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books Should serious graphic stories be called comics?


Should serious graphic stories be called comics?  

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  1. 1. Should serious graphic stories be called comics?

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Weird question, but should serious "comics" even be called comics? The serious nature, in theory, actually goes against meaning of the word.

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Counter Question: Are serious comics even called Comics? Arent they called Graphic Novels?

I mean i dont read them, but i thought the more serious stories were Always presented as Graphic Novels. But Maybe i am just wrong because i dont read any comics except for maybe 3.

I also dont know what the word Comic means, but if it just stands for Picture Storys, then why not? Comics can be serious, i dont see an issue.

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If you are looking at a word comic it means comedy etc. which in turn means funny etc. 

However the same word is these days used for a medium of illustrated stories or fiction.

I believe this is due the fact that the first comic strips were intended to be funny short picture stories on a side of the newspaper etc.  Which people then referred by that name which in turn gave birth to it's new meaning.

However in some other languages the word for comics doesn't really hold any meaning for comedic purpose at all. 


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I disagree with what you are implying in the question and the premise of the question. But I think what you are asking is what's the differences between so called graphic novels and comic books.

Even Alan Moore said that they are comics. And Neil Gaiman said that graphic novel is just a more sophisticated word to describe comics. He said thet he takes it as a compliment, but he sees them as comics.

I mean, what's the difference between comics and graphic novel exactly? Comics are silly and graphic novel is deep? Graphic novel is just like a made up marketing word as if they are ashamed of being comic books. There are comic books, and some of them have a more serious tone for elder audiences.

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You know I thought the same about videogames, I mean the serious stories, the graphics, the music, its too much to have a simplistic name such as "video game" but in the end, they have the same purpose so yes

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