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Would it make sense for Hasbro to promote Equestria Girls with pony forms


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Pones in their pony forms, rather than ...humanoid...? I think it'd be cute if they did, just having ponies as ponies, wearing the clothes they'd be wearing in EQD. And we did see ponies in their natural state, last movie, before Twilight jumped through the mirror, and the humanoid worlds was focused on.


I dunno. I just really want Aria Dusk and Sonata Blaze ponies (as Funko figures), since they were seen pony-fied on the box their EQG dolls came in. I don't see why Hasbro can't promote the dolls and the Ponies dressed like the dolls. Think this would appeal to the Bronies who are in it for the ponies, more, rather than for their human forms?

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Even still, I think the movie would have much better reception if it was all in Pony-form to begin with. 

I'm not as keen on EQG myself, and a lot of other people aren't either so I would definitely say this could have more of an appeal.


I don't think I've seen many ponies with clothes other than Sapphire Shores or Photo Finish from the top of my head.

It'd be pretty interesting that's for sure! Maybe more people would buy them?

Well.. but then again, this isn't the "target demographic" so I'm sure they're actually marketing them pretty well. That's not to say I wouldn't like to see that kind of thing happen in the future though!

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