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  1. why does it seem like everyone's out to make me feel bad about my new piercings :(

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Pinkie_Pi


      I always tell people that some of my best friends are in my tablet.

    3. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Don't feel ashamed with how you choose to present yourself. Do what makes you feel at your best. :)

    4. Swinton


      Better than having friends in my head for sure, pi

      Physically feeling sore but i feel like cool af

  2. errr, the fact that I don't actually adhere to it ? I mean some day I just don't wanna
  3. oc

    She has lovely colours
  4. Just so everyone knows, I can also draw other cartoon equines xp
  5. Mashed Potatoes
  6. Only way to know is to try xp For pricing, usually fullbodies are a little less than double of a bust
  7. Proud to announce that I am now offering Fullbody Lineless Vectors!
  8. Congrats to Taiwan, it's been a dark week but this really brightens things up a lot 

  9. Cake tin is dead, leaking batter everywhere. Commissions are open if anybody would like to lend me a hand in replacing it

    1. FancyHorse


      I wouldn't mind one ^^

    2. Swinton


      Fantastic, I could give you a great bargain if you'd like anything


  10. You know those days when everything just isn't working out and everything you do seems absolutely pointless and you begin to question why bother continuing living?. Today is one of those days...

    1. Silleh


      What kind of things aren't working out, may I ask?

    2. Swinton


      Dont mean to come across as whiny. Uni applications really bumming me out. One of my safe offers just suddenly got bumped up a lot higher. A Levels next month etc Future looks kinda bleak

    3. Silleh


      I don't think you're coming across as whiny at all, don't worry; lots of people would let their worries eat away at them without saying a word, it's good and healthy that you are expressing your honest feelings.

      As for what you've mentioned, I can see why this would be pretty demoralizing for you; heck, back when I was taking my A Levels, just the thought of making an application was rough enough that I couldn't even finish one, and this is coming from someone who's usually very punctual with important stuff. Unfortunately there's not a lot I know to say that can be a comfort for that, but for your A Levels, I'm sure you'll do fine if you've put the effort into revising (or practice I guess, depending on what A Levels you're taking :?); they may be more intense than GCSEs and so on, but it should balance out due to there being fewer subjects to revise for. Something that helped me a lot was turning all the subject matter into bullet points while listening to non-vocal music, then going back and highlighting the key parts/parts I usually forget; or if you're really lacking in time, only make notes for the areas you think might trip you up, since some parts are just naturally easier to recall.

  11. Oh dear Bal, I'm so sorry you couldn't get your shop back. I'll miss you and your gifs and we never got around to doing that collab together that you proposed ;u; also you were one of the very few people that wished me a happy birthday, it really meant a lot to me. Whatever you do, I wish you luck, fren.
  12. New Art! Another lineless Vector Headshot
  13. They're just my OCs, nobody special Thanks so much, I may take you up on that offer sooner or later :3
  14. Thanks so much! That was really helpful. I had trouble building up anatomy for this because I wasn't sure how to position the head. (And I'm normally quite bad at anatomy and angles)