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Hey guys. 


I was looking to ask a simple question to the people here. 


Its about being a brony, and do think before saying.


Do you think that its the mystery and the excitement for simple things is what is a driving force behind being a brony?


Case in point:


Some people, after trying their utmost best diving into the fandom and figuring out everything eventually lost their taste and become retracted again.


Whereas, some people who are still waiting for that opportunity to talk to that brony they see on the train every week have some sense of excitement. 


What do you guys think?

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I think this is definitely A driving force for some if not most bronies. I'm sure it varies person to person. But I'm certain there must be some amount of excitement that everyone gets out of it. It certainly is that way for me. I also noticed that since I've been on here, my enthusiasm has gone down (a little). So thanks MLP forums :P

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