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  1. OK, I've encountered some problems with the story upon re-watching Twilight's Kingdom Part Two. How is Queen Chrysalis going to access Tartarus? And why don't Twilight and all the others use the chest to defeat Spatium rather than the elements...
  2. I like that idea! It will appear in the third story but I may vary it a bit...I like how it's not a conventional means of defeating the villain - that sounds quite intelligent as opposed to all-out action!
  3. I was considering there being a twist where it turns out he was pretending just to escape being enslaved by Spatium and he hasn't really been affected by the magic of friendship at all, but that sounds a bit cliche and makes his entire arc pointless. Plus, I wouldn't be able to do the whole swapping Princess roles thing at the end.
  4. Just re-watched part one of Twilight's Kingdom and I honestly think a reformed Tirek could work - his brother was reformed, so now it's his turn, right, that could shape his decision and Discord is back to his old reformed self again now and him and Tirek are clearly very close in the episode. I dunno...
  5. Haha, that episode's gonna be referenced a lot in this one, due to Tirek's involvement. And gore is blood and guts, and that kind of thing.
  6. I feel like this middle chapter does kinda defeat the purpose of the show being so's certainly Empire Strikes Back level of dark
  7. E is for everyone, T is Teen and there's an 18+ one too. The two categories for stories rated T or up are "gore" and "s*x" but I dunno if there's really any gore as such in the story and there's certainly no s*x.
  8. What rating should I give Tirek's Reform? I've rated it T due to the new chapter referencing the Princess' "corpses" and "Twilight feeling as if her heart is about to explode out of her chest.", and for overall having a much darker tone than the show. Is all that too strong for an E, or am I being overly-paranoid; I just don't want to get in trouble for giving it the wrong rating.
  9. Spoiler

    Thanks! This is what I shall use in my Fanfic.
  10. I have to disagree...I don't think viewers would identify with Rainbow Dash. With Fluttershy, many people could relate to being afraid to stand up for themselves; people with ADHD could connect with Pinkie Pie, and so on. With Rainbow Dash, well...I don't think there's too many people in the world that are as awesome as she's made out to be I think she's one of the most iconic and recognizable characters...but don't forget, she's super unlikeable in several episodes, too, such as 28 Pranks later.
  11. Aside from cartoons like Gravity Falls and of course FIM, I'm really and I mean truly into Marvel - I'm not even just talking about the movies, I've read over 250 issues of Marvel Comics (mostly 70s and 80s). I have high-functioning autism and I think it classes as a SI (Special Interest). Anyone else share this interest - I don't often see comics being talked about on here, there isn't even a category for it in this forum, and since loads of bronies tend to be geeks too I just wondered...
  12. Mega Thread

    Just finished Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Pony Party and I plan on reading all those sorts of FIM tie-in books., That aside, I really only read comic-books, rather than actual novels. I'm currently reading the Dark Phoenix Uncanny X-Men storyline from the 1970s.