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Officer Strike

Open The B-POD- Bad Ponies of Danger RP

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The Crime Lord breathed hard and stepped forward waiting for his 6 ponies to come into the room. He was a dangerous stallion and he had created the Bad Ponies Gang for one reason. He cleared his throat to welcome the new ponies to the gang.


The figure had chosen them at random. The 6 ponies had been forced to join the dark gang.


They were to do his bidding and give their life for the gang.


"So you have come here newbies to this gang. You must remember that you must commit crimes and obey me and only me. I am the Crime Lord. Most Wanted Villain of all of Equestria's villains!" the Crime Lord said coldly.


The Crime Lord gave a cold laugh.


"There are many rules within the B-POD gang and I shall explain them to you. Obey and follow the rules and you shall be given respect and perhaps even promoted. Train well and hard and commit crimes against Equestria and I shall reward you....." he said quietly.


The menacing figure cleared his throat.


"However if you do not listen to me.....I have a lot planned for you.....".










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