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    Request I need a cover art for my story

    sure I'm actually mostly drawing humans, but since it's an mlp forum, i only use pony examples) Also, even though I'd love to help, I'm not going to make it as detailed as I usually do(1,2) since I'm mostly a commission artist, need my time and stuff) here:
  2. Lucha

    Request I need a cover art for my story

    hi! I'd like to hear you out, then maybe I could draw something not too complicated for you) examples:
  3. Lucha

    Request Shop I'll draw your fictional pony-horse?

    the poll's closed but in case you're still up for drawing :3
  4. hi! I can sketch some concepts for you, and if you like them we can move to my commission shop on the forum so I can draw a proper art, if you'd like) examples of my work:
  5. Lucha

    Lucha's commissions

    неуо, Lucha here. welcome to my commission shop. I draw ponies, humans, etc., ask me about it rules n stuff - Please don't pm me about commissions. Only comments please. - I can reject your commission if I don't find it interesting. It's really for the best, as I tend to draw things i don't want for ages. - you're free to use your commission however as long as you don't remove my name(obligatorily)/link me(optional, but rly nice) gonna add more as I go... what i do n not draw - I will draw dramatic scenes with some blood and/or gore.PG-13. - Mildly sexual -- highly suggestive scenes and poses are okay, but no private parts can be visible.PG-13. - I will not draw explicit porn. - I will not draw hate art. and now finally PRICE examples: _ _ _ ______________________ _ _ _ examples: REFERENCE SHEET depends on your OC, how much info u want etc etc, let's discuss the price. to purchase proceed here, or write a comment if you're not sure about it, we'll talk.
  6. Lucha

    Lucha's commissions

    Hi! I didn't watch this anime, but I would like to do your order still, I googled this character and I think I got a grasp on her basic traits). I can cut so there's the collar and the beginning of her jacket, so you'll be able to identify As for the background, I can do flat or something simple like gradient, repetitive shapes or text, if you want. Place the order, I'll do it
  7. Lucha

    New Equestria Girl doll

    I actually really enjoy this new realistic? style, wasn't a fan of MH style they were going for before, especially the last ones, they were downright scary, u know? Also outfits are really cute and fit their characters. I probably enjoy it more then most people because i don't really care about EG canon, I just want dolls to be prettier..
  8. sure, I'll send you my characters in private messages, you send yours
  9. hei i can draw your character (but it's not a good quality'''') and you draw mine??like two for two exmpls:
  10. Lucha

    I just joined! how is every poney?

    I had a collection of magazines, that's all. I remember finding videos with few minutes from the episodes, I couldn't understand it tho 'cause they were in eng. Same with toys, I had fakes and official stuff takes a lot of time to get to our stores heh My fav is Toola Roola :з I have her on my shelf even today, I'm a master of keeping dolls and stuff like that and make them look brand new idk useless talent i guess x) Did you get your childhood dream toy?)
  11. Lucha

    I just joined! how is every poney?

    MNMNMNMNM Are you talking about G3??I love it tho nobody talks about it x) Did you have a favorite character there?I still have some toys from that generation the golden times I couldn't even watch/buy the show from here, it was too soon I guess lmao
  12. Lucha

    My baby bunnies ^.^

    NO TOO CUTE Do bunnies take a lot of space or smth?I always thought you keep them in cage most of the time so it's not so hard to look after them
  13. Lucha

    Why are 80% of the songs so terrible?

    Acadeca is actually my favorite, that nanananana part esp x) I think most of the songs are ok, I listen to them if I need some motivation or energy.But some of them are really plane. If I'd have to choose, I'd say the first movie has best and catchiest songs(cafeteria song was a boom , I heard it a lot at russian conventions ahah)
  14. Lucha

    toys for the movie already out

  15. Lucha

    Will Make RPG Sprites for Pictures/Food

    man I don't care if smb already did it, I just want to draw it ok
  16. Lucha

    8-Bit Ponies!

    That's amazing, I love it
  17. Lucha

    I need a minecraft skin

    You make me a skin, I draw you an OC. Please attach examples of your skins Examples of my art: The second pony is my OC, and I want her skin on a pony body, not humanisation. Pls don't be shy!:з
  18. Lucha

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I sit at some kind of official dinner, and I'm so bored, omg It sucks so much I feel awful and my eyes hurt from looking at my phone, these forums are saving my life right now I want to throw up all day.She asked me if I have a mental illnes.Dear lord was I mad. So What have you watched ?
  19. Lucha

    I need a minecraft skin

    Okie dokie с:
  20. Lucha

    hello from russia

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: Well,I just googled "mlp forums", because I'm new in english brony community, and I'm just tring to find where is the main party). How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I loved them since I was a child, even though I couldn't whatch episodes 'cause they were on dvd, and all my ponies were fake exept few of them.I still have Toola Roola on my shelf and I adore her. I'm an exchange student from russia, I'll live in TN for a year.I draw a lot and was doing commisions.Also studing animating and programming, planning to make a first game as an experience! Active part of russian brony community, and hope could be a part of this too. Btw guys, I'm going to the superspeedycidercon, is anybody planning to go too?or I wonder if you have an event topic.
  21. Lucha

    I need a minecraft skin

    Sry I don't, that why I made the topic Well try to google mlp minecraft skins, at least you have a computer and can do it Cause all I have is my phone lol
  22. Lucha

    hello from russia

    I spent a week here already, and I love it so far). Well of course I do hahah c>
  23. Lucha

    I need a minecraft skin

    Can you do these ones?