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Anyone Else Hate Conventions?



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  • 3 years later...

I’ve never really been to one. Unless you count air shows, which I guess are kinda like conventions for aviation.

Main reason I’ve never been to one is just lack of interest I guess. I don’t like furry cons for a whole magnitude of reasons. And pony related cons are pretty few and far between now although I guess there is a decent one in Dayton still.

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I like conventions, but not actually going to them. That would be too expensive and inconvenient for me. I like to participate in online cons, and watch streams and recorded panels from in-person ones.

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I've gone to a few now and I have a very tough time socializing with others due to my anxiety issues but I still have a decent time and I think it's a good way for me to try to force myself to be more social. I kinda wish I had those "creepy girls" hitting on me like the thread's creator did though.

Unfortunately yes they do attract a lot of people who don't know how to be quiet when it's called for or will always try to show off in different manners. Plus those who do not practice basic hygiene. Plus the occasional person that doesn't know to respect personal space. But I suppose it's the price to pay (along with the expensive $ amount) to actually meet people who care about pony like I do in person.

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On 2013-06-22 at 10:26 AM, Heretick-Tock said:

I've been to plenty of conventions in my life only to find that I didn't enjoy my time at a single one. Why, you ask? It's simple - the people.

And when I talk about conventions, I'm not insinuating anything political; I actually enjoy those since I'm  into looking after my community's well being. I'm talking about conventions based around media and pop culture.

Anime conventions, Anthrocon, Bronycon are all worthy mentions when talking about gatherings which I cannot stand. Every single one has attracted the worst of the worst; and the most intolerable of all are the ones who CANNOT like the show/game/movie without making sure they know more than everyone else. 


Two years ago at Tekkoshocon I was attacked by a girl who thought I looked like her favorite anime character. She was a solid 1/10 and completely lacking in common sense or decency, while throwing her arms around me and screaming "I LOVE YOU ONY-CHAN" (or however you spell it). I contacted security and they dragged her away kicking and screaming, only to have her do it again to A GUY WHO WASN'T EVEN IN THE CONVENTION CENTER. But it doesn't stop there, either, there were levels of pathetic which were reached that I didn't even know existed on this plane. 
There were creepy-ass pedophiles hitting on teenage girls, creepy-ass, forty-year-old nerds hitting on teenage girls (yes, there is a difference), and antisemitism towards me when I declined ham from a vendor.
Oh and I should throw in that Uncle Yo is by far the least funny "comedian" on the face of the earth.

Now, Bronycon wasn't nearly as bad but it still had a couple of REALLY bad apples. Luckily, I didn't have anything happen to me personally but I could see that there were plenty of others who would have rather saved their money than potentially see the community's ugly face. 
Tara Strong was cool, even though I only got to shake her hand.

Anthrocon... I'd rather not go too deep into this since there's so much I can say.


Here it is:

Gay guys hitting on me and not understanding what "no" means.

Creepy girls hitting on me and not understanding what "no" means.

Artists not getting the fact that I didn't want to purchase their art.
The whole "be a furry or get out" attitude.

Pittsburgh's hotels are overrun with the sound of sex at all times of the day.

People actually brag about their fursona.
Interrupting sporting events seems acceptable to furries. 

And much, much more.

Needless to say my experiences were horrible and I haven't been back since. 


Didn’t bother reading your post before posting in this at first but there’s your problem. Philly>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pittsburgh. 

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