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  1. From July until September 2017, I wrote a (very long!!) fanfiction for the show in which the Mane Six discover that Princess Celestia and Luna have a brother, Stellas Spatium, who is returning to exact his vengeance on the pair after being banished to another dimension. Now, at the time I wrote it the newest episode was The Perfect Pear and the movie was still a long way off. There are certainly things that have since been explored in the show that mean my fanfic no longer works as if it were canon (there's no mention of Twilight's school in my story, nor of Spike having wings), HOWEVER, there are things I wrote that have since come true in the show!! In my fanfic, Lord Tirek reveals to Twilight that Starswirl the Bearded is alive and hiding somewhere outside Equestria! In Shadow Play, Twilight discovers Starswirl is alive and attempts to free him from prison. In my fanfiction, Queen Chrysalis teams up with Tirek to get revenge on Starlight and her friends. In the newest episode, Chrysalis creates "The Mean Six" for the very same reason. There's other things too like the fact that Tirek is returning later this season and I'm pretty sure Starlight becoming an allicorn (which happened in my fanfiction) will be happening at some point, too!!!
  2. It has to be Tanks for the Memories for me. The episode is all about a character's goal which was doomed to fail from the very beginning - all up until that point I had been lead to believe Rainbow Dash was fearless and tough as nails and seeing her break down and cry for so long was really sad for me. This wasn't even humorous crying like with Shining Armour in "Slice of Life", this was very, very realistic and I feel it would be even worse for those who have lost a pet or something similar. And her goodbye at the end, I can't even... Seriously, I'm surprised this isn't talked about more.
  3. I know it's assumed it'll be in March or April just as Season 7 was but as far as I can tell Hasbro has not officially announced anything :/
  4. So, most of the voice cast with the exception of Ashleigh Ball are extremely responsive to fans on Twitter and other social media websites. I've been lucky enough to get a favourite from Tabitha St. Germain and Peter New when I wished them a happy birthday (got a reply to a question from the former, too!!!). Anyway, on the subject of birthdays, I've noticed that a lot of fans often tweet the voice cast asking something like "It's my 22nd birthday today, could I get a happy birthday from Fluttershy/Celestia/Spike?" A lot of the time they reply and the fans are very grateful, even if they don't always say please :/ I was thinking of doing this but then I thought isn't it a little rude or attention-seeking (the voice cast honestly don't seem to mind - Andrea Libman and Nicole Oliver in particular are very nice about it but I dunno it feels wrong :/).
  5. Just over $50 million worldwide, seriously?!?! Surely the budget must have been higher than that - what if the movie doesn't make a profit!!! As much as I'd love a sequel, it seems kind of unlikely now
  6. Here are six ideas for episodes I came up with recently: The Trio Applejack and her childhood friend Coloratura reunite when the source of the latter's inspiration for becoming a musician - ((an unnamed band. All I know is they are a parody of Ashleigh Ball's Hey Ocean! They would be voiced by the other members of the band)) - decide to tour in Ponyville. NOTE: I started writing a script for this episode here if anyone's interested: http://www.plotbot.com/screenplays/my_little_pony__the_trio/screenplay A Cure for Flightlessness The Shadowbolts kidnap Twilight Sparkle and her friends with the intention of forcibly recruiting them to outmatch the Wonderbolts. First, however, Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rarity must be given the ability to fly... Sabotage When Snips and Snails inadvertently ruin the fireworks display at the Grand Galloping Gala, Princesses Celestia and Luna tell them an old pony tale about two similar fillies whose recklessness cost them... End of an Era The residents of Ponyville hold a local mayoral election when Mayor Mare retires from her position. NOTE: The last appearance of Mayor Mare. Spike would interact with her in this episode! From Canterlot With Love Lyra Heartstrings goes on an espionage adventure with her best friend Sweetie Drops. Changeling Attack Queen Chrysalis attempts to exact revenge on Starlight Glimmer for the events of "To Where and Back Again".
  7. I came up for an idea for a sequel episode to The Mane Attraction. The pre-credit sequence is Applejack and Ra Ra trying to get to sleep at Camp Friendship as fillies. The pair make it their lifelong dream to meet the source of their inspiration for pursuing a career in music - a male singing duet (an obvious paraody of the Hey Ocean! band that Ashleigh Ball is a part of, btw; they would be voiced by the two Davids). In the present, Applejack is delighted to find out that the pair are touring in Ponyville. She reunites with Ra Ra and they go together. One thing leads to another, and in predictable mlp fashion, Applejack ends up being able to sing on-stage with them I started writing a script for the episode on Plotbot (link below if anyone's interested): http://www.plotbot.com/screenplays/my_little_pony__the_trio/screenplay
  8. I love, love, love the "for the show" song so could also go with that (don't listen to fan music much tbh).
  9. I don't know about you, but I'd really like of one of the songs from the series played during my sending-off. It sounds morbid on the surface, but I'd like to think it would add a small glimmer of happiness to the attendees. Even those who hate the show with all their life can't deny some of the songs are really happy and upbeat and could cheer everypony up. I'm thinking Pinkie's Smile song as the final one on the list. Would feel so bittersweet - it would be my way of reminding everyone that even though I'm gone they have to pick themselves up and carry on. What song would everypony have played at theirs? (Sorry if this thread upsets anypony or it sounds too morbid.)
  10. Obviously, soo, soo much fanfiction for MLP is written by bronies and pegasisters alike, but has anyone tried to write their story ideas in script form - like write their own episode? I think I'm gonna give it a try - there's a free-to-use website named PlotBot which formats your script in the correct format and everything!!
  11. I'd describe the film's reception being more mixed to positive than negative at this point.
  12. 68%, similar to the first SpongeBob film. Obviously, anything above 83-ish is way too high - I could possibly see it going as low as 44, but no lower than that. Judging from early fan reactions and the trailers...yeah, 68 sounds pretty accurate.
  13. OK. I don't think the film will be reviewed badly or anything; I'm expecting around 68% on Rotten Tomatoes, similar to the first SpongeBob movie (it would be 96% if it was just the fans reviewing it, tho hahaha).