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What would dictators think of MLP and bronies?

chirox the pony

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More fuel for the gulags.

I mean really, all it is, is being a fan of a cartoon. I'm sure Stalin would get his gulags up and running because people in his country now enjoy captialist morals and media, but other than more fuel for the death camps we would not be treated any different.

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I think that this could go both ways.


Either the freak (I think all dictators are freaks) enshrines the cartoon and makes watching it mandatory or label all bronies gay and unnatural (or some BS like that) and gets them arrested.


That if it even becomes noticed as something worthy of attention.

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I do not think that 'Bronies' would be of any significance to a dictator. It's just a small group of fans who watch a cartoon show.

This right here. 


Dictators are weirdos, so that is a reason for them to round 'em up and do things to bronies.

I highly doubt any dictator would be that weird. 

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Obviously said dictator would be unexpectedly and tremendously moved by the sight of talking animated ponies, and he would immediately question and change his views on everything.  Possibly going so far as to abandon his dictatorship altogether in order to fully devote the remainder of his life to watching ponies and accumulating merch.

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