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  1. I've used Firefox, Chrome, Opera ('vintage' and new), Waterfox, Vivaldi, Edge, and now I'm onto Brave browser. I quite like Brave and recommend it.
  2. Without thinking about it for long, to answer the question I would say envy. Envious people are responsible for a lot of held-back talent and bring down people who exceed them. However, removing envy also removes magnanimity. There would be no concept of it, but it also wouldn't be needed. I wonder if this applies globally. If you remove anger, forgiveness would go as well, but you would not need to forgive. Is the virtue worth keeping? It doesn't seem you would need it if the vice isn't there to necessitate the virtue. What if you removed the emotion sadness—the cost of doing so would be happiness. But you wouldn't need it.
  3. Sometimes I find myself posting on the MLPForums and--oh no.
  4. I would choose the dream. There are some other factors to consider though. The first is nightmare tolerance. Somehow I have grown almost immune to nightmares, partially because I can often sense that I'm in one and cannot be hurt by anything that happens. What is unknown is if there are levels of nightmares I could not learn to tolerate. The second question is lucid dreaming. If I could organise my dream-reality however I wanted with no deadline to wake up, that would have huge potential. The third is the question of the nature of awakeness. I generally experience dreams as more profound than waking life. It may be easier to learn in this state especially if one has control of the dream. If so, one might awake on a level above the regular waking state!
  5. I used to have a generic black plastic one but it was bulky and the phone doesn't scratch that easily anyway. So no case for a while but some of the pony (and other) designs are nice to look at.
  6. That's a good point--I should have included more history. It would be interesting to pre-empt Edison with some patents. I wonder how feasible it would be to carefully explain how something works without being accused of witchcraft. Or maybe even the leaders of the time would see a threat to their power in your technology and whisk you away in the night.
  7. If you could bring an item or specific knowledge that would have been completely foreign to the ancient world to it, what would it be? Would it make people treat you like a wizard? You also have the means to maintain and fabricate more (e.g. rubber tyres). I would bring a mountain bike.
  8. Spoilers I finally watched it today. The visuals were a beautiful upgrade and Equestria, especially in the opening shots, looked amazing. The characters were brought down to a simpler level so that the general audience could join in without knowing them from the series, but the attention to detail for the fans was entirely there. I was not convinced Twilight would say what she did after being booted out of the seapony domain; it seemed like it would make sense to a first time viewer but not in the context of what has happened so far in the series. Other movie sacrifices were made: no Starlight and Discord. Grubber was annoying but thankfully he wasn't around much. Another question I had was towards the pirates. They had just become pirates again then they said "prepare to be boarded" and just got boarded without a fight. Didn't seem legit. Despite some of the problems I had with the movie, overall I enjoyed it a lot and it didn't let me down being the first pony (non-human) movie. That was exciting by itself!
  9. It has happened twice. The first time was short and is not remembered but it primed me for the second time so I recognised what was happening. I didn't panic nor did I think I was supposed to. It was interesting to watch and be without bodily concerns for a short time. I waited until I could move again but I didn't force it. If I was okay like that for hours during sleep I could wait a few more minutes
  10. Since it is only for one day I would be something that would benefit my usual self. An example of a physical transfer would be by becoming someone very rich and sending my usual self a portion. But I would choose to be whoever I think is the most mature in their intelligence and bring what I saw in that mind to my usual one.
  11. Ip Man movies were great. I recommend them.
  12. Is anybody able to identify the song in the video? It can be heard at 20m 48s: https://youtu.be/GJpUKJ6xJ54?t=20m48s Have a picture for your time.
  13. You are welcome I know at least in Word (does that come on iPad?) if you disable automatically adding spaces between paragraphs it can copy easier onto Fimfiction.
  14. This one is hard to read because it is without paragraphs so I’ll review it from the link (so if there are any differences between here and there you won’t be confused). It makes it easier again to read if you use a new line for each time a character uses dialogue. For example: Squarked Twilight. You invented a new word! But I don’t know if it’s a squawk or a yell or something so I cannot imagine very well what Twilight is doing here. Rainbow Dash then ‘moaned’, ‘frowned’, then Twilight ‘yelped’ and so on. Almost all of the time, it is much better to write ‘said’, using these adverbs very rarely (for effect). The objective is to convey enough information in the dialogue itself and context in which it is spoken so that the reader does not need to be told ‘she yelped’. ‘Said’ is quicker to read; the line is registered almost automatically, but if you put something else there whoever is reading will have to correct himself (e.g. already imagined Twilight said it hurriedly, but then has to change his memory so she also yelped while saying it). There is also a large amount of dialogue making the story read almost like a transcript. Try first to describe what the characters are doing without using any dialogue at all. How much can you show without saying it explicitly? Twilight might be pulling books out of her spell practicing shelf and getting flustered. It would be pretty obvious then she cannot find what she is looking for. This gives the reader something more to be interested in. Rather than being told outright, reader can exercise his own intelligence to guess (your description can make sure he guesses well) and if he thinks he knows what is happening, you can then say in dialogue a surprise like: Chapter 1 is lot more interesting (not saying prologue is bad) because you are describing what Rainbow is going through instead of simply saying “I’m confused”. There is more to be curious about as well, especially the ending. There is also escalation. Rainbow is doing what seems to be fairly reasonable and it still gets worse for her. There is a significant amount of change from the start of the chapter to its finish. But the start of chapter 2 makes it feel like there was not much progression at all. It is much too similar to the start of chapter 1; waking up with a bad headache. It is like all of chapter 1 was merely to get Rainbow to understand something then start again. She is also giving up too easily (going back to sleep). She has just discovered a new world. Shouldn’t there be more moving around/discovery/adventure? At least for a bit. You can use that opportunity to explore settings that you might want to use later in the story so the reader is already familiar with them by the time you really use them. Even though she was just run over this can still happen. Maybe there could be symbolic dreams, mingled with what is actually happening around her bed. The chapter gets better quickly though, just the start is the problem. What if there were more of the aliens? What if? It’s not even clear if they’re a threat yet. Would Rainbow say ‘blimey’? Easy to fix stuff: Practise - > Practice “You sure could use one..” -> “You sure could use one…” “Hey, I found your-“ -> “Hey, I found your—“ (em dashes are used for interruptions, alt+0151 on numpad is the hotkey). This applies to other bits in your story but I haven’t listed them. Put space before ( I only read up to chapter 3 but I think you are doing really well with a story that can be interesting in many ways! I hope what I have said helps.