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Make a scenario game!

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The goal of this game is to write a scenario using the last visitors to your profile page and an item within your reach.  

After you finish the scenario, leave the conclusion open to the next poster.  They will then conclude the scenario and start a new one.

I'll start...

Upon starting a cruise, my ship begins to sink.  I am stranded in the water floating on my [Rainbow Dash Plushie] I see 

I only have room to save one of them, who do I save?
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FrozenMint she thought it would be awesome to chug a Pinkiegizer energy drink with expresso shots

You wake up and see yourself shackled to a table but you're with these ponies.
                                            A voice tells you to shoot one in the head..who dies.

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The Dovahikin. Don't know any.


The following user gets really drunk partying.






Okatu Pinkeh Pie ?

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