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List Negative Qualities That You Have

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~ I often don't know what to say or do in social situations, and likely end up doing nothing due to my paranoia I'd make things bad/worse.


~ Empathy doesn't come very easily to me, so when I'm hearing about a tragedy out there in the world, I don't really feel anything. I wish I could get sad and cry and so on, but my mind won't let me. Happiness, too, is something that I don't often get from where I would like and am expected to get it from, so lots of what I say has to be faked or I would have nothing to say since I have nothing in feelings. 


~ On the other hand, I'm stupidly sensitive when someone gets angry or sad or disappointed because of me...  


~ I can feel very insane and perhaps merciless with people I see as bad and hopeless, to the point where I once stood behind my front door with a knife, waiting for my father to get back after he was rude to my mother once again.


I've run out of qualities, somehow. ._. Either I'm more forgetful than I thought, or I'm actually making a few improvements here... :ooh:

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1) I cannot connect to anyone on an emotional level, simply, I lack any sort of empathy. This doesn't mean I don't have emotions, just, if you need someone to comfort you, I am not your man. I will stand there and stare at you blankly. Most of my "emotional responses" to things that I would need to understand how they are feeling are copied from various movies I've watched and by just watching people in general.


2) Sort of ties in with 1, I only look at the world with rational eyes and mind. I find emotions irrational and I can't understand them so when I am forced to figure them out, they annoy me. I demand evidence for practically any bold claim and I expect nothing less of a peer reviewed journal, which I will read with great scrutiny. I firmly accept the objective and I play around with subjective ideas for fun.


3) Sort of ties in with 2. I am exceptionally stubborn and a ruthless debater. A few years ago I dabbled with psychology and learned how to play those who I was debating to get angry at me and lose their cool resulting in my victory. Before that, I was more subtle with my attacks and focused more on finding ways of making you contradict yourself. Now, I am far more plain. I provide peer reviewed journals to support my ideas and I wait for a counter journal to be given to me.


4) I'm hyper critical of myself in everything that I do. I will also downplay any of my achievements. Given my relatively lengthy detailed memory, I tend to replay the mistakes I've made in my life over and over again to remind myself to never do it again. It's a bit tormenting and makes sitting alone in a quiet room with just my thoughts a bit of a downer, but it goes away.


5) I'm long-winded. Most replies that I give on any forum tend to be relatively long usually because I explain everything and I have complicated opinions on subjects. I call it worthwhile posts, but I'm just long-winded.


6) I can't stand willfully ignorant people. It bothers me to no end that people just believe a picture of some famous person with some text on it and think that they said it. They do zero research into it. They just instantly believe it. The same goes with articles and blog posts. Like, if it was written on the Internet, then it must be true.


7) I get unmotivated quite easily. Despite this, I tend to not stop once I get started on a large project.


8) I'm always tired. It doesn't matter how much I sleep, I'll be tired throughout the day. This is mostly due to my bad sleeping habits.


9) I suffer from a relatively severe degree of social anxiety. It has actually become so bad that I had to go to the doctor's office to get medication so that I could talk to people. I'm fine with people I already know, but talking to people of authority or someone I don't know is a task that I have to push myself into it.


10) I do have a temper though it is rarely seen. It only surfaces if just the right amount of events have gone wrong and I didn't sleep well (since I sleep so badly anyway). I am not pleasant when it snaps. I'm not physical in any respect. I would never hit anyone when I get mad. I instead go to somewhere a bit more damaging. I attack you mentally. I can say that when I snapped at my brother he hated me for 3 weeks and was depressed. I talked to him about it recently and he said that there was never a moment in his life where he wanted to punch me in the face more than that night. After that night, I wanted to do the same to myself after I replayed it in my head. We are all good now, no worries. It was years ago.

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  • I can be too blunt. To me I've never understood when to tell a white lie, so as a result I tell people like it is rather than telling something that didn't even happen.

I can be sarcastic, and not in the humorous way. Sometimes it can be borderline offensive too. This ties in with how I can be blunt, as I would rather be truly honest.

I worry too much about consequences and the future. Sometimes I even worry about things that won't happen in a very long time, such as evacuating Earth due to a meteor or death.

I'm oversensitive. For me it isn't easy to not hide them as a fair amount of things affect me negatively.

I tend to underestimate my own abilities. Unlike the other flaws above this isn't that bad as I'm no pushover, but when I start to doubt myself it tends to punch a hole in my self-esteem. Some examples include doubting my ability to get better at art, getting worried about my well-being and thinking if I'm a dim-witted person or not.

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My list of bad qualities:

  • I am too shy, I'm scared to ask strangers for help
  • I am a perfectionist, I take too much time for everything cause I want everything to be perfect
  • I can be very dreamy, so I can't concentrate
  • I am oblivious, I forget a lot of things
  • I never think what's best for myself, I always adjust myself to other people
  • I always think I can do better, I never think I'm good at anything

That's about it.... 

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Oh, and try not to bash yourself. There's a difference between listing negative traits about yourself and flat-out hating on yourself, okay? :)

I'll try, but I'm not making any promises.


1.)  Social anxiety

2.)  Depression

3.)  Worrying too much about what others think of me

4.)  Low self-esteem and confidence

5.)  Deadbeat

6.)  Tendency to not forgive myself for mistakes

7.)  I get depressed and upset for days when hear or read about something hateful or evil.

8.)  Self-hate issues

9.)  I can sometimes be impatient with my parents

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Hmm....Let's see here....


Good: I am a good listener, plus I can be quite friendly if I get to know someone. I try to constantly keep others happy no matter what I feel. I encourage, enlighten, and very rarely ask for much other than to help someone smile. I can also be very forgiving if the person is willing to better themselves. I also don't spread rumors, even if it's true.


Bad: (This is kinda long, so be forewarned)


+ I am just too shy to talk to others, even when they're being nice to me. In fact, in response I often ignore them and think that they're just trying to bully me.


+ I can be quite paranoid IRL, even when someone is clearly trying to be nice to me. I just think that everyone hates me, and they all want me to burn alive. Plus, I loathe counselors (they never helped me in the least, other than a way to get out of class for a few minutes and eat the snacks they serve).


+ I am uber lazy. Seriously, I am so lazy that no matter how much you bribe or threaten me I will NOT do it. That is, unless you threaten to smash my computer or turn it off 'cause then it's war.


+ I don't stand up for myself, much less other people. I'm just too scared of the attention....Plus, my paranoia makes me believe that they deserve whatever they're getting.


+ I hold in my feelings, which makes it worse when I explode at others for no apparent reason. And it's often the smallest things that set me off....Then I just cry 'cause I know that I hurt someone and they think I'm a spoiled brat who shouldn't be crying over something 'insignificant'. Then I just feel like crap because no one understands what I go through on a daily basis due to my Severe Depression and such.

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  • I tend to be rather arrogant at times
  • I'm very lazy and procrastinate a lot
  • I am a huge control freak and perfectionist
  • I have very little patience
  • I am quite judgemental
  • I have an insensitive sense of humour
  • And I lack empathy

Well this is quite the list isn't it

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I'd say my less than stellar qualities are:

-Arrogance (Yes, sometimes i think myself better than others)

-Temper (I've got a short fuse and i tend to act on impulse when pressured)



-Paranoia (I tend to grow suspicious of everyone and everything, it's hard for me to build trust towards others).

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1) I'm short tempered

2) regularly have aggressive mood swings

3) Can be very violent under certain situations

4) Lazy

5)Can be very rude when in a temper

6) Impatient

7) I tend to interupt people mid conversation

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Hmm, I'll give this a shot:


1. I have two extremes to my self-view, I'm always either superior or inferior to everyone else. I can't really fathom myself as a "normal person" because in my mind a normal person hates cars for their pollutants and see bronies as a negative trend. I spend a lot of time feeling like everyone else around me is an unenlightened idiot, which isn't healthy.


2. I have precisely 0 hoots to give about anything that isn't four-wheeled or a pony. That's a problem in college.


3. I can stereotype at times, and it tends to be negative stereotypes I grasp onto.


4. I've recently picked up a terrible habit of cursing in my head, which I need to moderate before it starts to actually come out of my mouth.


5. I kind of lied about being on this site to begin with. I told my aunt I'd never join an MLP forum because she saw it as too obsessive or something, IDK.


Just remember every pony, you are absolutely wonderful just the way you are now :). We're only listing our faults to improve ourselves and to help others get a better picture of who we are, not to put ourselves down ;)

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Let's see, I have a couple negative qualities myself.


  • I tend to be a bit cynical and pessimistic in general.
  • I also am a bit impatient and have a tendency to jump into other peoples' conversations.
  • I can be extremely lazy at times.
  • I feel that I forget way too much.
  • I'm also way too socially awkward, to the point I get scared of trying to say hello to people or say something I'd never say in the first place.
  • I feel sometimes asking for help will sometimes have repercussions, when in most cases, it doesn't.
  • I feel that sometimes I can be way too blunt and sarcastic. 
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- I Swear alot but i can keep it under control around some people. like teachers, bosses, anybody at work and yeah.


- If one person makes me anger i group tend to hate almost everyone around me becasue of that one person


-Even though people don't notice i tend to care to much about others and it always makes me  depressed


-I am very Negative


-I think i might have some sort of anxiety. but i'll check with my psychiatrist before saying i for sure do


- I am scared to hand in my work becasue my answers might be wrong or sound stupid but i am also scared of failure.


- some teachers scare me so i skip that class


-I am scared to make my grandpa angry.


- I always think the best i can do is never enough


- i gave up in school becasue i feel i can never actually make it.


- i gave up on my dreams becasue i gave up on school


-I seem to be slowly giving up on everything else too


-I am almost scared of everything and everyone


-People of the male gender scare me most of all but i don't know why


-i have lots of mood swings


-i hid my real emotions with anger or a smart @$$ attitude


- i can become violent when  i need to


- i am scared of my future and i old on to the bad memories of the past .


- I will always feel i am never good at anything even if everyone around me tells me i am


-it is easy to hurt me


- if i hurt someone else i becme depressed and never forget about it even if they have.


- If i fail at something I completely shut down


- i can sometimes judge some people who are to open about there religion


Hmmm so many negative things about me

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1. Sleep too much, if I get anything less than 9 hours, I drag all day

2. Lack of general cleanliness

3. I'm overweight but not so much so that I feel it's urgent that I lose weight

4. I smoke

5. Reluctant about following rules I disagree with or that I think are stupid/arbitrary

6. I have back pain issues 


Fortunately, I have far more positive qualities than negative ones.

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What I noticed

-I talk alot about random stuff

-I am waaaaaaay to aggressive

-I know way too much for my age and I freak people out with that

-somehow my grades go to crap towards the end of q3 of every year I ever went to school and I hafta fix em

-Im way to blunt

And finally

-Im super lazy

Me in a nutshell this year. I'm failing math and science, even thought I've never gotten closes to failing before. There's only 3 weeks left in school, and I can't even find the motivation to do my work right now. :/

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Me in a nutshell this year. I'm failing math and science, even thought I've never gotten closes to failing before. There's only 3 weeks left in school, and I can't even find the motivation to do my work right now. :/

Motivation. Simple do it because some letters arent gonna tell you how smart you are.

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I'm obsessive compulsive.  (Though Angelbabe has helped me more than a little with that.)

I'm agoraphobic.  (Ditto.)

I'm socially awkward.

I can be cynical.

I procrastinate.

I can be stubborn.

I'm mediocre at most everything. x )

I repeat myself.

I repeat myself.

I sometimes burn pancakes.

I make longer lists than probably necessary.

I repeat myself.

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I'm obsessive compulsive.  (Though Angelbabe has helped me more than a little with that.)

I'm agoraphobic.  (Ditto.)

I'm socially awkward.

I can be cynical.

I procrastinate.

I can be stubborn.

I'm mediocre at most everything. x )

I repeat myself.

I repeat myself.

I sometimes burn pancakes.

I make longer lists than probably necessary.

I repeat myself.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disordee as well.

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To quote avengers. "Volatile, self obsessed and don't play well with others."


seriously I have:


1 serious anger issues


2 I'm way too narcissistic and egotistic


3 I often don't play well in a team but sometimes I do it depends on how good the team is and if it's not a time bomb.


4 I don't trust people


5 I look at the worst of humanity


6 I can be an ass a lot of the time


There is a lot of faults with me but I like to think it's the faults that make me the good person I am. (Ironic and illogical I know.)


Good things


urgh I'm kind


I help people regardless of what it does to or for me


I got my friends back all the time


I don't trust people (I know I put this twice it's both a fault and good thing) meh that's it I think.

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1.  I lack motivation.  I am working on that right now though.


2.  I have anxiety, and tend to get really worried.  Last night, for example, I had such a hard time falling asleep because I was just laying in bed ruminating over things that were making me worry like crazy.


And too many more to count...

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1. Not in the best of shape but not huge

2. Quiet, tho at times I can be the funniest person to be around because I'm usally making up jokes or if I hear something I'll instantly make a funny response

3. I have a habit of saying all to truthfully 

4. I'm not the most funnest guy at times but I can be when I choose

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