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List Negative Qualities That You Have

Midnight Gaze

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No, seriously. People seem to know many of their positive qualities, but only a few negative ones(or is that just me?).


Oh, and try not to bash yourself. There's a difference between listing negative traits about yourself and flat-out hating on yourself, okay? :)



1: I'm too judgemental and critical of others, especially for someone who hates it when people gossip, say rude things, or think any mean things in general about others. Y'know, because I'm the nicest person in the world and everyone else are just jerks who are out to hurt people's feelings. Which leads me to my second one...


2: Sometimes, I'm a hypocrite. I'll harshly judge someone for, let's say, being too harsh or blunt, then respond back to them with a ill-intentioned blunt statement.


3: I get insulted/offended/saddened easily by other people. To outsiders, I appear to have no strong beliefs, because I fear I'll be criticized for them. Though, this one's less of a negative quality and more of a personal problem.

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  1. I can be blunt and abrupt

There are times where I have little patience

I can get carried away with things

I've been known to trust too easily

I let my guard down too easily

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1) I have a near-uncontrolable rage if I suffer injustice of any kind, be it unprovoked attack or infliction of pain, or someone being a complete ass.


2) I have little patience when people fuck things up, especially if it's not the first time.


That's all I can think of for now.

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1. I'm maybe too sensitive: I have picked up a huge pet peeve of swearing, and I really dislike it. I know it happens all around me, and I can get paranoid because of it.

2. I rush things: If there's time I won't, I'll be flat out lazy, then when time is up I make piece of junk to hand in relating to school, or go past whatever time limit is set.

I'm sure I have more, but those two are my main things I might have a problem with.

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  1. I'm kinda a pushover, I really hate confrontation (when someone starts treating me like total shit and I'm left in a tight spot, I may react slower than I should to defend myself aka agressive group bullying)

It's really a chore now to get myself to get anything rather time consuming done and accomplished to the level of my liking

I am a bit quick to judge, I am more of a perciever than a doer. It's not nessicarily negative things, but I always have clear descriptions of others I remember in my head

I tend to get anxious with performing things around others- at lot.

I feel so different from most other groups I associate with I get really paranoid about expressing myself, perhaps too much so

I have multiple facades, I hardly really ever show my true self- only with a few selected people

I tend to procrastiante

My appearance to others more often than not says "sensitive and weak" all over it

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I am arrogant. Really arrogant.

I'm lazy.

I swear far too much in public (and really enjoy doing it, strangely.)

I dress strangely compared to my friends.

I'm a prolific liar, cad, cheat,and rogue, but I think I'd make a great politician.


There are many more.

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- Probably sensitive more then I'd like, I mean like when there is a confrontation I just don't want any part of it.


- Social anxiety.


- A bit lazy, when it comes to work.

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1: I smoke like a freight train.

2: I swear like a pirate.

3: I tend to distrust everybody and everything.

4: I'm Paranoid to the point where I always carry a weapon.

5: My temper is legendary.

6: I'm very very hostile.

7: I'm an asshole who thinks things are funny that shouldn't be funny.

8: I watch My Little Pony and I am married.

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1. I'm easily depressed.


2. I have horrible anger issues.


3. I have self hate issues.


4. I have a very demented mind.


5. I fall in love way too easily.


6. I don't believe in true love.


7. I'm easily offended.


8. I'm very, very, very stubborn.


9. I'm extremely dirty minded and perverted.


10. I'm really lazy.


11. I'm clumsy.


12. I have no talents.


There are probably many, many more, but please refer to quality 10 if your curious why I won't bother to list more, atm.

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  1. I live in my own little planet. I like it.
  2. I have a hard time paying attention if i don't care. I procrastinate a lot because of that.
  3. I trust people too easily. I stop trusting them just easily too.
  4. Sometimes I speak before thinking (Otherwise i overthink and don't say anything). Sometimes people don't get what I'm saying or get offended because of that.
  5. My mood changes really fast.
  6. I always have to be right.
  7. I don't like to admit this, but i'm a little narcissistic.
  8. I lose and regain my confidence easily.
  9. I'm indecisive.
  10. I'm clumsy.

That's enough for now  :)

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  1. I let people get under my skin and bother me too easily, and I take everything personally

I worry too much (cause that's how having Anxiety works)

I have trouble motivating myself to do things (cause that's how depression works)

I'm not good at advocating for my needs or feelings

I will inevitably shoot myself in the foot in nearly all situations that involve attractive people reciprocating my romantic feelings

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1. I'm a serious pushover. I rarely stand up for myself or what I want and am too easily intimidated by other people.


2. In general, I'm very bad in social situations, especially if I don't know the person/people very well.


3. I can't find energy for a lot of things. Basically I love doing nothing.


4. I really try not to be, but at times I can't help but be jealous of people, especially of their relations with others.


5. There are a lot of things I should know how to do which I don't.


It actually felt good to type this out :)

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  • I'm extremely introverted to the point where talking to parents even feels awkward and uncomfortable
  • I seem to live in my own world
  • I'm extremely paranoid and I assume everyone is talking behind my back / assume everyone is out to get me, even people I don't know
  • If I don't have an interest in a responsibility, then it'd never get done, such as a math subject in school
  • Whenever I fail at something I completely shut down
  • I lack energy almost completely and don't feel like doing anything other than sleep now
  • I get too attached to people
  • I have bad self-image and will panic if people don't like how i look
  • Easily offended
  • I shop like crazy when I feel sad, which is so much holy shit so much wasted money
  • I live in the past
  • I have an extremely high fear of being yelled at

I have more but I'll stop now.

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1. Social anxiety, I am very shy and introverted and have terrible social skills.

2. Too depressed

3. Too negative

5. Constantly putting up facades

6. Very insecure, I have no self-worth

7. I let people walk all over me

8. Too sensitive and emotional

9. I have high anxiety and worry about everything

10. I procrastinate a lot

11. Never have motivation to get things done

12. I have trust issues and don't believe in things like love

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I know more negative qualities about myself than positive. I actually can't think of anything good to say about myself most of the time.


1. I have anxiety about everything, germs, people, school, money, driving, you name it I worry about it. I worry about the future, about minor things that no one would every worry about like stopping at a red light, and I worry about the past. I got the worry issues. I also have ocd so I do rituals in sets of 3's and 5's. 


2. I always fear being a failure.


3. My body is lopsided. 


4. I don't like being hugged, being touched by friends/strangers/acquaintances makes me nauseous especially when it's around my legs, stomach, and arms.. 

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My good qualities:


  • I'm friendly
  • Cheerful and Mellow
  • Can make others laugh
  • Try to help others if i can
  • Good Humor


My bad qualities:


  • I tend to stick my nose in other people's business(if i feel i have to)
  • I'm autistic(not sure it that counts)
  • I say some bad things about a game to just to get the reactions(just to study what ticks people off)
  • Curse in Video games
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Holy crap, where do I start?


- I have very bad temper, if I get pissed off enough, I start punching things and swearing a lot.

- I also have some road rage

- People here may find me too judgmental for this, but I'm not going to be around certain people if I think they're embarrassing to be around (although that hasn't happened but once or twice).

- I can be a very callous asshole, but I've the restraint to never actually say anything very hurtful, even though I really wanted to.  Although I do mock my co-workers frequently every day, but everyone there does that. I am one of the worst though.

- I guess I have a pretty thin skin when it comes to certain things, but I've learned when to hold my tongue, which is basically all of the time.

- Also, and this is one I'm starting to remedy, I don't have a life. Big surprise.


I know there's more, but this is what stands out for me at the moment.

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1. I overthink stuff too often, and end up making the wrong decisions

2. I'm extremely arrogant, and I try to impress people too hard when I first meet them. 

3. I'm a little too sensitive.

Ex. When someone mentions me to put a shirt on because they don't work out like I do, or trash talk me just because my eyes are different, I get a little depressed and want to be alone.


4. ANGER ISSUES. I really x1million hate my anger issues. They were so bad I nearly broke my mom's arm, fought my dad, punched a hole a few inches deep in the basement wall, punched glass even though my hand got all bloody. I had to go to therapy..... I'm controlling it better nowadays though :(

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I am immensely forgetful, especially if currently occupied. Seriously, I've forgotten my name and date of birth on occasion. I don't always come off as the friendliest sort, which personally, I don't mind.

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What I noticed


-I talk alot about random stuff


-I am waaaaaaay to aggressive


-I know way too much for my age and I freak people out with that


-somehow my grades go to crap towards the end of q3 of every year I ever went to school and I hafta fix em


-Im way to blunt

And finally

-Im super lazy

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Also, I'm blunt to the point where political correctness is a swear word when used to me.

I will also tell anyone what's on my mind, regardless of approriate or not.

I talk a lot.

I don't have a rational sense of fear. (My only weakness is spiders)

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