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  1. Discord has more features, but not all additions are for the overall better. While Discord records more of the history, I always liked the live join-in aspect of IRC. Chats are more ephemeral which better mimics traditional conversation. It creates the experience of being there rather than merely being online. Discord feels more like a noticeboard. I also liked the simplicity of IRC's interface. You can run it on any pretty much any computer or phone with negligible CPU and network load. Using a web embed or a heavily customised client was up to you. Discord is heavy and cluttered fo
  2. Civilization 5 and Skyrim. There were highly enjoyable but I played them so much there is nothing left that interests me. In Skyrim I did every quest with my favourite mod setup in one massive game. Nothing left to do! It doesn't help that reinstalling Skyrim with the exact same mods in their uncrashing configuration is an adventure of its own. I also liked Company of Heroes 2 for a long time, but the patches got really bad with major changes and imbalances. Now the 'community' is patching it which has even worse results.
  3. I have been using Pale Moon and Iridium browsers. Nothing is lacking in these except for web-browser Zoom functionality. Pale Moon has a handy extension that vanishes in-page pop-ups and overlays, but the browser slows down on some sites. Iridium is the more versatile. I recommend them both.
  4. I've used Firefox, Chrome, Opera ('vintage' and new), Waterfox, Vivaldi, Edge, and now I'm onto Brave browser. I quite like Brave and recommend it.
  5. Without thinking about it for long, to answer the question I would say envy. Envious people are responsible for a lot of held-back talent and bring down people who exceed them. However, removing envy also removes magnanimity. There would be no concept of it, but it also wouldn't be needed. I wonder if this applies globally. If you remove anger, forgiveness would go as well, but you would not need to forgive. Is the virtue worth keeping? It doesn't seem you would need it if the vice isn't there to necessitate the virtue. What if you removed the emotion sadness—the cost of doing so would be happ
  6. Sometimes I find myself posting on the MLPForums and--oh no.
  7. I would choose the dream. There are some other factors to consider though. The first is nightmare tolerance. Somehow I have grown almost immune to nightmares, partially because I can often sense that I'm in one and cannot be hurt by anything that happens. What is unknown is if there are levels of nightmares I could not learn to tolerate. The second question is lucid dreaming. If I could organise my dream-reality however I wanted with no deadline to wake up, that would have huge potential. The third is the question of the nature of awakeness. I generally experience dreams as more profound than
  8. I used to have a generic black plastic one but it was bulky and the phone doesn't scratch that easily anyway. So no case for a while but some of the pony (and other) designs are nice to look at.
  9. That's a good point--I should have included more history. It would be interesting to pre-empt Edison with some patents. I wonder how feasible it would be to carefully explain how something works without being accused of witchcraft. Or maybe even the leaders of the time would see a threat to their power in your technology and whisk you away in the night.
  10. If you could bring an item or specific knowledge that would have been completely foreign to the ancient world to it, what would it be? Would it make people treat you like a wizard? You also have the means to maintain and fabricate more (e.g. rubber tyres). I would bring a mountain bike.
  11. Spoilers I finally watched it today. The visuals were a beautiful upgrade and Equestria, especially in the opening shots, looked amazing. The characters were brought down to a simpler level so that the general audience could join in without knowing them from the series, but the attention to detail for the fans was entirely there. I was not convinced Twilight would say what she did after being booted out of the seapony domain; it seemed like it would make sense to a first time viewer but not in the context of what has happened so far in the series. Other movie sacrifices were made: no Star
  12. It has happened twice. The first time was short and is not remembered but it primed me for the second time so I recognised what was happening. I didn't panic nor did I think I was supposed to. It was interesting to watch and be without bodily concerns for a short time. I waited until I could move again but I didn't force it. If I was okay like that for hours during sleep I could wait a few more minutes
  13. Since it is only for one day I would be something that would benefit my usual self. An example of a physical transfer would be by becoming someone very rich and sending my usual self a portion. But I would choose to be whoever I think is the most mature in their intelligence and bring what I saw in that mind to my usual one.
  14. Ip Man movies were great. I recommend them.
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