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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm doing my best to hop on as often as possible! I really appreciate all of your kind thoughts and support!

    I want to explain my hiatus and lack of activity a bit, and perhaps alleviate any concerns. I'm okay! I've just been under a lot of stress and have been very, very busy with work and my pets. I figured now was a good time to announce this because I finally have a legitimate answer; my ferret, Solace, had an ultrasound today. The doctors found a large tumor in his left adrenal gland, and some abnormalities in his pancreas that are indicative of adrenal disease and insulinoma. Our next move, most likely, will probably be an abdominal exploratory surgery and tumor removal. There are some risks associated with such an invasive procedure, though. Whether we pursue surgery or not, he'll be on medication for the rest of his life. We knew this would probably be the case and I have been preparing for months, but that doesn't make it all any less hard to hear. I work in an emergency clinic for animals, so I have a very, very clear idea of what all this entails- both a blessing and a curse, I think. I'm doing my very best to keep up activity as much as possible and start being a real member of the MLP Forums team again. I've just been having a real hard time, but you all have been so incredibly patient with me and I appreciate it so much <3

    Here's a picture of my babies;

    Image may contain: one or more people
    From left to right; Solace, Whisper, and Petrichor.

    1. Tealeaf


      Another of my little troublemaker, Petrichor, and my sick boy, Solace.
      No automatic alt text available.

      And a couple more of my spoiled princess, Whisper and her brother.
      No automatic alt text available.

      No automatic alt text available.

  2. It's been a little while! I'm so sorry about that, guys, but it looks like I should be back for good this time around.

    I was sort of sucked into my work and schooling for a little while as well as dealing with some aspect of my mental health (I have Avoidant Personality Disorder and have finally been able to see somebody and start treating it). I'm working as a veterinary assistant for an emergency pet clinic as well now and I am so stoked about it, but it has been time consuming and my schedule hasn't been very consistent- it looks like we've got it figured out now, though!

    For those of you who wished me a happy birthday today, thank you so much! I'm so touched that you guys even really remembered me after so long! 

  3. Tealeaf

    Back at it !!

    This is very cute! I really like it quite a lot.
  4. Left Stormreaver to find a more interesting server, and to get away from some negativity, and ended up in Emerald Dream. Then left Emerald Dream for Burning Legion, because I missed the smaller population and didn't think I'd ever roleplay much, but now I'm headed back to Emerald Dream again. Wowee.

  5. Jailed for an elaborate plot to frame The_Gobo for eating the background.
  6. Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a great time here c:

  7. https://picarto.tv/EnigmaticWisp
    I'm streaming! Come join me if you can <3

  8. Come find me on ArtFight!

    1. Vampira Heart

      Vampira Heart

      Cool I'm on there too! I'm not sure what to do though..how do you attack?

      im on team sun (I wish I was on moon ~_~ )

    2. Tealeaf


      You attack by drawing the other teams' character c: You get points for what level of detail is in the drawing, which is totally based on settings you pick when you upload so it's real nice and easy.

    3. Vampira Heart

      Vampira Heart

      Yeah I figured it out and attacked a few :) 

      And your next!!! Heh Heh Heh!!! >:3 

  9. I'm working on a fun little character design for my friend's MLP AU, but I'm having a hard time with the species. There are lots of earth ponies so I'd like to stray away from that. She's a winter embodiment...any ideas?

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    2. Tealeaf


      I'm not sure why it wouldn't be allowed c: 

    3. Pinkie_Pi


      I am no good at visual art, but when you said winter, I got a picture of a Crystal Pegasus that was icy blue with soft winter snow white wings and a matching mane and tail that has a slight glitter in the sunlight, just like  freshly fallen snow.

    4. Vampira Heart
  10. Tealeaf

    Visual Art Pokemon; Gotta Draw Them All!

    I'm really glad you guys seem to enjoy these so much! I'm considering starting up on #002, Ivysaur, today c: I might save it for tomorrow, since I do have another personal piece I'd like to wrap up, but we'll see!
  11. POKEMON! Not too long ago, I completed this simple little digital painting of a Bulbasaur from the pokemon franchise. My intention is to eventually paint each and every one of the pokemon as listed in the official pokedex. I won't be starting quite yet, but hopefully soon, and that means a new pokemon will need to be drawn EVERY day (or almost every day). Currently there are 802 pokemon, without including their alola and mega evolution forms (which I also hope to include in the series, though shinies will be drawn as extras- not apart of the series itself). Wish me luck! Feedback is apprecia
  12. I'm sure this sounds pretty apparent, but I have an absolutely enormous problem with people mistreating animals. I don't just mean cats and dogs- but insects and reptiles and smaller pets as well. It's become an especially big problem lately that I despise with all of my being. Just because an animal is small and doesn't process thought in the same way we do, does NOT mean they don't experience fear and stress and pain. Likewise, I've got a huge thing against owners who, through ignorance or neglect, just don't provide their pet with what they actually need. Goldfish don't go in fish bowls. Th
  13. Tealeaf

    Uhm... hello?

    I'm really glad you've grown to like the current MLP style. I'm personally a big fan of it over previous generations, but there's definitely something charming about how chubby and stumpy the old designs were. I hope you enjoy your time with us here. Welcome!
  14. I really enjoy the bodies you've given them- they seem to really genuinely fit their unique personalities and lifestyles. I know some people have complained about pinkie pie, but given her particular diet I really think you've chosen a good style. Being a little thick or chubby doesn't mean you can't be energetic or muscular underneath that extra fluff.
  15. Finding good quality ferret food (or cat food for ferrets) is surprisingly difficult. 

  16. Tealeaf

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Very tiger. So space. Definite 7/10
  17. Last week before graduation! I'm really excited to be able to start helping around the site again.

  18. TFW I can't get licensing to sell pokemon merch

    1. The_Gobo


      That feel when you Start making it slightly different so it's not technically pokemon :V

      (kidding lmao)


  19. Thank you very much! c: I am very glad to be here and hope to be able to contribute to the forums for a long while yet. I'm very glad to be a part of this team alongside you all.
  20. Tealeaf

    Offering Critique OC Critique and Advice

    This thread isn't really active anymore because, unfortunately, I've been too busy to get to the remaining critique requests. I might be able to reopen eventually, but for the time being I can't really refer to it as such.
  21. Making adoptables is soooo distracting c':

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    2. Tealeaf


      I have. No Idea. Not complaining though! Hopefully my commissions here pick up a lil bit.

    3. LordSwinton


      cool, I'll go check them out

    4. Tealeaf


      I'll give you a look too at some point c:

  22. How cute! Even if you don't feel they are your best work, I think they really capture a ton of potential and they're very interesting stylistically. I'll have to check out some of your other work c:
  23. My homebrew DnD world/setting is called Lymia c: There are two other realms existing in the same setting, called Erithae and Ostyke.
  24. I'm personally definitely not a fan of GIMP at ALL. It's what I first used when learning how to draw digitally and I would never suggest it for anything serious. I use Paint Tool Sai, which is my personal preference, but it does come at a price. A friend of mine transitioned over to clip studio paint for a little while since she was using a Mac computer, and there isn't a sai download option for Mac computers. Of course, clip studio paint is also not free, but she very much enjoyed the program while she was using it (she has since returned to paint tool sai). She did use firealpaca for a time
  25. Cutting out fake friends like ✂️

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