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  1. Soo, are any of those mlp parody series on youtube worth watching? a friend showed me .mov and with my mind i liked it. thanks for you help
  2. so out of everyone in the show, (preferably mane 6, but dosen't have to be) has the overall best or worst personalities? lets do our best to not start a war
  3. Is it me or does RB seems less cocky now? im saying this after the way she took care of scoots where they went camping. feel free to support or prove wrong
  4. looks like someone hasn't tried a caramel frappe at mickey d's! just give it a shot, mucj better than regular coffee, i promise!!!
  5. Good stuff. I'm curious how you made it on a show. I sent a submission to monstercat, but haven't hear'd back. One of my tracks just made it on i Tunes. Congrats to you!
  6. bloody nora, 44 minutes!? i spend an average of 10 hours per track. i wish you luck on your tunes. pm me with any questions you have.
  7. Not bad, but maybe you could use a little more mixing and mastering on that unamed song. I liked Qucksiver, that was your best. I think you need to stick to EDM song structure (on the trance one, there were no defined build ups or break downs) a little more. Don't take it the wrong way i want to help you improve. Feel free to pm me
  8. Since it almost the 21st, i found this appropriate to ask. NOT LOADOUTS, jusr what you would wear in such a situation. Since i happen to be a dj, i found this fitting (if you understand it) just need a machete, medic gun and some technics!
  9. I haven't gone on steam in quite a while but sonce im less bust anyone wanna play either of those games? just pm me your name or something
  10. I tend to wear a lot of vans, DC,Etnies etc. Guess I'm trouble. Stereotyping of how i dress, not everyone is that way. then again, im kind of one of those trouble makers
  11. Makes sense to me. lower it, new rims. Cant put alot of hp in a civic without lots of money, anyway. Thanks for the help. P.S. love your sig
  12. I like to listen/write music, mostly house/dubstep/trance blah bhah blah. I just wanna hear some stuff you guys write, i got nothing better to do today.
  13. I am a fan of muscle/imports but since this is gonna be my first car a 67 stang is out of the question insurance wise so what about something like this: Right now I have the ability to pick uo a 97' civic real cheap and was thinking of something like that or lime green with black rims. Anyother suggestion (rice burner of other) appreciated
  14. wow. havent logged in like 3 months

  15. A Deadmau5 head with an Equalizer shirt that lights up with noise/music. I'll toss my cans around my neck. Go on youtube, they'res tuts on there to do it for like $25
  16. The closest I am to playing an instrument is a keyboard to write stuff on FL Studio. I don't consider my DJing an instrument. IS MAYONNAISE AN INSTRUMENT!?
  17. K so I've been writing electronic music for a while and I think I'm at the point where can promote some of my stuff. But I don't know the first thing on how to start. Would it be easier to build a bigger following first, or what? If you can lead me me somewhere to help that be fantastic. (: THX
  18. Soo... I just finished a new track just yester day and I decided to post it here for all to hear. Just wanted to hear what you think of it. Thanks you If you have a soundcloud I'l follow you! (: http://soundcloud.com/deathbycake74/alive-and-kicking
  19. Just curious if anyone does either. Been melbourne shuffling for 3 months, jumping for 1. If I have the time I'll post videos of my (suck)sess thus far.
  20. Both. I shuffle and Jump. It all personal preference, they both beat krumo by far. If I were to come toa conclusion the world would implode. Mwaha!
  21. What's your preference? To me, vynil just has that "magic" to it and it makes you loo %20 cooler compared to digital. Digital's hella cheap, easy to pick up, and on some programs your playlist is umlimited because your able to search for a song on the web incase you don't have it. Conclusion: learn both, but digital first.
  22. This thread seems dead but what the hell. May as well try. Been shuffling for about 3 months or so. Also learning hardjump. So.... whateva.
  23. If we're gay for watching MLP they're tan douchebags for watching Jersey Shore, or pregnant for watching Teen Mom. Just sayin'.
  24. The Dirty Workz,we don't care about a thing, the Dirty Works, it's the music we bring!

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