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  1. I'd describe the film's reception being more mixed to positive than negative at this point.
  2. 68%, similar to the first SpongeBob film. Obviously, anything above 83-ish is way too high - I could possibly see it going as low as 44, but no lower than that. Judging from early fan reactions and the trailers...yeah, 68 sounds pretty accurate.
  3. OK. I don't think the film will be reviewed badly or anything; I'm expecting around 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, similar to the first SpongeBob movie (it would be 96% if it was just the fans reviewing it, tho hahaha).
  4. That's not usually a good sign; when films aren't screened in advanced for critics it usually means the studio fears the film won't do very well...Thanks anyway.
  5. Bloody hell, the film is released in 4 days and I can't find a single critic review of it on the net
  6. A fortnight, actually; I know how you feel, man, I'm a UK resident They're pretty much all the ones I'm excited for!
  7. Forgot about Justice League. Hopefully it's quality is more akin to Wonder Woman than the earlier DCEU films!
  9. That's literally it, I'm afraid (and I'm in England, too, nice to see another fan from the UK ).
  10. Just saw a post in one of the MLP groups I'm in on Facebook - a fan has seen the film early at it's New York premiere (video footage of just when it's about to start and all, so it's authentic!) Anyone else go? What's it like; this user said she loved it and it's definitely worth the wait (VERY vague, but great to hear!)
  11. It just says on IMDB on the film's content advisory.
  12. So, I was on IMDB and looking at the upcoming film's content advisory page and under what the film has been classified in each country it says it's banned in South Korea Is there any truth to this? Why the hell would that be the case?!
  13. Yeah, I'm looking forward to that too, but I was only a moderate fan of the original one. Still, with this one having the same writer and being R-rated I think it's going to do well. It's gonna be LONG though at 163 minutes; hopefully it doesn't drag. Unsure if I'll see it at the cinema yet...