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  1. Well, I'm very happy and in a good mood. The other day I met Tabitha St.Germain, got a hat signed by her and a picture taken with her.

  2. Basically exactly what the title says. Is anypony from here going to the Edmonton Comic Expo? The reason I ask is because at the Edmonton Comic Expo this Sunday there will be a panel with Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman. So I was just curious if anypony was actually going. It would be fun to actually meet some other Edmontonian bronies and maybe have a little meet up for the panel.
  3. Well if anyone is going to Edmonton Comic Expo. Remember Tabitha St. Germaine and Andrea Libman Panel at 1pm this Sunday.

    1. Wingnut


      Not me, but have fun and let us know how it goes. :)

    2. Poetic Inkwell

      Poetic Inkwell

      Will do :3 Should be fun meeting more bronies.


  4. Well if anyone is going to Edmonton Comic Expo. Remember Tabitha St. Germain and Andrea Libman Panel at 1pm

  5. Before I became a brony I had about 3 friends who were bronies who were talking about the show...Then I got interested.Had the next weekend free for myself the following week that I got interested in the show.I said to myself, I'll watch the two parter in season 1 my friends told me about.The suppose to be two parter ended up turning into a Season 1 marathon that weekend.
  6. Been a while since I've been on here. Any Canadian Bronies/Pegasisters going to the Edmonton Comic Expo next weekend?

  7. Just joined the Brohoof.com server in Minecraft....I'm already loving it.

  8. Well this stinks...Looks like I can't find anyone that could possibly draw my OC for me. Oh well, Guess I'll try again tomorrow. See ya Everypony.

  9. Time to try and draw my own OC. Wish me luck everypony :P

  10. I should change my profile image to Rarity...This upcoming Bronycon I'm buying me and 3 of my friends Platinum Passes.

    1. Sunny Fox

      Sunny Fox

      No, you should change your profile image to Rarity 'cos she's just that awesome! ;)

    2. Poetic Inkwell

      Poetic Inkwell

      True,True :3 She is awesome.

  11. Can't Sleep..3 in the morning, and I'm playing Ponymon now.

    1. sunne


      *that feel*


      :o we're in the same time zone!


  12. Finally finished my OC! I have my OC figured out, my cutie mark figured out and all I need now...is someone to redraw it for me.

  13. Working on making myself a new OC.

  14. Poetic Inkwell


    Very cute OC, and a very interesting well thought out back story.
  15. Trying to write my OC's Backstory...and its driving me crazy.

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