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Your worst memories from your time as a noob


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So, back when you were a newbie at whatever social network you first showed up, what have been some of the lamest/worst memories you remember? When I was a noob myself I would often post whatever I wrote without respecting punctuation and would often suggest silly crossovers and nonsensical stories. Looking back, it makes me cringe like there's no tomorrow.

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Back in 2008, joined YouTube. OmG, my first channel was a disaster. That was around the time I would only subscribe to Webkinz players and Warrior cats animators.

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I honestly can't say I've had any bad or embarrassing experiences ^_^ The first time I used Facebook back in sixth grade was because my cousin practically forced me to make one, and I got the hang of it pretty quick, I didn't post any updates, I only used it to message my friends from school :)

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All of my tweets from months ago

And my posts from 4chan (I was trying to be cool and was using words I did not know there meaning from)

Yep makes me Cringe hard as hell


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Well, I cringe as a result of my own doing quite often, some of which has been rather recent. 

A few instances stand out, like when I tried to draw a pony for the first time, that sort of shit.

Not going to go into any of my early time in the fandom, it was ugh...

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back when I played Call of Duty Black ops I was that kid who had a K/D of .27..... I would die a shit-ton of times in a single game and only get a single kill.... but as time passed I got a lot better.... now I'm too good for Call of Duty.... I prefer Battlefield.... I only play it with my friends for zombies and the occasional search and destroy....



and there are plenty of times I can think of on the forums.... I'd rather not talk about

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Ha, ok! Insert DeviantArt. When I fist joined I posted a bunch of crap art. :blush:  I can say I improved. (I'm still not very popular :.\) As of recently I took a look around and their are people way worse than me. :sunny: By the looks of it, DeviantArt is going down hill fast. I'm this close |---| from just deleting my account.

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Oh boy...one of the first forums I joined was a Roleplaying site. This was were I learned that I suck at roleplaying when several other members outright mocked me. This is also where I posted something really stupid at 3am after having gotten little to no sleep, which is never a good idea. 

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Oh hell, you made me remember when I was bad, BAD at English..


Here's some examples.


I tried to make a tutorial for a game on a forum:



Reset Tool Help: Click a Reset Tool.. And Click a Left Mouse Button. Thanks
Drive Tool Help: Press a Y To Go... Press B To Go Backward... Press X To Stop.. Thanks
Thanks For Help!


Tutorial 2:




Reset Tool: Press Right or Left Mouse Button to Reset.
Drive Tool Help: Y = Forward. B = Backword. X = Stop.
Thanks. Try the tools. To know.


This is when I told my friend at the time I found titanic on the google Earth:


Omg8301! I founded RMS Titanic in Google Earth!


People were arguing because I put my TUTORIAL post in the roleplay forums, so this is what I told them:

Thread is good!


And this is what I told them a few days after:



Yeah, I was a total n00b.. I'll probably post some more stuff later, if I can find it..


Edit: MORE!


I don't know what happened here, but apparently this is a thing...


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I REPORTED YOU!!!!!!!!!!, OMG8301!!!
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Here's when I tried to bump a thread


Bump. Post here or else DINOSAUR WILL PWN YOU.


Oh and my old videos.. I'm not sure how my old Titanic movie made in 2010 got ~90k views over all 4 parts (including the trailer) >_>

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I'd say my worst moments came after I was really a newbie to foruming. Sure, I can go back and see my very first posts (well, some of them... Most forums from back then don't exist anymore, or if they do the posts are lost) and they're full of grammatical errors, but the worst came around the range of a year after I started foruming and the couple (maybe few) years past that.


It's all about just general immaturity. I was a very inexperienced teenager who thought she knew it all. xD It started all innocent, enough... I was just around to have fun, but before too long I guess you could say I grew too comfortable and started espousing my immature viewpoints on things all of the time, and was incredibly stubborn about it all even when like practically every member on the forum was against me. xD Drama, drama, drama. That's all I was about. Sadly, I can say this extended outward to IRL, as well. I had Xanga accounts back then with IRL friends and acquaintances, and um... Let me just say I'm glad that Xanga recently went through some kind of revision and now those blogs are lost forever.


Somewhere down the line I also became super-melodramatic and this is perhaps what I hate the most about me around that time... Because it was literally right after I left those communities where I learned very quickly what having a real problem in life was like. So I lament that I didn't spend my teen years being happy, because I had so much to be happy about... Happiness that is long lost. I look back at those times and can only feel incredible amounts of pain for my immature attitudes back then and how I wasted away the happy times by being overtly depressing about so little.

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Oh boy. I joined my first ever forum back in 2007 and....well, I was kind of a noob to the internet as well and lots of other things. I was reeeeeaaaaaaaally dumb on that website. They had a reputation system on there and within a couple of days I had around -13 reputation. Yeah, it was bad. However, that forum was probably one of the best things for me as well, as it introduced me to the world of forums and most social media, as well as motivated me to have proper grammar online, to not be such a dummy and I got waaaay better at typing. I ended up going from -13 rep to well over +30 or so over time. 


It is painful thinking back to my start on there, but it was necessary. Bad memories shifted into good memories, but the site is long gone now.

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I first showed up on Equestria Forums and had never been on an online forum before. I was really awkward and got offended very easily because I didn't know who and what to avoid. I eventually got better at posting and developed a thicker skin. I ended up coming here though because it's just a lot better. 

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Can't find anything worthwhile to say. I was never a dick to anyone, never insulted anyone, been on at least 10+ forums never got banned.

The only thing that I remember is that I made some useless topics.

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I'm more so embarrassed now at how savy I was with social media, but I grew up pre Facebook and then during the height of Facebook, but ppl were literally using Myspace when I was in middle school, I was a big time Myspace user until like my junior yr and then Facebook was so popular I had to have had one by then, I remember the "top friends" on Myspace though, the my media players, the html layouts.. Myspace was cool for a long time, it's the website that had all those classy photos of underage drinking lol... but yeah I got roped into Facebook, talking about it all now I'm semi nostalgic for vanilla Facebook and my junior year of highschool lol

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One of my first social media experiences was being part of a cringey animal roleplay site and acting edgy/emo to “fit in” during part of my teenage years. I pretended to love certain emo bands because that’s what the other users listened to. My parents actually found out and nearly had an aneurism while scrolling through all of the nihilistic things I posted. Talk about awkward. :ButtercupLaugh:

Many years later, I get a kick out of it. I especially get a chuckle thinking about the poorly-designed OCs I created back then. 


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When I knew nothing about Warrior Cats and I made Redd Symphony, he's a black and red cat, luckily he's not a villain! Also there was Corktail, who was a blue and purple cat with wings, I redesigned him! 

Past me: LOLOLOL Warrior cats go burrrrr! 

Me now: Yes Warrior Cats are the best OCs I ever made 


I make much better ones now, some examples are Song-Wind and Red-Breeze. Song-Wind is a black cat with a puff of white fur on her scruff and white freckles around her eyes, which are green, and Red-Breeze is a reddish brown tom cat with lighter green eyes than Song-Wind. Song-Wind is the daughter of TangleStar the leader of one of my made up clans known as WaveClan and Red-Breeze is her best friend. Song-Wind's mentor is one of my main Warriors, Kestrel-Blue, who was first known as Cobalt and then Blue-Step. 

Here's a bit of the story I'm developing called Song-Wind's Justice: 

Songpaw sat with her mentor, watching the leaves swirl about the ground. “Well Songpaw, it’s time we went back to the camp, your father will be furious if we don’t have you back at your den by moon high,” Kestrel-Blue sighed. 


Songpaw stood up and followed her mentor back to camp. “Ah yes, hello Kestrel-Blue! I see you have returned Songpaw to me!” TangleStar said. He didn’t loom as far above Kestrel-Blue as he used to, since Kestrel-Blue had grown after this while. 


“See you tomorrow, Songpaw!” Kestrel-Blue called after the black kitten. She turned around proudly stood up and smiled, then she went into the den. “You’re just in time for supper, little one,” said Proud-Call, the young kitten’s mother. “Hi sis,” Mint-Thistle said, looking down at her sister.  After they finished eating, Songpaw decided to go out and play with her friend, Redpaw. 


“Hello Redpaw!” Songpaw remarked. Then she bounded onto him with an astounding leap. “Hey! Quit it, Songpaw!” Redpaw laughed and pounced on her in retaliation. The two ran about, tackling each other to the grass below their paws. “Redpaw!” called Redpaw’s dad, Crimson-Stream. “Coming dad!” Redpaw shouted. “Gotta go, Songpaw!” he added, then he ran back into his den. “Songpaw! It’s time to come home!” Proud-Call said. 


Songpaw ran home, her mom groomed her fur and she went to bed. In the morning it was time for her and Redpaw to go out with their mentors and train. Redpaw’s mentor was Rustytail, a friend to Kestrel-Blue ever so long ago. Kestrel-Blue and Rustytail talked for a few moments, and then they were ready to show Songpaw and Redpaw their training for the day. 


Songpaw crouched down, just like Kestrel-Blue had shown her, then she leapt. She bounded onto the squirrel with a loud *MREEOW* she shook it back and forth in her jaws until it was dead. “Blegh, yuck!!! Squirrel fur is too thick!” Songpaw sputtered. Redpaw nodded “I agree,” he murmured. 


After their training, they decided to see who could kick a rock the farthest. When it was Songpaw’s turn she kicked it so far that it went into the brush, “Ow! Watch where you throw that rock, for you never know who you might sock!” rhymed a voice annoyedly. Kestrel-Blue recognized the voice… It was Luckpool! 


“I-I’m sorry,” Songpaw stuttered. “No need to apologize deary, just watch what you do and be weary!” Luckpool said wisely. “Luckpool? Whatever are you doing here?” Kestrel-Blue asked. “Wander away from my den, I did…. But I didn’t do it so I could be hit!” Luckpool said. 


“Who is she?” Songpaw and Redpaw said in unison. “This is Luckpool, my old mentor!” he said, then he turned to Luckpool, “This is my apprentice Songpaw, and Rustytail’s apprentice, Redpaw…” Kestrel-Blue said, gesturing to the young kittens. 

“Ah, new warriors doth I see, potential seems to shine upon thee!” Luckpool said. “Does she always rhyme like that?” Redpaw asked. “Yes, it’s kind of her thing,” Kestrel-Blue replied. 

“Rhymes, yes, I always do, wouldn’t you do what pleases you?” Luckpool said, a bit cross. “No, no, I didn’t mean to offend you…” Redpaw said apologetically. 


“Ahh, apologies are much eluded, for some warriors are convoluted!” Luckpool chuckled. Songpaw marveled up at the old she-cat, astonished by her sense of wiseness. “We’d better take the fresh kill back to territory, or my dad will be furious!” Songpaw said at last. 


The cats headed back to clan territory with the fresh kill they had gathered. But when returned, the territory was engulfed in flames. “Help!” called Sabrina, the med cat. “The kits are trapped inside!!!” she shouted. 


“Redpaw! I’m gonna save them! You hang back with our mentors!” Songpaw called, as she bravely rushed into the flames. “Help! Someone help us!” A small gray and black kit named Springkit called. There were three other kits, Winterkit, Autumnkit, and Summerkit. The kits coughed loudly, “Hang on to me!” Songpaw shouted over the loud crackling flames. 


The four kits clung to Songpaw as she leapt out from the wildly dancing flames. “Oh thank goodness they’re safe! Thank you Songpaw!” Sabrina said. “But there are still other kits to save!” she realized. It was Redpaw’s turn to be brave. He ran into the other burning nursery. 


He rescued 3 kits, Daisykit, Breezekit and Woolkit. “Thank you Redpaw and Songpaw!” Sabrina mewled gratefully. “From now and on hence forth, Red-Heart and Song-Heart your names be worth,” Song-Heart and Red-Heart smiled proudly as they looked at each other and leapt playfully across the grass.


This is what I have so far

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