good thing. I think pinkie/AJ/Twilight had best childhoods with fluttershy/RD/rarity having been abandoned/left behind. Rarity in particular why does no one care when rarity disappears and gets dragged off to the rock? she was gone for at least a day (based on transition speed for that scene). I just find it weird that that she doesn't mention being missed once. same with fluttershy, why did no one go looking for her? and to make it worse, everyone saw her fall. It wasn't like rarity whooves disappeared without anyone seeing. RD may have run away from laid, if only it didn't go against her loyalty element. She had a rough childhood, and was proberbly orphaned
  12. I am now working on an Elfen lied/ MLP crossover. with pinkiemena as lucy and 'e-pie as nyu. If you are intrested in reading this fanfic, please comment below. I aim to publish the prolouge and part 1.1 by christmas (8 weeks and counting ) however school may disrupt this. the completed work will be avalible on my deviant art page (see sig) and if there is enough intrest I'll re-post it here so non-DA members can read it. for those of you not familier with elfen lied, its ta short sharp emotional roller coster through the dark side of anime with a sociopathic lovesick schizophenic muttant serial killer. BACK TO WORK THEN.
  13. she seems younger than the rest of the mane 6. (possibly younger than best pony) I think smarty pants was her closest friend and they spent ages studying together which was because/ the cause of her sociophobic tendencies. It is worth noting she seems to be friends with lyra to some degree, as lyra was friendly towards her in the beginning of episode 1. she was proberbly bullied in school and spent a lot of time reading. Her parents always gave her encouragement in her work. in short I think she was very nerdy. (someone should do a white and nerdy PMV for her)
  14. and that's how equestria was made. happy birthday bright eyes
  15. what did I just read? congrats pencils, you have won the ponynet