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A Pony YTPMV Thread


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If you don't know what YTPMV's read this

YTPMV, the acronym for YouTube Poop Music Video, is a musical YouTube Poop, similar to a MAD video. Like a YouTube Poop, they feature various clips from tv shows, movies, commercials, and other video sources, but the clips are sequenced to fit to a beat. Often, they are set to the tune of a song from a video game soundtrack or keygen music. Other times, original compositions are created.

If you find any good ones be sure to post them!


Anyway here's a few I really like (I could watch these all day)


Cast Crashers (Forest Entrance)



Pokemon (Trainer Battle)



I have more to post but 2 is the max per post

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I will have to try and stop my self from flaming everyone who posts a crappy pony YTPMV (If someone post something from PKwinner02 I will shoot you) ....well, anyway I will show you some GOOD ones.




despite the lack of visuals and the percussion is done with a midi, it is good, for many reasons and because it uses an original song.

DededeTheMudkip is one of the only respectable pony YTPMVers.

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