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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Happy Birthday!!!


  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

  4. My top 3 tied pony songs are Better Than Ever, Shine Like Rainbows, and We'll Make Our Mark. But if I had to pick just one, it would probably be Rainbows. Like you say, it has a deep feeling that I think represents the true magic of friendship and the spirit of the brony fandom, which I hope new people in the far future will still be able to feel by listening to it. The other one like it is Smile.
  5. That was pretty awesome. Love that they brought Trixie back again. Twilight's tolerance at being rejected was admirable I hope we see her around more often in season 7, creating friction between Twilight and Starlight, but ultimately getting along since she finally beat Twilight at something (and it's friendship!) Starlight's fear of social situations is very relatable to me. Go through all sorts of mental simulations worrying about what will happen, then decide you're being ridiculous and go to the event, and then it really does go badly but in a way you didn't plan for. Discord was great in this episode as well. The bug jokes were highly amusing, and the room of Fluttershys was more irresistible than succubi. It's great to look back on what he was in season 2, and see that he's grown to be one of the heroes now The ending felt rather abrupt, but I can think of a few explanations. 1. No changeling ever tried giving love before because Chrysalis was mind controlling them to her way of thinking. 2. The love nuke that Chrysalis sucked out of Thorax, plus ponies giving speeches, provided them with some love that they could give back. 3. As soon as Thorax made his transformation, he gained an equal amount of influence over the hive mind to counter Chrysalis, and that gave the others the opportunity to think and feel differently. I hope we get one more non-finale Chrysalis episode, where she's built a new small hive and makes one last failed attempt at love-stealing. I think that could finally break her down and give her a heartwarming, non-rushed redemption. I feel sorry for Celestia. She's really living up to her title of princess, getting captured and rescued every season. Must have Celestia-centered episode next season! I've been waiting for years and it still hasn't happened Oh, and Flurry Heart can stand up now! But Cadance was carrying her afterward, so she may not be able to walk yet.
  6. At long last we have Derp mail! Praise Celestia!
  7. Ever since Twilight's castle appeared, I've been puzzled by the fact that it's covered in 8 pointed stars, while Twilight's cutie mark is all 6 pointed. The mystery box had 8 points, despite being 6 sided, which looks a bit odd. And the castle has 8 points on top, as well as on the floor before the map appeared. But while watching Every Little Thing She Does, I noticed Starlight Glimmer's shield has an 8 pointed star. And in fact her cutie mark does as well. So does this mean that the castle is destined to belong to Starlight in the end?
  8. I do miss them. It's strange because I don't actually like them that much, but it just adds an element of fun to the show that seems like it's been missing lately. I wouldn't want to sacrifice any full length songs in exchange for them, but why can't we have both?
  9. Finally got around to watching this episode, and I loved it! I wasn't really expecting much since I don't usually like Las Vegas style, but that was a fun story. Flam's "how dare you" reminded me of this funny skit from Conan O'Brien back in the day (jump to 45 seconds if you don't want to watch the whole thing) And I loved Fluttershy's description of Gladmane's crime: "It's just mean!" If only real life were that straightforward It was nice to see Flim and Flam again, and not being antagonists this time. It was a wise choice for Applejack and Fluttershy to recruit them rather than trying to trick a confession out of Gladmane themselves. Their scheme was great, and Gladmane was totally right to be worried that they'd end up running the place if they worked together. But it's kind of funny that Applejack and Fluttershy just left them to it, since they might end up being just as bad as Gladmane was. I hope we get to see the real Impossibly Rich in a future episode. She seems like a character with potential, since she can push around Diamond Tiara's parents. And with Diamond trying to be nice now, there's plenty of potential drama there to work with.
  10. Yay. I was afraid 6 was going to be the last, followed by the movie, but glad to hear that they're still going. They better do a Celestia episode this time. I've been waiting for it since the beginning.
  11. Today's episode and movie were both great, so watch 'em
  12. That was highly amusing Especially Applejack's interpretation of Rarity, saying "darling" every other word. But Rarity had the best line: "The boat sank, obviously." The deadpan delivery was just perfect Pirate Applejack was great too. I love the bunyip. Such a random answer to the whole thing, there's no real mystery solving aspect to the episode, but it was funny. I wonder if the crab in Rarity's hair was a reference to the "Rarity fighting a giant crab" meme. I think this episode is going to have high rewatch value in the long run. It's just plain enjoyable.
  13. This. Also, I'm not sure if this is true but I've heard that it had something to do with legal issues. Either someone else had copyrighted the name Princess Cadence or they couldn't copyright it because it's a regular word. Since she does have a full name, I think all spellings of shortened versions are technically valid. Maybe Cadance is her personally preferred short name spelling, even though it doesn't make logical sense?
  14. Yeah, the final cart was a phoenix, but she did try to put a chicken head on Dash's fast cart, was was almost certainly a reference to the meme (which was spawned by Stare Master when Apple Bloom calls her a chicken)
  15. Yeah, it was just kind of frustrating the whole time. If the sisters were going to actually steal the show, they should have succeeded and then felt guilty about it. Seeing them fail was no fun. And the "responsible adult" roles at the end were no fun either. Of course adults should still want to race carts! And if the sisters had listened sooner, then they could have switched partners so they could actually work as teams. Would have been cool to have some bonding time between different pairs than usual. Yes it's better for adults to give up their fun in favor of the kids rather than taking it all for themselves, but it's better still to manipulate the situation to where everypony is doing what they really want to do. And then there's Derpy... why why why not have her work with Dinky? I would have been so happy Rarity's swan cart was the best part of the episode.