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MLP: Color My World App

Tom Gallagher

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I found out about a brand new MLP app that just got listed on Google Play. It looks amazing, I must say. It's obviously for kids but I think it'll be great for any fan. More than anything, I think it's great to still see FiM material coming out. What do you all think? :fluttershy:


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The app came out today. My first impressions are... I really like it! :laugh:

First, the downsides. Nopony, apart from Twilight, actually says anything. :bea: Whoever's playing Twilight does a good enough job however. :twismile: Unlike whoever does the voice for Rainbow Runners. :yuck: A membership of five quid a month is required to get art that is really good. I joined it because that's how much I love this show. :mlp_yeehaa: I loved when the video clip for joining had an instrumental version of Smile playing in the background. :mlp_ooh: Another minor problem is that you occasionally have to wait a few minutes to get apples, which is what you need to get into a painting. :mlp_wat:

Only very minor quibbles however. This game is exactly what I hoped it would be and more. :mlp_icwudt: I love the fact that they will update it every week to keep it interesting. :dash: I would consider it to be canon and taking place post-finale. I say this because in a painting of Princess Celestia, Twilight said, 'I sure do miss Princess Celestia. She always knew what to do.' :sunbutt: I never thought I would have so much fun making paintings of my favourite ponies. :ticking: They generally make it easy by shading a particular area but they also have a section where you can paint to your heart's content. :mlp_pinkie: I found it very funny when on a painting of Twilight, I made her yellow, and Twilight said, 'I'm not yellow!' It reminded me of when Rainbow Dash drew Twilight in highlighter and she said, 'I am not that tall!'

It's great to see new FiM material being released and I will be playing this a lot in the future. I'd recommend giving it a go! :-D

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