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  1. Emperor_Z

    How old are the ponies?

    I say between 16 and 22. Four of them hold down jobs. Heck, two of those run their own businesses. I'd say those two are definately adults. I don't consider the mane 6 to be too far apart from eachother in age, so I don't think of the other four as being any younger than 16 I also believe they age at the same rate humans do, both because it makes sense from a biological perspective in respect to their intellect, and because I simply prefer it that way.
  2. Emperor_Z

    Mega Thread Favorite Songs From The Show

    I've always considered Winter Wrap-Up to be the weakest of the three big songs, but I've only listened to it judgmentally for the first time today. Did you know that song has five choruses? FIVE! That's way too many.
  3. Emperor_Z

    Do you like the new theme song?

    I'm kinda meh about it. The main vocals are better, but the added instrumental sounds are unnecessary. The replacement for the "Ahahah" kind of comes out very suddenly and seems to clash.
  4. Emperor_Z

    S02:E04 - Luna Eclipsed

    I like Spike. He's snarky, loyal, and down-to-earth, usually. He teases a bit, but it's all good Are you positive? I don't remember Spike doing that
  5. Emperor_Z

    S02:E07 - May the Best Pet Win

    I'm putting all my bits on a turtle!
  6. Emperor_Z

    Mega Thread Favorite Songs From The Show

    Art of the Dress, hands down for me. I adore the tune. Lyrics aren't that great for part one, but I find the theme of part two appealing. You guys ever notice the additional vocals in that song on just a few of the lines? Look up the karaoke version of the song, and you'll hear a somewhat nasally sounding voice that was unable to be removed. You will never be able to unhear it while listening to the normal song.
  7. Emperor_Z

    MLP: Friendship is ... Expensive

    All but one of my brony friends/acquaintances are comp sci/networking/mathematics majors, that sort of thing. No toys coming from them. The one who isn't is sorta-kinda an artist, but he was too lazy to live up to his role as my artist for the pony game I was trying to make, so I doubt I'll even get anything out of him either. So my desk remains barren of pony for the foreseeable future
  8. Emperor_Z

    MLP: Friendship is ... Expensive

    But quality, fan made merch typically runs for hundreds of dollars, doesn't it?
  9. Emperor_Z

    MLP: Friendship is ... Expensive

    I have no money to spend on ponies, and even if I did, I'm only interested in things that can either be worn or used to decorate my room a bit. I'm not interested in brushables though, so that limits my toy choices to that one gift set and nothing else. So as much as I want to have the Mane 6 atop my shelf, my room will remain ponyless until Hasbro released some more show accurate merch,
  10. Emperor_Z

    Uh, hi

    Thanks for the info. I now have an avatar. Huzzah! (Luna got that word on my brain)
  11. Emperor_Z

    Pony Costume Contest

    Tough one for the main cast. Rainbow Dash looked awesome, Pinkie Pie did very well getting into "character", and Twilight's was great for nerd value. Spike had meme appeal, but that's about it (seriously, what was he thinking?) I think I'll give it to Pinkie, just for the mannerisms As for background ponies, I'll go with Colgate. It's amusing to see what it likely a subtle but legitimate shout-out to fanon after people constantly crying wolf on references last week
  12. Emperor_Z

    Uh, hi

    I'm not usually the type to make threads like this, but there's kind of an implicit invitation, so I guess I'm doing it anyway. Been a fan of the show since early June, love to discuss. I'm a regular on Ponychan, but I've been banned for the day. Seeing as it's Saturday, I NEED an avenue of discussion, lest I shrivel up and die from lack of pony talk. I imagine I'll still pop in here from time to time beyond today though. To give this topic some purpose, anyone know why I can't upload an avatar? When I try, it just say "Failed to set a new avatar"
  13. Emperor_Z

    These new episodes so far...

    *Gasp* You're right! It'd be criminal not to have a song
  14. Emperor_Z

    S02:E04 - Luna Eclipsed

    Well if you didn't like it, there's nothing wrong Well if you didn't like it, there's nothing wrong with expressing that. Topic's titled "Episode 4 Discussion", not "Episode 4 Homogenous Praise" Like I said, I did enjoy the episode, quite a lot. Just thought it has a narrative weakness
  15. Emperor_Z

    S02:E04 - Luna Eclipsed

    So... she waited, that's all? I guess there were no moments previous where she just stood around doing nothing, so there wasn't as much of an opportunity for it to come up before. So I suppose the events make sense, though I still don't feel they were very satisfying, and could have been executed better