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  1. I have a friend that posts about these amiibos everytime he gets one which is kinda often. They look like nice figures. Didn't know they was made by Nintendo I thought they was just licensed out to a lot of things. Someone mentioned games with these.. Umm wut? Sry for my stupidity. ^^ I don't keep up with gaming news like I should out since it's getting to be like World News.
  2. Had chemisty in high school while it was and imo still is interesting we didn't learn much. Teacher useless and talked to different groups 3/4 of the time. Lot of days it was pretty much free time to do w/e. Read so many mangas and played lots of pokemon in that class. Still not as fun as Spanish class which I took to the extreme in time wasting. Never even seen these models before. So with that I'm frankly just going to guess. 1. C2O3H4 (this comes up as Glycolic or Peracetic acid in google but the models do not match the picture) 2. I want to say C2O3H6 but because there are long greens and short greens this is probably incorrect 3. Water H2O 4. 5. 6. Green - Hydrogen Red - Oxygen White - Black - I'd like to say Carbon White - Yellow - Other posters might want to considering thus format to make it easier on completing these problems. There is Wolframalpha.com but I'm unfamiliar with using it.
  3. Just curious but has anyone had any good luck with Taco Bell? I only eat from one that is like 200 miles away because they have larger tacoes for some reason. The one taco bell around here has been shut down a couple times for pretty bad health hazards. Remember another one Microsoft / Xbox EA, Activation and a slew of other big gaming companies but that's more hate and not enough hype. But maybe they do belong here because they have enoumous hype machines. Not sure....
  4. McDonalds!!!!!!!- I have a huge McHate for them! Subway - It's a sandwich shop, possible even a fancy deli, also never been. Starbucks - Never been but it's just coffee. I also don't like coffee. Any type of mainstream or luxury clothing brand - Why?! most of everything they sell is average with really fat price tags. Oh wow! a pair of pants for 250$ then you go to a store and find it like 70$ then another lower price store for 20$ then junk stores for like 3$. Pass that umm there isn't to many stores I can complain about since there isn't really many stores where I live Bestest store - some kind of Dollar General where i pick up MLP coloring books.
  5. The first set of .Hack games.. they was 4 of them, very nice and a lot of stuff seemed interesting and fun. Even tho a lot of the stuff is limited compared to nowadays the systems felt more balanced and unique. Wouldn't mind playing Metal Gear Solid 2 where they have the ship and the giant ocean rig complex. Both of them are very memorial. I remember getting Metal Gear in the after noon after school and accidentally played to 1AM on a school night, it was just so addicting.
  6. I'm already pretty lost. Played minecraft here and there and got bored. haven't really tried any mods since the good ones are big and seem to need dependancies and then others aren't compatible.... just confusing Are we allowed to post links?
  7. Curious if anyone has played Might and Magic or even Heroes of Might and Magic. Humble Bundle sale doesn't have much time left.
  8. Multi-Crossovers: Basically 3 steps forward 2 steps back In a lot of movies when they mention something like EMP or even Zombies they usually explain or simplify it. I find this quite annoying since I already understand the basics and some of the advances but wouldn't that help merge them better then saying something that 1 or both fandoms already understand so you could get non-fans into it? Like instead of ||| Ash throwing Ponyball and screaming, "Pika Pie! I choose you!" ||| maybe something along the lines of ||| Ash throws a red and white spherical object and demands that Pika Pie comes out by incanting the not so magical words, "Pika Pie! I choose you!" ||| ? Or would that still be pretty bad?
  9. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls? I think there was also a Discord/CMC episode but I could be mistaken. Maybe a comic?
  10. I'd actually expect Trixie to show up more then she has. She might not be part of the Mane6 but she does seem like she could have a small storyline plot somewhere trying to redeem herself much like how Sunset Shimmer did in Equestia Girls and how here and there you see Discord.
  11. Read it all and I don't mind since you described what you feel pretty good and accurate... and that usually takes a couple lines... Have tried a couple cross overs and not just MLP based ones and I kinda get the same feelings. You end up having same characters doing their own things really and it's kind of like water and oil, same glass but no mix. I think if you can add in or completely replace the main cast with OC's (which can be similar but not clones) that helps more then anything else. I also do not like seeing basically a history or plotline completely replaced with similiar history. Example would be a seeing a pokemon-sonic or pokemon-MLP cross over where they basically repace Ash, Misty, Broke with cross over characters and then procedes with normal pokemon story. This is highly annoying! I've seen a little bit MLP-Doctor Who. Like the ponies but nvr did like Doctor Who. Also are cross overs really hard to do? It seems i've nvr seen a multi cross over (Example MLP-Sonic-Pokemon). that seems interesting and I'd be interested in knowing! (I like to know stuff and find interest in boring things.)
  12. Not a problem! ^^ As I said, since it's fanfic you can be more creative and liberal. You could always write/type it out and reread it. I don't create fanfics but I do go back and reread rants before I post them :>
  13. But their not horses... >.> they're ponies and unicorns, and pegasus...
  14. I like Twilight. I honestly don't see how alicorn Twilight differs from Unicorn Twilight. She gets wings which she barely uses. I think they played a minor role once to transition from places in a hurry during 1 episode and thats it. Since her wings don't really come into play much you can just mentally replace wings with no wings or vice versa. If I remember she might have used her wings during the battle with Tirek at the end of Season 4 but even then you could copy and replace the wings citing over abundance of magic and that she was using magic all the time. With that in mind I'd really like to see an episode with Twilight and more books :> Possible future problem/episode: Twilight runs out of books to read and has to go on an epic book hunt over all of Equestia. Also with new Castle (this being the thing I don't like since I think living in a giant tree library was cool) Twilight has more and more room for books. I would imagine a lot of people kind of don't really like the castle but as in Castle Sweet Castle we need more episodes featuring the castle as a place. I'd actually wish the design was a bit different tho so it could fit in with the rest of Ponyville. Seems like it came from Crystal Empire. As for reckless magic use... umm Element of Magic, unicorn/alicorn, gifted student with lots of books and probably some that's considered forbidden or extremely limited. Eventually the student will want to try out some of these. Least she hasn't tried casting any Megaspells leading to Fallout Equestia or some other Equestia Apocalyse.
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