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searching (OOC) The Great Plague (FULL!)


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Anypony want to join? The maximum people to RP here is 6,'so better come early. First come first serve!


The story: 6 ponies are the last survivors after a great plague. They must find out what happened and repopulate, which is where the romance begins!


Mares: FULL


Slot 1: Emerald <3 with Emerald: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/emerald-r2859


Slot 2: Poni3sftw with Rage: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/rage-r2818


Slot 3: Fireball Rush with Fireball Rush: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/fireball-rush-r2677


Stallions: FULL


Slot 1: Bearsie with Windwaker: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/windwaker-r2761


Slot 2: Witch doctor with Witch Doctor: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/witch-doctor-r2720


Slot 3: bladereaper07 with Black Hoof: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/black-hoof-r2942

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Can I please do slot 3, and I'll be my ponysona Fireball Rush. link to her RP page is in my signature.








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