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The moment before we die


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Falling, ever so clearly in my imagination, descending fast towards the earth

From atop the highest places thrown, abandoned and soon forgotten

Faster I go, coming close to this final destination

All the while you go ‘round and smile, cheering all about

Ne’er daring to remember the final face I gave as you allowed me to fall

And as this story of mine closes, I wonder, just what was there ever for me?

In this cold hearted world, with masks of hopeful smiles, and sweet lies

My final thoughts, as I embrace the earth before me


All in all we wonder ever so much as to why things are the way they are

Truly in our deepest pits of grief we find solitude in the fact that there is no reasoning

Accepting a horrid truth is easier than living a lie for the sake of others

All in all we will never understand more about life and who we are until we take it all away

In that final moment before silent peace, left and abandoned, and allowed to fall


In my deepest dreams, I hope I will awaken. Perhaps, then I can wake into another world of my own design. If so, I wonder just how generous my heart will be, and if I will allow myself in my absence of life to be with you in that eternal patch of wonder that first took us away.


All in all, what else can I hope to dream, when we are all just waiting to die?


-David Favret

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