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  1. I think this might be the most universally ridiculed fandom in existence. But it also has the strongest following, as a result of it.
  2. Discord is definitely my favorite. But Chrysalis was definitely more evil. I think Sombra was probably the worst, since he was defeated speasily.
  3. CaptainCanti

    Music Best Musicplayer for PC?

    That's still only nine formats, compared to how many Windows Media Player supports. If you're using a Mac, iTunes is great. But beyond that, it aint anything. Come at me brah.
  4. CaptainCanti

    Mega Thread Unpopular Music Related Opinions

    Nirvana is overrated. They did not create grunge. Most people who say that they're huge Nirvana fans, only know Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come as You Are. Alice in Chains gave a lot more to grunge, than Cobain did.
  5. CaptainCanti

    Music Best Musicplayer for PC?

    Windows Media Player is easily the best, considering it can be sync to any device. But I'd recommend Spotify if you're not just looking for something to sync your music on. I'd say iTunes is the worst, in terms of the fact that it can only play MP3 files.
  6. I met a girl on myYearBook 2 or 3 years ago. We still talk sometimes, and we're pretty good friends. She doesn't live too far, so I'm holding out hope that we can meet sometime.
  7. The fact that they have the ability to do that is terrifying. Whats even more terrifying is that its legal. (extra sentence so I can meet the 100 character requirement)
  8. There have been other parodies of MLP characters, and yet people get butthurt over Molestia. It doesn't even endorse rape culture.
  9. I think my worst enemy, more than anything else in the world, my arch nemesis is any science class. They're boring as bloody hell, and harder than how Applejack beats Applebloom.
  10. I can't believe you left out the best animal of them all. An animal so majestic and beautiful deserves to be included in things such as this. My Little Ostrich: Friendship is Magic I'd definitely be a brostrich.
  11. He was the Merlin to Celestia's Arthur. They never really explained it beyond that, but it's assumable that he died of old age.
  12. I definitely could not win at all against Applejack or Pinkie Pie. Definitely not Applejack. Theres a reason horses are known for bucking.
  13. Scenario 2 would cause happiness to spreead all through the laand, since it would make pilgrimage/colonization difficult. And would probably make my dreams come true.
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