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  1. Hat988

    Movies/TV Any Kung Fu Movie fans out there?

    Ip Man movies were great. I recommend them.
  2. Hat988

    Trying to find a song

    Is anybody able to identify the song in the video? It can be heard at 20m 48s: https://youtu.be/GJpUKJ6xJ54?t=20m48s Have a picture for your time.
  3. Hat988

    "Against The Rules" Read my Fanfic?

    You are welcome I know at least in Word (does that come on iPad?) if you disable automatically adding spaces between paragraphs it can copy easier onto Fimfiction.
  4. Hat988

    "Against The Rules" Read my Fanfic?

    This one is hard to read because it is without paragraphs so I’ll review it from the link (so if there are any differences between here and there you won’t be confused). It makes it easier again to read if you use a new line for each time a character uses dialogue. For example: Squarked Twilight. You invented a new word! But I don’t know if it’s a squawk or a yell or something so I cannot imagine very well what Twilight is doing here. Rainbow Dash then ‘moaned’, ‘frowned’, then Twilight ‘yelped’ and so on. Almost all of the time, it is much better to write ‘said’, using these adverbs very rarely (for effect). The objective is to convey enough information in the dialogue itself and context in which it is spoken so that the reader does not need to be told ‘she yelped’. ‘Said’ is quicker to read; the line is registered almost automatically, but if you put something else there whoever is reading will have to correct himself (e.g. already imagined Twilight said it hurriedly, but then has to change his memory so she also yelped while saying it). There is also a large amount of dialogue making the story read almost like a transcript. Try first to describe what the characters are doing without using any dialogue at all. How much can you show without saying it explicitly? Twilight might be pulling books out of her spell practicing shelf and getting flustered. It would be pretty obvious then she cannot find what she is looking for. This gives the reader something more to be interested in. Rather than being told outright, reader can exercise his own intelligence to guess (your description can make sure he guesses well) and if he thinks he knows what is happening, you can then say in dialogue a surprise like: Chapter 1 is lot more interesting (not saying prologue is bad) because you are describing what Rainbow is going through instead of simply saying “I’m confused”. There is more to be curious about as well, especially the ending. There is also escalation. Rainbow is doing what seems to be fairly reasonable and it still gets worse for her. There is a significant amount of change from the start of the chapter to its finish. But the start of chapter 2 makes it feel like there was not much progression at all. It is much too similar to the start of chapter 1; waking up with a bad headache. It is like all of chapter 1 was merely to get Rainbow to understand something then start again. She is also giving up too easily (going back to sleep). She has just discovered a new world. Shouldn’t there be more moving around/discovery/adventure? At least for a bit. You can use that opportunity to explore settings that you might want to use later in the story so the reader is already familiar with them by the time you really use them. Even though she was just run over this can still happen. Maybe there could be symbolic dreams, mingled with what is actually happening around her bed. The chapter gets better quickly though, just the start is the problem. What if there were more of the aliens? What if? It’s not even clear if they’re a threat yet. Would Rainbow say ‘blimey’? Easy to fix stuff: Practise - > Practice “You sure could use one..” -> “You sure could use one…” “Hey, I found your-“ -> “Hey, I found your—“ (em dashes are used for interruptions, alt+0151 on numpad is the hotkey). This applies to other bits in your story but I haven’t listed them. Put space before ( I only read up to chapter 3 but I think you are doing really well with a story that can be interesting in many ways! I hope what I have said helps.
  5. Hat988

    Where would you rather be?

    (OP from merged topic) "Gee, I'd really like to be a space marine." ... but it's not possible! In all the characters, roles and situations that are presented in fiction (books/movies/shows) are there any that you think would be a better match for you than what this universe can give you? Or are you happy with yourself in the current universe? That is good too! I'm reading the manga Claymore right now. The characters, nicknamed 'claymores' are people made into half-monster so they can keep up with the monsters and slay them. This makes them more powerful than regular humans which also means they only need to eat every few weeks and can heal without help. They are pretty much completely self-sufficient and are given assignments by their organisation. Sword-fighting is not feasible in a world with guns, so, even though it's a painful profession, I think that would be the best suit for me. Your turn I gave this a movies/TV tag because there is no option for 'all'.
  6. Hat988

    The Brony Documentary Discussion

    I don't doubt it may be true for some people and I don't have an issue with it either. From a skeptic's point of view, a psychologist's opinion is stronger than most of the people in the show (I don't believe that is necessarily true, but you can see how it could be for others). Upon hearing her, they go 'aha! That is the reason!' It would confirm a skeptic's belief or inclination that bronies are different because they can't handle the ""real world"" (double quotation marks) which adds to the believability (but not credibility) of her opinion. The point is, I'm pretty sure most people don't think clearly. The job of the documentary is to present a balanced foray into brony society. Someone might think, 'well, that may be true, or it may not. All I know is that it is not the case for me and therefore possible it is not the case for everyone'. But someone who does not think clearly, who is not aware of his biases, may take Dr Redden's opinion as fact merely because it agrees with his gut feeling. It is not the fault of the documentary if some things are taken the wrong way by the audience. I think I would err on the side of caution and not include those few lines from her as they are prone to misinterpretation. That is only if I was the director; I don't want to make a big issue out of it.
  7. Hat988

    The Brony Documentary Discussion

    I enjoyed seeing fellow bronies from different countries. The ones shown were interesting and I liked following their stories. I think Daniel did a truly heroic action by arranging a journey to a people event and following through. Overcoming mental inhibitions (such as doubt or inability to easily talk to others) to accomplish an objective you know you want to do is something I see as very important in being an individual of reason. The new music was entertaining. I really liked Tara Strong's song in the credits. There is a chance Lyle's dad may be seen as an antagonist even though the documentary maintained a good balance and understanding of views. The additional scenes of the conventions were interesting. There were many highlight moments such as the line about writers going down with their ships I would not have included Dr Redden's comment about bronies being a reaction and retreat from post 9/11 worry. It is a very easy explanation so it may be the only thing that gets people to supposedly understand, but in my case at least it is not a retreat from anything. It is an advancing step made of my own free will. I know that if I had not have had the open mind I had during the first viewing I would not have continued life in the same way I have. Her stance seems to portray rightly or wrongly that bronies are incapable of facing reality and discredits the genuineness of their values. I just noticed Gummy is in a snowman in the background. Edit: Also really liked the animations especially Faust's bedroom one. Overall I think the documentary is excellent.
  8. I am interested in reading which TV shows are memorable for the first episode (or episodes if multi-parter) alone. Which shows had the strongest start? I have to say the miniseries and first episode of Battlestar Galactica were the best of the entire five seasons. There were so many characters to introduce but it never felt rushed or slow.
  9. Hat988

    Were you satisfied with King Sombra as the antagonist?

    He could have been replaced with a snowstorm or something natural. Not many complain about snowstorms having little character. It might have been a better choice for the writers.
  10. Has anyone seen Caprica or BSG? That would probably be one of the worst worlds to live on from what is seen in the shows. I'd like to live in Equestria because of the peace.
  11. Hat988

    [Spoiler] Crystal Empire Part 1!

    It seems like Twilight is learning to defend an empire so she can be ready to lead her own, presuming the alicorn Twilight poster wasn't a drawing mistake.
  12. Hat988

    Movies/TV What time is it? Adventure Time!

    I enjoy this show. It's not near my favourite shows but it's very funny at times. It has a style of storytelling that is aware of the common tropes and doesn't let convention get in the way of humour. Spoiler: for example, the bit where he stabs Marceline's demon dad while he is distracted making amends with his daughter. My favourite character by far is Lemongrab. I actually find there's a lot to like in him. He doesn't know how to deal with people but he persists. Despite all the pranks he keeps on running the castle (which he is rightfully entitled to in the episode).
  13. Hat988

    Soundtrack Petition Reboot on Change.org!

    Thanks for replying, just I have a 5.1 headset so it's kind of disappointing (but understandable) when I see so few 5.1 tracks for music then when they are available they are turned into stereo. I support the CD still.
  14. Hat988

    Soundtrack Petition Reboot on Change.org!

    Maybe I don't understand soundtracks, but why would they downgrade the audio for an audio-specific product? Referring to this: 5.1 surround that is heard in the final product of the episode, and another mix in stereo that sounds radically different and is meant to be used and heard only in case a soundtrack CD Does 5.1 not sound as nice using stereo headphones, and most people have stereo headphones?