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  1. Yeah, Lauren Faust (the original creator) felt that Rainbow Dash would be the type of sister to give you noogies and say embarrassing things in front of your friends (but also the type to say "I kid because I love"). According to Faust, a show like My Little Pony expects big sisters to be nicer than that.
  2. Most of the world really doesn't have a place to talk. Apart from a handful of countries, most places are pretty messed up in their own right. I'd take Trump over the leaders of most countries.
  3. They're not sisters; Scootaloo doesn't have a real big sister and Rainbow Dash is her hero, so in Season 3 Rainbow Dash basically took Scootaloo under her wing and is sort of a big sister figure for her now. But they're not biologically related.
  4. I think it's silly that people want to live in the past. We are currently at the height of human prosperity, living lives of greater comfort, ease, safety and wellbeing than at any other point in human history. We're truly in the Golden Age of civilization, right here, right now. Heck, with that in mind, I'd like to live in the *future* (assuming things keep looking up instead of crashing and burning horribly). ...That being said, I'd like an idealized version of the 1950s (with less oppression of women).
  5. I'm guessing this is because Sweet and Elite mentions the Grand Galloping Gala is coming up. But how do we reconcile Blueblood's interactions with Rarity in that episode with the fact that she meets him for the first time in Best Night Ever? (There might be other issues too; Blueblood just comes to mind for me immediately because I like Blueblood) My thinking was just that at the time of Sweet and Elite the writers hadn't decided on S4's "only one year has passed" thing. Notice that after the S4 premiere, we start seeing repeats of annual events (both as actual episode focuses, and as throwaway lines, such as the mention of the zap apple harvest in... some S4 episode).
  6. 1) I wasn't making the "Twilight's mom wrote the books" claim. My point was that this Daring Do award existed when Twilight was a filly (however long ago this was), which means that at the very least, at least one Daring Do book existed at the time. 2) It turns out I was mistaken - It's actually from the MLP cellphone game, not the cards. "One of Equestria's most famous novelists, A. K. Yearling is the author of the best-selling "Daring Do" book series which includes such classics as "The Quest for the Sapphire Stone" and "The Griffon's Goblet". It's a bit late at the moment so I'll see about replying to the rest of your post tomorrow.
  7. I think it's been 2 and a half years, for certain reasons. (The series began in the summer and we've had 3 Hearthswarmings so far)
  8. Okay! One thing I've wondered is Daring Do's actual age. One of the Daring Do chapter books describes her as a "young pony", I think. On the other hand, if we take other expanded universe stuff as canon... 1) In the comic storyline that shows how Shining Armor and Cadence fell in love, we see Twilight Velvet has a Daring Do Award. Twilight Sparkle is a filly at this time (though her current age is ambiguous), but the fact that there was a literary award named for Daring Do means that at least one Daring Do book presumably existed at the time. 2) The flavor text for one of the cards in the MLP collectible card game describes Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone as an Equestrian classic. What conclusions can we make from this? I was thinking that maybe the initial Daring Do books might actually follow Daring as a teenager (maybe in Sapphire Stone she was going on a trip with her Uncle Ad and got separated). If she began writing (apparently well-acclaimed books) at an early age, it might explain her going to Pranceton for a literature degree. If she was 15 at the time of Sapphire Stone, and we assume it's been, say, 10 years since then - She might be around 25 now, still making her "young". The problem with that theory is that when I was rereading Marked Thief of Marapore, there was a passage where Daring is musing how she can't remember the last time she slept in her cottage in the woods. How "before this adventure she was doing [X], and before that she was in the jungle with the injured wing searching for Ahuizotl's temple". That wording does seem to imply the events mentioned happened in immediate succession to each other, either making Sapphire Stone not that long ago, or making the other artifact hunt mentioned be a years-long affair... What do you think?
  9. Ooh, I hope they let her! So do you have any other theories or things to discuss? if not, I've got a couple myself!
  10. Oh, that! Yeah, I remember that. So you're suggesting that she managed to retrieve the orb in Riddle of the Sphinx, at some point after the Forbidden City of Clouds?
  11. Hmm, I haven't seen Riddle of the Sphinx, and I'm not quite up on my Egyptian mythology anymore - can you explain a bit more? Also, Khnum is also an ancient Egyptian god, pretty sure...
  12. You start, then! I'm still up for talking - I was just rereading Marked Thief of Marapore recently (thanks to the Movie Magic short). Also made a nice break from my current heavy reading (a 900+ history book on the Crusades...)
  13. I am very curious why you consider a translation from 1611, which translates wild oxen as "unicorns", to be more legitimate than any other. Do you believe that issues with bias or mistranslation didn't exist in the year 1611?