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  1. I know this topic probably doesn't belong here but I've tried searching for it and can't find it anywhere, so I'm hoping someone can help me find it because I don't remember the name of it but it was one of the few fan fics I read and loved. The synopsis is about somepony from Stalliongrad heading to Ponyville to kill Rarity, The pony visits all locations important to Rarity. More and more this pony finds out all the good Rarity does and begins to have second thoughts about killing her. That's the best I can describe it without spoilers.
  2. My everything hurts...

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    2. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      *pats gently so as not to hurt anything more*


      Did something happen?

    3. Saethwr


      Trip to the spa ponies is needed^^

    4. Tilt


      Body is recovering from caving.

  3. Tilt

    OC Help

    Hm, so what kind of music would he write? when I heard poems I thought of a black beret next to a coffee for a cutie mark hehe.
  4. Went caving today, was great.

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CS1cUIxBVg I love this guy Al Murray is hysterical.
  6. Well knowing the cutie-mark would be a good start too, but making the cutie-mark before the talent is kind of redundant.
  7. Is it weird that I read that in the Elder Guru's voice from Team Four Star abridge?
  8. Neat, found out a local bar near me has a "scared Stiff" pinball table :D

  9. The joke about wondering if he has a spam filter has probably been made 1000 times too.
  10. Bored, what do should I do?

  11. I have one with Spike where he will grow older and leave for the Crystal Kingdom where he becomes it's guardian and becomes a legendary dragon who has an entire kingdom for a horde.
  12. Tilt

    First OC

    Well, the hat is a bit much but you haven't really told us about him, what does he do? judging by the name and cutie-mark is he some kind of undertaker or tombstone manufacturer?
  13. Rest in peace you logical actor
  14. It can be a case of the site being so big that it is unwieldy and can't fathom where to even begin posting or maybe their opinions have been posted before so they can't really post that because they don't feel like they're contributing. I barely post at all because a lot of threads in the new topic activity section either are boring or just no offence, kind of stupid. It's why I hardly post.
  15. Played Xenoverse a lot last night, it's good but it can be a bit frustrating with bullshit objectives.

  16. Tilt

    Mega Thread Everypony's Religion And Why?

    Agnostic - Cause I believe if there were a god/higher power, We as a species couldn't even begin to fathom what it would want nor the purpose for creating us, my evidence? The fact that so many religions have come and gone and the amount of religions that are still here.
  17. Well I have 2 that are tied but I dislike them for very different reasons 1) Pewdiepie - He's just annoying in my eyes. I can't stand him and sorry some of his fans (Not all of them) are even worse. 2) Yogscast - They never finish anything they start! ever! Not even the game they got funded.
  18. Mystic Fox forums, it was a Miles "Tails" Prower fansite and I was a global moderator for it before it shut down, I know there's a couple of Tails fans here but I wonder if they remember or even heard of that site. if you do the name Evildoings should ring a bell cause that was my original online handle.
  19. Bored Pinball Pone

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      I like pinball but i never played real machines I only played on my computer

    2. Tilt


      You ever tried Pinball Arcade? that is a good virtual pinball game :)

    3. 碇 シンジン
  20. Just got my ps3 controller to work with my PC ready for Dragonball Xenoverse

  21. Should I make a blog that houses my Tilt art? would anyone care enough to actually look at it? lol

  22. Tilt

    Visual Art what even?

    Why does my brain say "That's a demon....pan the camera down a bit...I might see boob" ....my mind is weird lol.
  23. I wish to be skinned right down to the bone, then have a expert craftsman turn my bones into My Little Pony knock offs and sell them as "My Little Boney." All money made would be then donated to pony farms.
  24. I wish to be skinned right down to the bone, then have a expert craftsman turn my bones into My Little Pony knock offs and sell them as "My Little Boney." All money made would be then donated to pony farms.
  25. Tilt

    Alicorn OCs

    In my opinion, this is an example of an Alicorn OC done perfectly http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/saethwr-r7867 This was the friend I mentioned and his OC is fantastic and great to roleplay with.
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