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My Little Pony - A New Generation - Movie Countdown


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A Countdown made by Fans for the new G5 Movie.

It shows the release Date and Time in your local Timezone and the remaining time untile the Movie releases on Netflix.
It also includes all the recent Trailers, Clips and Movie Screenshots.
Who says a Countdown can't be fabulous?
Works on all Devices including PC and Mobile.



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its nice to finally get some new official pony content. also apparently boulder is working on some secret netflix show. i think there is a good time ahead of us for us pony fans.

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My anticipation level is off the charts.! :love: 



Pipp is uncertainly excited by the impending release :3


@abrony-mouse Pipp'll be broadcasting to millions of new Pippsqueaks all over her world and ours! She has every right to be excited! 

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2 hours ago, cuteycindyhoney said:

In a few days I should be able to acquire it as a lurk in secluded areas of the Internet

Yeah, since I think it will be available on Netflix, we won't need to wait very long for a good rip.

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9 hours ago, Courageous Thunder Dash said:

They were just talking about it on TV this morning! Ahhh! And they even mentioned bronies! One day more everypony!



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Man, had an ugly dream, and woke me up, and I have to prepare to work in about three hours :dry:. Oh well, might as well post this since the movie isn’t out yet :mlp_icwudt:


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