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general What's your goal for today?


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My goal was to change my sleeping schedule back to normal, and that meant watching a lot of Reactors on YouTube, and trying to ignore all the "Like and Subscribe and Patreon" ads.

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Spot Jupiter and Mars. One at least.


So I was able to finally find Jupiter. The nice surprise to Jupiter is presumably most of the time, you will also see a few of its moons almost right away :wau: . It was not a very definite picture of it with its colored bands, but it was a definite sphere and a few bright spots next to it. Very cool :o . Mars was too stupid high above me to spot :dry:.

It is quickly moving and that’s the hard part. I should probably do a blog instead of just… putting it here.

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Survive today's unsolicited guests. I had so many randomly visit today without warning and it's gotten rather annoying.

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