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Your end of the year goals?


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My end goal hopefully- is wrapping everything up like getting all my shit together, put it in paper bag and throw it away. Since I’m planning to start my real estate program by the month of January. Start a fresh and new start with my life, you know? Get that engine going.  I cannot wait to set stone on this. 

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I couldn’t do something very important by this year, but hopefully by next. Doesn’t help that I thought to do it pretty late in the year. Anyway, a goal I’ve wanted to do since last year was change position. I did much earlier this year. This position pays less, but the schedule is far more welcoming for studying. 

Speaking of studies, I’ve wanted to go to photography, but I didn’t get a scholarship because I’m not poor enough to get financial aid, and too rich to get it :scoots:. Anyway, decided to leave this later, even if I have to pay in full. HOWEVER, I thought of a plan B: my employee benefit of financed studies. I’ve started an online course of Technology Fundamentals. Passed by the mount out of 2 and a half moths deadline. Got curious about what others are available, despite swearing I’ve wanted a break from studying, but realized there’s one big, and I mean BIG opportunity there, and it just happens to be a next step for my last course, so I enrolled. My enrollment was on hold because I could only enroll on one course at a time, but after a few quit trips, culminating in a quick call telling them that I’ve finished my last course, I’ve sorted it out. But the course starts January, so technically it won’t be a goal for this year :please:

And this is not this year’s goal, but rather a whole BUCKET LIST THING,  it the opportunity showed itself this year: getting authentic and official gold and silver pony merch :mlp_yeehaa:

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On 9/3/2023 at 2:07 AM, Iforgotmybrain said:

Figure out some sort of different psych med combination that works better and has less side effects.

Write another kinda long (10k+ words) story.

Maybe go visit my friend a couple hours away? I think that’s about it honestly.

I did get my meds adjusted and started a new one, both of which helped quite a bit.

Didn’t write another super long story, I got like 7k words into one but haven’t finished it.

Did not get to visit that friend, but I did meet up with some other friends later that month and then in October.

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There’s a vinyl record I want that only has two left in stock. It’s a rare rerelease only in Japan. However I can’t buy it till I get paid Friday. If it sells out I will personally find all 162 of these people who bought the record and slap them across the face. 

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I’m surprised by the fiery drive and focus to hone in on some future plans. It’s been a really crazy year but all along I had to turn within myself rather than try to focus on helping others because I thought they were like me .. seeking something wholesome to connect with and improve.

I have found what I needed and by the end of the year I can finally get the rest and recharge I was hoping to have since this year’s summer.

How interesting that you would make this post around this time, Wolfy. You’re one amazing person and I’m so happy to have met you during a time when I needed exactly a friendship like yours :coco:

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With the last few days I intend to:

  • Complete my tax return
  • Give the house "The Big Clean" so that it's nice and clean for the start of the new year.
  • Finalize my battle plans and goals for the entirety of next year.

Not very exciting. But that's all I have left for this one. :catface:

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