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  1. New piece done for Skysweep
  2. They're alot of work and time, don't think I'll be able to do it often though
  3. I wish I could haha, just a broke student here. Unless you'd like to make a charitable donation XP
  4. First I chalk on the pattern and cut out the pieces. it's a modified version of one I found on dA. Sew the pieces together and Huzzah I pin on parts (ears, wings, tail) to position them, you can attach them with bot glue or stitching, I prefer doing both Well here's the tricky bit, the mane. There's no pattern for manessince they're all different. This pony has Celestia type flowy mane, which doesn't not translate well into 3 Dimension. You'd end up with a large sort of chunk ^Bad attempt ^decreased the mane volume and made a small collar necklace ^Added eyes on, sharpie the mane since I didn't have the right colour material As a bonus @Techno Universal
  5. I lost the file so I'm afraid that's all I can do
  6. Also dude since you made the plushy and the plushy is literally the first physical representation of my OC ever created I believe you have earned yourself a place in my lifetime story and I'll also put something for you on my school artwork project here! Like once I go back to school I'll probably put your name and a CPU symbol of your OC's colour scheme on the artwork in the form of graffiti on one of the white and blank buildings! :)

    PS: I wonder if you've seen my other traditional artworks on my Deviant art! :)


  7. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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    2. Swinton


      Aww thanks Bron

    3. Lektra Bolt

      Lektra Bolt

      I changed my name recently 

    4. Swinton


      Ah yea, just a force of habit soz

  8. Happy birthday mate! Plus to be honest I actually received the plushy you made around 8 days after my 16th birthday so I really sort of treated the plushy as a birthday gift from you! :)

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    2. Swinton


      I made it myself by scratch, btw have you had it under blacklight/UV light yet?

    3. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      And I finally came across this reply! Anyways annoyingly we don't have any sort of UV light here at home but I'm guessing you wrote your name on the plushy using some sort of substance that can only be seen under a UV light! Or I might just be able to see it using a small flashlight that's on our walkie talkies that uses a blue LED! Anyways I am making a funny video for my friend right now and it's also featuring your plushy in it! It's like a funny toy scale bedroom chaos video! :)

    4. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      PS: I'm also perfectly fine with you posting an image of the plushy to your Devent art page plus I'll give it a like and comment if you do! :)

  9. Okay, I'll have to find time to get it done, rest assured I will get to it. I want you to like it XP (btw did you like the plush?)
  10. I swear I haven't forgotten, I've just been really busy since I moved and I'm still getting used to things. Moving again this weekend. I'll try doing it sketched traditional, or I could do a digital head
  11. Happy birthday! 

  12. It looks brilliant, sorry I didn't line it, all my stuff is packed
  13. okay? Could I get ref for Techno with cape?