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  1. Happy Birthday, Techno. Sorry you wouldn't be receiving the gift 

    1. Techno Universal

      Techno Universal

      Well about that the user @Natasha Xalian got me her own gift for my birthday! Anyways thanks dude and I'm guessing you're the guy that Skysweep said wanted to send a gift to me from Singapore. :)

  2. Que identity crisis xp hm, straight?
  3. Bi
  4. Request Shop

    Sorry we're actually closed but I'll see what I can do
  5. Movies/TV

    Though to be accurate, the doctor is a woman, not a girl xp I think I'll make a solid judgement as the show goes on but there a nothing wrong with it, I mean the doctor doesn't have to be male, the show could still function no matter what form the character takes, it's the characterisation that matters more to me
  6. Request Shop

    You're all welcome!
  7. Request Shop

    Bonus 11, dead marker version xp Awwww, thanks All done and good it's about 2:30am and I wanna watch Baby Driver tomorrow so badly
  8. Request Shop

    Sure, I can do that Bonus Kiri Oh god even the paper hates me xp
  9. Request Shop

    All done! Thanks! But these pencils really don't blend xp
  10. Request Shop

    Welp this is going to be disappointing I don't have the pencils for about 60% of the colors so they're going to look rather off or patchy
  11. Temporary request shop is up! Go check it out!


    1. Midnight Controller

      Midnight Controller

      You may want to use your example image on a different site, sings the link leads to a log in page, other than that, good luck!

    2. Swinton


      @Pikachu thanks for the tip off

    3. Midnight Controller

      Midnight Controller

      Glad I can help!

  12. So I've got a little time to kill and no commissions to do, time for some experiments! Show me your OCs! I'll be doing a limited number of requests, so not all of them, sorry The finished product will probably look something like this Will most probably do headshots depending on the workload
  13. Loving the new banner! Had a blast working on it! The project runs on donations so any help is always appreciated <3

  14. I think people should be respected as long as they're being sane and rational. Though I'm not religious at all, I can certainly respect those that do charity in the name of their religion. The discipline they have to stick to their beliefs aren't easy. It's amazing the lengths people will go to help in the name of their religion. Though I must say people have used religion to hide behind or excuse their discriminatory views, I try not to let it subtract from the goodness they do. I mean it's sure easy to believe all Christians are horrible people if you only look at the Westboro Baptist Church, but they're only a minority. Everyday I'm amazed at how vegetarian/vegan people keep to their diets in the name of compassion to animals. Even though I don't believe in that sort of lifestyle, I'll admit they must really care about animals to commit to such a diet and lifestyle As long as they aren't shoving their views down my throat, I'll respect them, but I'd like them to respect me too
  15. Request Shop

    Thanks so much, she looks lovely