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News board/threads?

Apple      Bloom

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As long as the calendar is kept updated I dont see the need for a whole other sub forum

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That's fine for air dates and upcoming events but what about general news that doesn't necessarily fit a date?
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Events that come with a date can and should be added to the calendar. Someday, with a little luck, that calendar might become a valuable resource for bronies all over if we all fill it with lots of events.


As for general news that doesn't really fit a date, do what you'd do on a gaming forum: start a thread for it! ;)


There are solutions available to create a news "front page" in IP.Board that could let us have our own little brony blog. But really, I think we'd only be trying to outdo EqD at their own game if we did that (and Seth and crew are doing a fantastic enough job as they are). We may look into such a solution in the future, depending on how things develop.

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