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Update:Whoops it looks like I made a typo and accidentally typed deserts as in ones with lots and lots of sand instead of desserts as ones with lots and lots of sugar.


So I was out to dinner last night waiting for my food and came with an interesting topic, what would the Mane 6 be as desserts.


Applejack: Apple Pie (obviously)


Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Sherbert ice cream


Rarity: Creme Brule


Fluttershy: Lemon Cheesecake


Pinkie Pie: Cupcakes


Twilight Sparkle: Boston Cream Pie

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I was going to come up with a tasteless joke, but we are talking about desserts.


Either way, you kinda summed it up better than I could. Though I would pick dirt pudding for Pinkie Pie, because it is a mega dessert and she is the expert of such things.

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Applejack: Sonoran

Twilight: Mojave?

Rainbow: Sahara

Rarity: Gobi

Fluttershy: Kalahari


OH!  You must have meant "desserts", not "deserts".  Big difference.


Wow, you picked all of the exact same choices as I did (except that I placed Twilight as Antarctic for the scientific research and Rarity  as Atacama because she wouldn't have to worry about rain). 

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Twilight Sparkle: Fruit Tart


Rainbow Dash: Protein bar


Fluttershy: Yogurt Parfait


Rarity: Eclair


AppleJack: Haystack


Pinkie Pie: Kinder Egg




But Sweetie Belle and Rarity are Apple Pie!

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Okay lets do this...


  • Applejack- Apple pie or Apple fritter - DUH
  • Rainbow dash - Skittles - Sends people hyper and fast and the colours
  • Pinkiepie- Cupcakes - Hyper and fun
  • Rarity- Marshmallows- They seem elegant yet fluffy and loveable
  • Fluttershy- Carrotcake- In a way it looks healthy...
  • Twilight- Banana bread - Good for the mind
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Applejack: Apple Pie

Rainbow Dash: Ice Cream Sandwiches rolled in Rainbow Sprinkles

Rarity: Banana Foster Crepes

Fluttershy: Chocolate Eclair

Pinkie Pie: Cherry Chocolate Amore

Twilight Sparkle: Chocolate Chip Sundae

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This is just sick...they aren't food, you don't eat them o_O (or maybe you do >.>)




Rainbow Dash: Rainbow sherbet

Rarity: Marshmallows

Pinkie Pie: Cupcakes

Applejack: Apple pie

Fluttershy: Banana cream pie

Twilight Sparkle: ???

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Changed the title so people will no longer make the same joke over and over x3


Uhhh...curse my lack of a sweet tooth, I can't really think of any other desserts that haven't already been mentioned.

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Twilight - Raisins

Applejack - Apple  BUY SOME CHERRIES

Dash - Mean Green Juice (homemade)

Rarity - Pear

Fluttershy - Strawberry Juice (homemade)

Pinkie Pie - Vanilla ice cream smothered in caramel and chocolate sauce, with a dollop of whipped cream and peanut butter


Yeah, so I'm a bit of a health nut...

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I'm going to try and eschew the more oft-repeated ones here:


Applejack:  Appple Pie.  Okay, there's really no avoiding that one.


Pinkie Pie:  Cotton Candy


Rarity:  Tira Misu


Rainbow Dash  - rather than Rainbow imagery, I'm going to go with her badassery and choose a chocolate lava cake. 




Yes, it's on fire. 


Fluttershy- something simple and light and natural like a bowl of fresh fruit.


Twilight- Any dessert made from the principles of molecular gastronomy, which uses scientific principles as cooking technique.



And just because I couldn't resist throwing it in:


Berry Punch- Rum Raisin ice cream and jello shots.

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Applejack: To be original, Pecan Pie. Very country dish.

Rarity: Baked Alaska. Fancy, artisan dish (also she's made of ice cream)

Pinkie Pie: Pudding or Custard

Fluttershy: Strawberry Mousse (Delicate and sweet)

Twilight Sparkle: Popsicle (Practical and efficient)

Rainbow Dash: Flambé (Extreme dish. It's on fire even)


Derpy: Almond Joy (Always pictured her with a candy bar)

Vinyl Scratch: One of those weird night club drinks that glow

Princess Celestia: Cheese cake covered in gold leaf

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Apple Jack: Apple Fritter

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Blast Cake with Sprinkles!

Fluttershy: Lemon Creme Brulee

Twilight: Red Bean Mochi

Pinkie Pie: Strawberry Shortcake

Rarity: Vanilla Frozen Yogurt w/ Raspberry

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