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I am aware of the various groups founded to celebrate a certain ideal. They celebrate chaos, lawfulness and even themselves. But now, a hidden and powerful force reveals itself. The Nightmare rules the darkness in the world and in the deepest places of the heart. There really is no escaping the Nightmare. One day, someoneis basked in light and the next, they are consumed in darkness.


Those that are entrenched in it may not be ones that embrace it now. But it exists and comes out when the darkness of human nature is all overpowering. The Nightmare comes and snatches a being away when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable point. It uses weakness to its advantage. It doesn't just overcome love and unity but it consumes all forms of weakness in order to utterly destroy what used to make that victim good.




Nightmare Moon is the greatest example of this. The Nightmare was banished from Luna via the power of the Elements.




And here I am. I am the leader of this new group. I am Nightmare Diamond. This is my original form here on the forums. Nightmare Diamond wears a gala dress. It is torn, beaten and distorted. The emblem of the tiara still exists, in an ethereal glow as Diamond Tiara was the original inspiration for Diamond Spoon. Horrific vines of glass scratch and cut flesh on Nightmare's back and her hoof gloves turned to barbed wire. Her heart is black and her eyes void of light. The great emblems of hope and desire over her chest are broken. The sapphires and diamonds lost its glimmer. Same with the rubies and the emerald on the once gleaming belt. 


Anyway, that's about all. My drawing is pretty bad (I misplaced my gold/silver pens) but it gets the point across. I know that there are many of you out there struggling with your own Nightmare. If it is to overcome you then come here. This group is welcome to all Nightmares. Not Chaos. That requires too much passion that Nightmares lack. If all Nightmare is to be gathered here then it can not be defeated or driven away. I shall add more as my group gets larger. True Nightmares welcome!! All you have to do is change your name to "Nightmare ____". Stay as long as you like.


Princess of all Nightmares: Nightmare Diamond


Queen of Darkness: Nightmare Moon

Edited by Nightmare Diamond
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