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Hi there everypony! I was just looking for people to talk with about this amazing show. None of my friends seem to be aware of it and I'm not an active forum member anywhere else. So I was hoping this could be the place. 


Like many who have found this wonderful cartoon, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has had a much greater impact on my life then I would have thought a television show possibly could. And although my story isn't nearly as moving as some that I have heard, here it is.


I discovered MLP: FIM the same way everyone does, on the internet. Specifically the Louie CK "Equestrian Capitalism" video on youtube. I watched a few more fan videos and then gave the real show a chance. I didn't get through ten minutes, but about a month later I gave it a second chance and by the end of the night was hooked to the gills.


This was near the tail end of season two, so a little under a year ago. At that time I was in a dark place in my life. I had gone through some personal difficulties and had fallen into a deep depression. For some time I had been withdrawing from the world and ignoring the people that care about me. I was unemployed, and was sleeping all day. I had no hope and I was ruining my life. 


The show moved me. It reminded me that there was beauty in the world and in myself. It forced me to consider how my actions were affecting my friends and not just me. It reminded me of how much I loved my friends and helped me to realize how much I missed them. It gave me the strength to reach out to them. 


It helped me to move forward and gave me a clear directive on how: with kindness, laughter, generosity, honesty, loyalty, and a spark of magic in my heart. I became active and social again. I reached out to my friends and they were there for me. Almost six months ago they got me a good job with them, and embraced me as though I had never turned my back. Now I work with two of my best friends and every day is an adventure. I even bought a car. More importantly I have ambition now. I'm looking forward and planning for an even better future.


I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't given MLP: FIM a chance. It's true some days are dark and lonely, but this show has taught me to be a better person  and has shown me that I have the ability to grow. 


Brony for life. 







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Happy welcome! Great to have you here, an amazing story you have.

To me it´s great that the show had so much positive impact on you and brought you so much hope. Though my situation wasn´t even nearly as desparate as yours was the show brought a change in my life as well, and as well as you do, I feel that it is one oif the best things that could have happened.

I´m sure you are gonna find real friendship, much happyness and appreciation here, I did indeed. This forum has lots and lots of interesting sides and topics, but if you get confused or are just curious don´t dare to ask, everyone is friendly and nice. There are topics about the show, discussions, episodes, pony art (there are lots of awesome artists around here :3), roleplays and much more.

Enjoy yourself, have a good time and all the best for you.

See you around (attention: this forum is highly addictive) :D

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Welcome to MLP Forums! Hope you have a swell time on the site! And to my surprise ...Our stories are shockingly similar! To me the show was a bit of a life line in times of dire need and really told me that all hope is not lost in the worst of times. Hopefully your experience of the site is as good as mine! WARNING:...Yeah on second thought the user above me has posted it already.

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